Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Santa HatWe had a great fun day today. Christmas day is a day for all the family. Mum woke up a bit worse for wear this morning though. Mum and dad went next door with dads brother, his girlfriend and sister. Knowing what mum's like she can't just stop having fun. So they got in early this morning at 1:30am, hence mums somewhat worn and hungover state this morning.

I had a great time opening my presents. Dad got me some nice tasty rawhide bones to chew on. So once I'd got one open I was oblivious to everyone else opening their gifts. They even put all the opened wrapping paper all over me so you couldn't see me under all the junk! I didn't care I was happy munching away. The only time you knew I was there was when I wagged my stump and the paper moved.

Everyone came round to ours for Christmas dinner. Mum makes the best dinner in the world! It was just excellent. I got my own with turkey, pork, stuffing balls and they even snuck in some veggies... but surprisingly no Brussels sprouts. I needed a nice long nap after all that food.

Hope you all had such a great day too.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Season's Greetings Everybody

Have a happy holiday everyone. Here's hoping you all have a great and fun time over the Christmas break.

Over the past few weeks we've not been getting up to much. Since the last bout of seizures life is good again.

Dad's been taking me out to the woods in this great chilly weather we've just had. It's freezing cold and feels like a real winter. We even had a tiny flurry of snow! Many places got a real good covering, but all we had here was enough to make everything look like it was covered with doughnut glaze.

Dad's had some changes done to the car. He took me with him when he got the work done and whist the guys were working on it for a couple of hours we went off around the local village and its nature reserve.

When I got back in the car two things had happened! First there was a cage stopping me from poking my head over the rear seats. I guess dad wants to keep the slobber from the leather. And second the windows were all dark. The rear windows in the bit where I ride are all blacked out from the outside, but I can see out from the inside. Now no one can see my nose paintings on the inside of the glass :( Dad's turned it into my own doggie limosine... It'll be great once the jacuzzi and bar are fitted.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Missed Anniversary

Anniversary I was just thinking back about how long ago the seizures started and realised that it's been just over a year since I started having them. It somehow seems much longer than that.

In all that time a lot has happened. Everyone now seems to be able to deal with things a whole lot better. I guess it's a case of having to. Mum and dad seem to be able to cope with all the pee and slobber... and the occasional poop that's involved in having a seizure. It's not a pleasant experience for any of us, but once you accept it then it becomes part of the package, life goes on.

Loosing a bit of sleep each month for dad isn't great, but then having a job that's flexible enough to cope with working from home and taking me into work for the vet visits is a huge benefit. Without it I'd be on my own to go through these seizures. Coping wouldn't be so easy then.

So a year in and we're no better or worse, so we have that to be thankful for.

As I started writing this we started going through a big cluster. It made me stop and think some more. This seems a particularly bad cluster were going through right now. So far it's been going over three days with relatively long intervals between seizures. It's a really, really crap few days.

Looking at the sequence of posts you can be sure that it reads like we stopped the medication and then the crapola really hits the fan. This isn't really the case. I've been off the medication for at least three months prior to this and gone through prior drug free clusters too. I'm sure it is just because we decided to put in writing that we'd stopped the medication that it seems coincidental.

Each time we go through the cluster dad racks his mind about starting the drugs again, but ultimately the seizures were there with the drugs too. It's just when the seizures hit, it really is bad times and this one just seems especially so.

It's hard to stay positive during a cluster. Both mum and dad considered putting me back on the tablets, but that would be wishing for a miracle I think.

Stairs Well, we've finally got a day on the clock without seizure. Mum was off work sick with a cold yesterday and apart from me being clingy, no incidents. Up until the evening I was still scared of the stairs. Even mum tempting me with chicken didn't convince me to go up. Eventually after dad got home I cautiously followed him up without any cajoling at all, he just called and I followed.

Looking back at the actual history of seizures this last cluster is one of the worst, but there have been many others very nearly equal in duration and number. So it really is a case of things looking blackest whilst in a cluster.

Let's hope next month is further away and an easier time of it. Whilst that may be what we hope, what we wish is that it never returns - but reality is likely to bring us to Earth with a bump!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Dream of a Good Nights Sleep

Last night wasn't a fun night for mum and dad. I had a quite a few Tabasco moments that they caught and prevented a full seizure. But I've been clingy and hyper, which annoys mum greatly. I lay there whining and until someone pays me attention.

Alarm ClockAt 3am dad couldn't leave me alone any more. I spent ages crying and pacing at the bottom of the stairs. So dad came down and slept on the sofa stroking me until I relaxed a eventually went in the kitchen to bed. After I went to sleep dad snuck up to bed. Only to find that when he lay down and looked at the alarm clock it showed the time was 6:25am... which is five minutes before it goes off at 6:30am!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Are We Nearly There Yet?

Early this morning at 2:30 I woke dad by emptying my water and food bowls. They make a real clatter when empty and I kept knocking them around until he got up.

When he came downstairs I was all hyper and bouncy. No signs of a foamy face or pee, so no seizure. Just wanting attention. Dad then slept on the sofa and I went to bed in the kitchen to get some sleep knowing that someone was around.

05:30 Just when we thought it was all over another seizure strikes and dad has to get up and clean up.

I kept mum busy all day today. I got ant in my pants again - all hyper, but also lost control too. I've pooped and peed on the floor so mum's had to clear it up. I'm also back to being scared of the stairs.

All day went without seizure, but then after dad got home I've had three Tabasco moments that mum and dad caught in time.We must be getting to the end now, surely?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hit the Snooze Button!

01:30 What a day! Dad stayed up late just in case I had another seizure, so I guess I thought I'd wait until he thought it was safe to go to bed. No sooner had his head hit the pillow when "Boom!" another seizure.

Dad then lay on the sofa for an hour or so until I decided I wanted to go back up to bed.

04:00 Well it's still not over. Dad had to get up at 4am as I had another seizure. Again an hour or so later after dad was trying to sleep on the sofa, I decided it was bed time again.

07:30 Dad managed to get a lie in for an hour this morning. He had a presentation to do as part of a management training course which didn't start until 9:30. Good job too as I kept him up all night, he needed the extra hour. Dad's alarm went off at 7:30 and as he pressed snoze and hit the bed for 5 more minutes the seizure struck. Definitely time to get up!

From 9 to 15:30 I was all alone as everyone went to school or work. When Blaine got in from school I looked fine. No foamy face or pee everywhere. So I guess at least today there was no seizure.

Only thing is I'm a bit hyper now. After dad got in about 16:30 I was really, really pleased to see him. I wonder what mum's gonna think when she gets in?

18:45 That's the trouble with writing on here. It seems like every time I say something about seizures, it spawns another. Not long after dinner I fell into a seizure again whilst just lying watching TV.

22:30 Looks like this cluster is set for another night.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Time to Get Up for Work

06:00 Wake up dad it's time to get up for work! Well it will be in 30 minutes. But seeing as it's that time of the month I thought I'd get you up early with another seizure.

It's been nearly 24 hours since the last one and I thought we were getting away with it.

Still, I'm a little less confused this time around. Last time, after I was settling down dad thought I was going upstairs to the bedroom to go back to sleep. Instead I thought "this is where mum and dad go...", so I went into the bathroom for a wee!!!

14:00 It's a good job dad managed to work from home today. At 2pm I was lying in my bed when another seizure hit.

16:00 Like clockwork. On the hour for another seizure whilst lazing in bed.

19:20 I kept telling mum something was going on. Dad thought I was hungry and wanted some more food. I kept on giving mum the squeaky yawn and oww oww oww'ing like asking for dinner. Then went into a seizure before dad could catch the early "Tabasco" stage. When dad let me out afterwards I was pacing up and down the path like my bum was on fire! Looks like this sneaky cluster is a slow starter.

21:05 Just as mum was going out shopping I had a Tabasco moment. Mum managed to catch it in time and distracted me so I didn't go into full seizure.

22:40 Not long after mum got back from shopping I was dozing in bed when I went into seizure. We missed the Tabasco moment this time. I think it's probably when I'm asleep and it starts that it's easily missed.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

That Time of the Month Again...

Jigsaw09:45 Being the weekend I couldn't let mum and dad lie in bed all day. So I made sure I woke them up by having a seizure. I thought we were another week away from this, but I guess the seizure monster had other ideas.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Full of Beans Friday

Full of Beans As dad had yet another flexi-day from work... yes, I know he could almost be a teacher with the amount off time of he gets... we went out into the woods for a run around. Whilst the weather's gotten really cold lately it was still a really nice day for a trip out to the woods.

I was in really good spirit today. Almost as soon as the lead was off I shot off into the woods for a good old chase around hunting them pesky squirrels. All the way around the walk I spent little time near dad. I was just off into the trees having fun.

Normally when we go there, for every mile dad walks I run five - today it was more like ten!

The trust are doing a lot of work in the woods lately. They're chopping down lots and lots of trees. Thinning the woods back to its original state. They're taking out a lot of the newer trees and returning it to its previous more natural condition and allowing the naturally occurring trees to take back over from those that were introduced by man.

It makes a big difference in the areas they have started. The woods are a lot brighter without so much of a canopy. I'm sure they know what they are doing and it'll still be a great place to go chase squirrels in.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Drug Free Life

Over the past few months dad's decided that we're going to come off the Epiphen and Potassium Bromide. We've gradually weaned it down to zero and for the last few months I've been drug free.

Why? Well the drugs obviously weren't doing anything they were supposed to at the dosages I was taking them. The seizures still occurred with the same frequency, duration and intensity with them. So by taking the medication I was no better off and without it I certainly don't seem any worse off.

If anything it means the effects on my liver caused by Epiphen won't exist.

It's an awkward decision and not one I'd advise anyone else to take. Just personal choice. In case you're wondering, no I have not become a Scientologist - I may be a  crazy, but I'm not THAT crazy!

We could have consulted the vet, but to be honest the expected answer would have been to stay on the profitable medication. So for now I'm living without the daily tablets and just getting on with living with seizures.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tabasco Update

TabascoDad took me out to the woods today. I know he was really tired from watching me all night and me still getting him up relatively early this morning.

Whilst we were in the woods we encountered a company of dog walkers with a pack of 14 dogs of all sizes. I've never been around so many so stuck close to dad to figure out what was going on. After we returned from the woods dad dried me off as it rained all the time we were there. Still it's all good, especially when it involves walking in the woods.

As lying watching some TV at 14:00 I had a Tabasco moment. Again dad shook me out of a full seizure. This happened again on two more occasions 15 minutes apart. Each time dad got to me in time and so far as of now (21:00) the seizures haven't arrived. It'll be interesting if this is the last of them this cluster.

Just in case anyone is thinking dad's going to give me shaken baby syndrome, the shaking involves him putting a hand around my head behind my ear and a more gentle shake than what the seizure introduces. It's more like a wake up call and isn't overly aggressive.

@Foster: Most of my seizures happen whilst sleeping, some few whilst relaxing but I have had two where I was active. One running off into the woods - which scared dad to death. The other whilst out in the snow, I ran in a circle then keeled over. So it can happen.

As for catching the Tabasco moment, well that's the luck of the draw. I suppose we could only do it because I was already in a cluster, dad was off work and had the time to have me close enough to catch it. It's an interesting phenomena though.

Something New

Being Friday the 13th we're hoping it turns out to be bad luck to be superstitious.

Dad spent the night looking after me and when mum went to bed he came downstairs with me as he knew this wasn't over yet.

But just after midnight I had a Tabasco moment. So dad was sure there was more to follow. Sure enough 20 minutes later I started to go into a seizure.

But the strange thing is dad got to me as I was in the early stage of chomping and head shaking (this is the Tabasco moment). He then managed to shake me to get my attention and I snapped out of it and didn't go into a full seizure. This happened twice more and each time dad managed to get me just at the right time to stop the seizure. However, we're not sure if this is stopping the seizure or merely postponing it.

04:40 Well the seizure finally caught up with me. Dad couldn't get to me in time, so I went into full fit in the kitchen. Afterwards dad went up to bed and I eventually followed.

At 8:30 I woke dad up three times with "Tabasco" moments and each time he drove off the full seizure.

It wasn't until 09:30 that dad missed the timing and off into full seizure I went. It's very strange that the seizure can be postponed. I just wonder if we manage to catch the Tabasco moment each time that eventually the seizure would not follow.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Rough Day :(

03:00 I woke mum and dad with a big seizure in the bedroom. Dad took me downstairs and let me out for a while. Then made himself comfortable on the sofa to keep an eye on me. I took pity on him though. About 10 minutes later I decided to go upstairs to bed so dad could come up with me.

10:00-15:00 With everyone at work and Blaine upstairs in bed with a bad cold/flu, he didn't notice that I'd been downstairs  on my own and had a seizure. It wasn't until I went up to find him that he could see my face was all foamy. Blaine even came down and cleaned up the poop I'd done as no one was there to let me out.

21:45 Dad knew this wasn't the end of the seizures as I'd been too hyper and bouncing around. Sure enough just before the news at 10 mum shouted dad as I started another seizure whilst downstairs. I made a bit of a mess and I don't think mum was too happy. Sorry mum.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remeberance Day

Poppies for the fallen
Today we remember those who have fallen in battle to support and protect our nation. They have fought and protected our existence as we know it today and should be remembered for their valour and ultimate sacrifice.

Long may you be remembered. Maybe one day we can all put down our weapons and learn to be grateful for what we have instead of fighting with others for what we don't.

13:45 Looks like the seizure monster paid an early visit. Dad wasn't expecting it this week, must be something to do with him taking time off from work.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Eww, Gross!

Since the last round of seizures things have gone back to their usual selves. My hyperactivity calmed down and I was soon back under control and responding as I should. No one would even realise anything had happened.

On Friday I left mum to clean up a huge pile of hair that I barfed up. Dad said he'd take a picture but it was too gross and might scare people away. Dad reckons it looked like the hair from his head after mum has cut his hair there was so much of it. Apparently it's unusual for dogs to get hairballs but then again I'm not a usual dog of course.

This was probably the cause of all the slobber I've been dribbling everywhere the past few weeks. It seemed that I had a tap turned on in my mouth and mum would often scream and push me away as I was so slobbery.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Bad Start to the Week

03:30 Chris woke dad up real early as I was in the kitchen lying by the back door having a seizure. I made a right mess and was completely out of it when dad got to me.

Dad stayed downstairs with me after that. It was a strange seizure and out of the pattern we were getting kind of used to. After all, I'd been through Sunday without an incident. So to have one like this is kind of strange.

I've still not improved greatly since the last one. Still whiny and not liking to be left alone. After I got to sleep for a hour I was then keeping dad up by making sure he was still alive. I kept on either stiking my nose in his eye or licking his face, right up until mum got up for work.

This meant dad was too tired for work today. It was supposed to be the first day back after a week off. Now he's stayed at home with me asleep... or trying to sleep on the sofa. I still wont let him leave me downstairs as I keep whining and pacing around until he comes back to be with me. Then I just want constant attention or I still whinge and whine.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Long Bad Friday

Well dad's certainly glad he took the time off work this week. I've been keeping him real busy with this cluster. Things just don't seem to be getting any better yet.

Tabasco Sauce
16:45 Friday. Just before mum got home from work I had another seizure that left me all panting and out of breath just as she got home.

At around 20:30 and 22:30 dad noticed some strange small episodes. It was as I I was starting a seizure but then snapped out of it after less than 5 seconds. There was a sticking out of tongue as if someone had put tabasco sauce on it and then my head shook left to right as if trying to get rid of the taste. Then it just stopped there.

23:45 Friday. Mum had not long gone to bed when I had another seizure with dad watching TV. After that dad took me upstairs so I could sleep with them so they could keep an eye on me.

03:30 Saturday. I woke dad up with a big seizure again. So after taking me downstairs for so water and a walk outside he slept on the sofa to let mum sleep. I kept dad up by just pacing around and when he closed his eyes I had to check he was still alive by licking his face!

06:20 Saturday. Another big seizure, followed by lots of disorientation. This might have been because dad used the last two Diazepams up the woowah. I got some food and dad finally had to go get some sleep. Blaine go up not long after and had to clean up some poop and mop up some wee.

Since the 6am seizure I've been on the go all day. I won't lie still and even after a good walk and chasing a ball I'm still hyperactive. What's more annoying is that I now don't want to be alone and follow mum or dad around whilst moaning and whining for attention. I can't be put outside for more than five minutes as I start barking and whimpering at the door until someone gives in.

I also have returned to my previous "stair-o-phobia". I won't go upstairs, no matter how much I am on my own. I stay at the bottom whining until someone comes down to be with me.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Fun and Games

After getting sick last week I had a little more fun and games left in me.About 2:00am on Monday morning I started barking whilst downstairs in the kitchen. Dad must have thought it was a burglar so he let mum come a sort it out. Well when she came in and opened the door to let me out I just lay down in the kitchen doorway, just like I do when I'm waiting for dinner. I guess I have got her well trained now as mum understood and got me a tin of dog food. Satisfied I went back to bed happy with a full belly.

Dad's taken a week off this week and that means loads of trips to the woods! The weather's been just great too, until today it's been sunny and bright with not a cloud in the sky.

I hared off round the woods like a mad thing on Monday and Tuesday. And spent the rest of the day fast asleep (dad says I was snoring but I think he's got me mixed up with mum).

When Wednesday came around mum took me out with her friend and her dog called Bobby. I like the going out and meeting new friends, but can only do it for so long. After a while I get bored and don't want to play. I just want to go sniffing around doing my own thing.

Mike Meyers
02:15 Thursday saw the return of the seizures. Early in the morning I woke dad by lying out on the landing. This is unusual as I usually want into the bedroom. Dad got up and called me in anyhow. I'd been asleep for a while when it hit.

I guess he's getting used to expecting the unexpected. It seems as regular as clockwork. Each month that goes by we wish for the last of the seizures but a month goes by and they return.

This time around the disorientation and need to pace has diminished completely. Today I also didn't really get the huge craving for food either. I just wanted to lie down panting heavily until I'd recovered enough to sleep some more.

09:30 With dad being at home and laying in a while I had another seizure just as he was getting up. This time it was also breakfast time so I polished that off in a hurry.

15:10 I was asleep in my bed when another one struck. Looks like we're in for a full day again.

01:00 Friday. Dad took me up to the bedroom knowing I was gonna follow him up anyhow. After less than ten minutes I went into a seizure again.

07:15 Friday. Mum had gotten up for work when I went off again.

12:45 Friday. Dad had just put his boots on to take me out for a walk in the woods and was just checking his email when I went into another seizure. Let's hope this is coming to the end of this cluster :(

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Out and About

Dad took me out for the day yesterday. He needed to do a favour for his mate Frank. So whilst he was working on his computers he figured he may as well take me out for the day... after all what trouble could I cause?

For a Saturday, dad got up real early... well, when I say real early, I mean got up ready to go out. I mean that because I always get him up early to let me into the bedroom with them at 2:00am so I can sleep on the floor in the same room.

So we get in the car and head in the opposite direction to the woods which left me all confused. It was quite a journey, but I like to travel anywhere with dad.

Frank's offices are a big industrial unit with lots of separate buildings. It's all enclosed so dad's not going to worry about where I go. Dad gets busy sorting out the computers and I go off for a bit of a nosey. Having been gone for a few minutes dad decided to come hunt for me, it's unusual if he's not following me around everywhere.

Well when he found me I was looking a bit sheepish. Well it's not really my fault. The whole yard is concrete and all the buildings are concrete and well I had to go somewhere, so I left a big smelly pile right in one of the machine shops. Dad thought it was funny, but I'm not sure Frank did.

When Jack Russels Attack
Dad definitely wasn't cross because he took me out to the woods on the way home. We came across a couple of friendly but wary Jack Russels. The made a b-line for me to come say hello, and their dad came running up behind them. Dad shouted over that I was friendly too and he needn't worry. He shouted over "It's not mine I'm worried about it's yours!", which made me laugh. However, they were very friendly and just wanted to say hi. At one point one of them gave me a bit of a snap, but being such bitesized dogs I couldn't take it seriously. I know they must be intimidated by my size.

After we got back I had my dinner, I missed breakfast - well had some but we dashed out, so I left it. Then a bit later I got really sick and threw it all up on the floor in the front room. Dad cleaned it up, but then later in the night about 2:30am I got sick again. I had nothing in my stomach so it was just bile and lots of heaving.

When mum gave me breakfast I was really hungry, but then just left it. I couldn't face it. Thankfully by dinner time I was famished and who can say no to mum's Sunday dinner? Hmm, I got a pork chop all to myself, so I'm at least eating again.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Happy Birthday to me. I'm 39.2 years old! Well that's in dog years according to this. But I've decided to celebrate birthdays in humans years. Being a woman all you other women out there will appreciate just how great this is. I'm not nearly 40... I'm only 4 years old :)

I even got a birthday card from mum, dad and the kids... but suspect dad's behind it.

As a treat dad took me out to Doggy Disney then to get some pooh bags (oh, joy!), and a toy squeaky bone whilst he was in there. Then out to lunch to KFC where he got me my own meal of two pieces of chicken... hmm, I love chicken.

Mum's now not talking to him. Something about her never getting a card, a present and a meal on her birthday.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Giving Mum a Good Send Off

3:20 Well mum was off to a hen weekend with the Derby and Joan club this morning to Benidorm. As she was being picked up at 3:30am I thought I'd wake dad up by having another seizure at 3:20am, so he could say goodbye for the weekend.

14:25 Oops, dad took me in to work to keep an eye on me and I've been good as gold all day. Then I go and have a seizure in the office with everyone looking. It's all over now though. Getting back to myself after a bit of a snooze.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This Month's Visit

16:20 I was just lying there deep in sleep when the seizure struck. Same pattern as previously chomping, paddling and then a period of rest. After a short rest I'm up and wanting to pace around so dad had to take me down the stairs - I didn't want to go, but dad coxed and pulled me along until I could get outside.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Craggy Island

Mum and dad went off to Dublin over the weekend. Mum calls it Craggy Island after the island made famous by Father Ted Crilly and his hair brained cleric Dougal. They left me here all on my own... well apart from Chris and Blaine that is.

Dad ate some nice fresh Galway oysters at Gallagher's Boxty House in Temple Bar. Mum and dad really like it there and would recommend it to anyone. The food's been great every time they've been. For those who don't know what a boxty is, it's a potato based pancake that is wrapped around numerous fillings such as traditional Irish stew, or bacon and cabbage.

One day they even took to the water in a World War II amphibious vehicle called a DUKW. It's used for a Viking Splash Tour of Dublin's historic places. The tour takes you to a large canal basin and the DUKW sails around for 10 minutes or so as the cities highlights are pointed out. The majority of the tour is land based and takes in the historic city whilst abusing the pedestrian Celts at every opportunity. Great fun.

In fact every tour bus mum and dad have been on in Dublin have been not just educational but highly amusing. The tour guides all have their own unique sense of humour and a capacity for song. So if you ever find yourself in Dublin take a tour bus and enjoy.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Someone Muzzle that Idiot!

It seems that some people just can't help themselves when it comes to talking garbage. Especially to a child, erm adolescent. Thinking an adult should know best certainly isn't the always the case.

Blaine took me out the other night and whilst walking off the lead a man with a Staffy decided to point out that as a dangerous dog I should be on the lead and stated that is what it says on the dangerous dogs act.

Well, dad's a bit more responsible than that. Even as he first brought me home he did his research to find out what the score was with the dangerous dog act. I just wish others would do a bit of homework too, before trying to claim knowledge of things they have no clue about.

There are currently only four types of dog listed as prohibited in the UK. These are as follows:
  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Braziliero
A Rottweiler does not appear on that list, nor is considered a "pit bull type".

However, the act also prevents owners from having a dog which is dangerously out of control in a public place. Which is defined as:

Any dog is dangerously out of control if:
  • it injures a person, or
  • it behaves in a way that makes a person worried that it might injure them.
Which could be hugely misinterpreted by the lay-person, that if the person is afraid of dogs that any dog could be considered dangerously out of control. This is not the intention of the act.

Now, if you're the type of person that owns a dog and walks over to another dog owner, with their dog, and believes the dog to be dangerously out of control, wanting to make your point about it. Do you really think the sensible course of action is to bring your dog with you and launch into a tirade about how dangerous someone else's dog is, just because of their breed?

So please if you're in any doubt feel free to visit the UK Government website DEFRA and you'll find all the information you need.

I'm sure most visitors here won't be affected or require such literature and I guess my little rant is preaching to the converted, but for the sake of completeness the link is here anyway.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Boycott Japanese Electronics

Sorry for the hijack of the site, but as this is a cause I feel strongly about and it needs all the publicity it can get, I feel justified in a little side tracking on this.

For the past 18 years the Japanese have been whaling illegally by abusing the International Whaling Commissions moratorium on commercial whaling. The Japanese year on year have been returning to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in Antarctica, and continuing to slaughter whales claiming the right to carry out scientific research.

To date the Japanese research has consisted of 195 papers, of which only 4 have stood up under peer review and of those 4 none of them sufficiently demonstrate the need for scientific research though lethal means.

There is no humane method of killing a whale. They are shot with a harpoon with an explosive charge on the end. In 60% of the Japanese kills the whales suffer agonisingly for as long as an hour.

Despite making huge losses, recording in the tens of millions of Dollars per year, the Japanese government continues to support the slaughter with it's tax payers money. Even with no market for the meat they continue to ruthlessly harvest, they continue to hunt whales.

Less than 1% of Japanese have or ever will eat whale. In an attempt to make it popular they even tried to give it away as school meals. It was unpalatable by the nations children and remains stored in huge frozen warehouses - uneaten and unwanted.

So please lend me your support in ceasing the barbaric, murderous, cruel and wasteful actions of the Japanese by saying no to their products

Minke Whale - Balaenoptera acutorostrata

Saturday, August 15, 2009

PUG306.NET Car Meet

Rolling in the grassToday was a great fun day out for me. Dad took me along to a meeting of some of the members of the car club he's a member of. I got to meet a whole load of really nice people from

Dad got up and even before breakfast he took me outside and gave me a really good bath, shampoo and all. So there must have been something special going on.

The Roxy Mobile
He'd spent the previous evening washing and vacuuming the car and making it look all shiny and new. At least I got to have some fun with it too. I just love the pressure washer so dad gave me a real good soaking with it. I guess in hindsight he could have shampooed me yesterday evening instead of this morning.

We all went out to a pub in the country... well, kinda. The weather was glorious. Considering it was supposed to be cloudy and dull it turned out to be a great day.

I was on my bestest behaviour all day. Everyone thought it was so funny that I spent ages chasing shadows in the sun, I just can't help myself. I even tried to embarrass dad in front of his friends as I had a great roll in the grass.

Whilst we were at the pub there was a brown and white collie who obviously liked me. He got a bit too amorous and a couple of times tried to mount me! Dad grabbed him by the scruff and let him know that behaviour was unacceptable in public. The humans with him didn't do a thing. I guess they figured I was a big tough rottie and I could look after myself. But rather than perpetuate every one's fear of me and my breed I defer to dad and let him sort out the problem.

As a reward for my good behaviour later in the evening dad then took me out to Doggy Disney. He'd spent all that time shampooing me and I found the first patch of gloopy mud I could and lay down in it. I don't think dad was too impressed, but if I don't get all dirty he wouldn't let me swim in the pond on the way back to the car. After all if I'm already dirty there's no point stopping me :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Shito Update

ShitoI meant to post after the barbecue we had the other day, that dad actually used the Shito Hot sauce on some chicken.

It was particularly brave as I wouldn't even sniff the jar.

Once it was smeared over some chicken kebabs and cooked though it turned out to be not as bad as expected. Dad managed to eat the kebabs and even when I got to try some it went the way of all chicken, no questions, just wolfed down. When it comes to chicken it doesn't matter what's been done to it, I just love it!

Dad was a bit hesitant at first but as it ends up pretty much blackened on the barbecue all that it tasted of was hot peppers - after a while the aftertaste made it even hotter. But it was edible at least.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mad Max

Mad MaxWent for a run round the park with Dad tonight. Last night Blaine took me out 'cos dad was really, really tired. Said he kept dozing off at work! I think he's suggesting that I kept him up all night fidgeting and slurping and unusually wanting to go out for a wee in the early hours.

So anyhow we went around the park and on the way into the park there was the tiniest of Jack Russel's being walked in front by a couple. They took one look back at me and you could see the panic in their eyes. It didn't get any better when we got into the park and they kept on with their little dog on a lead. Dad made me sit as he always does before he let me of the lead and I sat there good as gold. Even when dad said to go for a wee I just went and did my business without going in their direction.

Mad Max II
Later on we came across, or should I say were come across by a fluffy ball of madness. Max the Old English Sheepdog was about 6 months old and his human had him off the lead. I think he needs some more training as he wasn't looking after Max quite right.

Max was running really far away to a bunch of kids and jumping up and around them. Then he darted back to his human, until he saw me. It was a change in direction and he bounded over to come say Hi to me and dad. He even bounced on dad with paws up to his shoulders and tongue in his face.

He was a lovely friendly dog, I just hope his human can control his bounce a little. Not everyone wants to be his friend and he's only gonna get bigger. If he knocks a kid down and hurts them it'll only be out of play but not all parents will be that understanding. And if he encounters some of the not so friendly dogs I have he could get hurt.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yayy! Barbecue Day at Last!

For a while now mum's been on a diet and that's meant weeks of powdered shakes and grumpy faces. So dad's not even mentioned the "B" word for fear of getting a rolling pin in the back of the head.

Thankfully today sees the end of that. Mum's finished the diet and is now in the eating sensibly stage - and as the weather is so good today it must be barbecue day.

Earlier on dad took me out to Doggy Disney and I just had to find every puddle I could and either drink it or lay down in it. It was just so warm. Of course to finish off I got to go in the big pond and play the fetch the stick game. I love swimming now, can't believe I was so worried about it before.

After we got home dad gave me a proper hosing down. Not just the quick spray to get the dirt off, but a full shampooing. I might not like the hose and water much, but I love getting the massage as I get the shampoo rubbed in and rinsed out. It's just great.

It was so warm that dad just left me wet without towelling me dry. 10 minutes later I had to go and remind him to finish the job. I kept on at him until he came out and gave me a real good rub down with the towel.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ear Infection Returns

Damned ear infection has returned with a vengeance. I spent the evening before shaking my head until I fell asleep. Last night I kept dad up all night fidetting, head shaking and pacing around.

Thankfull dad had some Canaural and put it in and cleaned my ears out again. It was so good. It's a great feeling having his finger halfway into my brain... I'm not so sure it's as great for dad though.

Last night Ian came round after they all went out. He gave dad his present which is highly unusual to say the least. I think he's going to have to be in a really brave mood to even try it!

It smells awful.

Ingredients are listed as, Fish, Shrimps, Pepper spices, sunflower oil - that's all. Also says "This sauce will compliment any dish Can also be used as a spread" Ohh yeah. Looks like the day it gets tested I'm going to spend the day outside! When it does get tested I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Wolf Howl06:50 I woke mum and dad early having a seizure in the bedroom. Now I've started creeping in there in the morning I guess at least it means less time alone when I do have a cluster.

What a way to wake dad up on his birthday!

He crashed on the sofa for a while until I'd relaxed and wound down for a snooze. I kept waking him up with whining, which once dad distracted me with a tummy rub or pat on the head I'd stop.

Eventually though dad figured just to leave me alone. So it went from whining to "Awowow, Awowow" then full blown "Awwwooooooooooooooooooooo, Awwwooooooooooooooooooooo" howling. It's as if once it starts I just have to let it out. Once finished it's back to sleep as if nothing happened.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Same Old Song and Dance?

15:50 Today saw the start of a seizure in the afternoon. Dad was working from home and we were on the computer upstairs when it started. Same old routine and back to normal.

I wonder if this is the start of a cluster and we should expect more.

Mum said she thought I was acting a little strange earlier today. All edgy and hyperactive. Then when she tried to put me out side to the toilet she said I acted like she was going to beat me and cowered away from her.

Later in the evening I wouldn't leave my ears alone so dad gave them a good clean. That only made things worse! After that I was shaking my head constantly and really uncomfortable. Mum and dad tried to distract me for a while until I eventually gave in and slept a while.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Dad you're embarrassing me!"

Dad took me out for a walk around the park tonight. The weather was great, no rain. Which makes quite a change of late. When Blaine took me out last night we just got back home before it threw down enough to have drowned us.

Not dad's bum
Tonight though, I almost walked home on my own. Dad was just sorting out my "business" when there was a "rriiiiiiipp!". We were only half way around the park and the skate park was full of young kids. Dad's shorts picked the most in opportune time to give in.

We had to continue our walk with dad pretending as if nothing had happened. As luck would have it and although we passed plenty of people no one seemed to notice. I just can't take him anywhere!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Event Free Few Weeks

The past few weeks have gone by without event really. Since the last seizure, which unusually was a one off, nothing else really has happened. Again I know I'll probably regret saying so.

Me and dad have been off on our usual travels around the woods and around the park in the long grass. I showed off just what kind of dog I am the other day. A couple with a muzzled Vichler walked towards us in the park just as dad was letting me off the lead. On the other side of us a guy with a Staffy was shouting not to let me off the lead and generally panicking.

Dad let me off and I just sat there watching the two dogs and paying them no real attention. I think they were both surprised when I just trotted along beside dad as we went on our way.

Over the weekend Janet and Dave made it official. They got married! Dad had to make a speech at the wedding, but I got left out :( Not even asked to be a bridesmaid.

I did get to say hello to Auntie Caz again though as she came down for the big weekend. I know that sometimes she thinks I'd eat her. But I promise not to do it all at once ;)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh, S#!7

Jason VoorheesWell I guess we were all holding our breath and not saying the words out loud, but today began with a return visit of the machette wielding seizure monster.

04:10 It was pretty early in the morning and now I've developed the habit of going upstairs after I have had half a nights sleep in my own bed, I was asleep on the floor in the bedroom when the seizure struck.

It was the usual chomping, paddling and unconsciousness. I was up and about afterwards and now I'm just relaxing through the day. Dad's working from home so he can keep an eye on me.

Now that I sneak upstairs and wake dad up to lie on the floor in the bedroom I have to use a sneaky tactic and catch him half asleep. If I scratch on the door dad comes to open it to see who's there and before he has time to do anything I push the door open and run as fast as I can through the gap and around to the other side of the room. I don't think he sees me and must think it was the wind or something, as he goes straight back to bed.

What a way to celebrate
100 postings onto this blog!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Keeping Quiet

Yeah!Well there's only so long I can stay off the blog. I know things have been real quiet on here and that's a sign of good news in a way. I've held off as saying something is bound to be the jinx on it and the Genie will be let out of the bottle. So I'm not saying anything... if you don't understand well, sorry I can't explain ;)

We're off to the woods in a while for my weekly fix of fun and frolics. Dad will no doubt take his new phone which has a much better camera than the old one. The weather's supposed to be getting better, it's a bit overcast, but at least no more rain. We have a puddle in the yard that ducks could swim in.

During the week dad took some photos of me acting the fool in the grass. I really got carried away and dad thought I'd found something really smelly to roll in, but it was just long grass. I thrashed around in it for a few minutes until I was all happy and panting.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Stress ReductionSorry I've tried as hard as I could not to resort to expletives on this blog. Tried very hard to reign myself in and moderate my language - and been as inoffensive as I could be. But I'm sorely tempted to have a burst of profanity driven by frustration and disbelief.

Why? Well I knew it was too good to be true. You may remember that the vet generously offered to help save me some money by combining my prescriptions into one [here]. Well today was prescription day, so I figured let's go for the big one and get a prescription for 3 months that covers the two medications - Epiphen and KBr for the bargain price of £12. So dad turns up to collect it and they say that'll be £18... same old price!

When queried they said they couldn't do it for the single price, dad must be mistaken. So who saved money here? Not us. The vet now used one piece of paper, not three. The vet signs one signature, not three.


But life goes on. It's summer and that means good times. I prefer it a little cooler so I can laze around outside, but summer means long grass. When dad takes me out in the park it's the highlight of my walk. It's not even close to being in the woods, but it's still great fun.

In the grass
There's two areas in the park where the grass grows long and wild and I just love to go running and hunting in it. I guess it tickles my nose and smells nice because I just bounce around in there snuffling through the long tufts and hopping around like a deer.

If you've seen Jurassic Park and recall the scene with the Raptors in the long grass, then that's all you can see of me when I'm in there. Just the grass parting as I race around having a blast.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blood Test Results

Dad spoke with the Vet on Monday to find out the results of the blood test. It came back all good. A little elevated from the norm, but to be expected given the tablets I'm taking.

In a way it's good to know things are OK, but in another it means there's nothing jumping out screaming "This is what causes the seizures!" If only there were a straight forward answer.

Sky+ HD
I had some fun yesterday. Showing off what a big, bad scary dog I am. We had a visit from a couple of Sky TV engineers, who came out to install a new Sky+ HD box.

They turned up at the door, so dad and I went out to the gate to say hello. I bounced around and barked as loud as I can. They had a strange look on their faces... like they weren't quite sure of me.

Dad said I was friendly and that they'd be fine, so I woofed some more, just to make sure they could see how friendly I was. As they went around the house installing cables they'd stick their head into the room and ask gingerly if it was safe to come in. By that time I was bored with them and just lay there ignoring them.

Postman Pat
As they were coming and going between their van and and the house they left the back door and gates open. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but postie hadn't been yet. When the letters hit the mat I was off like a greyhound, out the door and gates to go say Hi to the postman. Dad came charging after me to call me back in... one day I'll catch up with him and say hello properly.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

In the Dog House

Pepperoni Pizza

Looks like I'm in the dog house today. But it's not all my fault really. I mean, who goes leaving pizza lying around at night? If they didn't want me to eat it all then they should have put it away from me, how was I to know I shouldn't eat a slice of pepperoni and six slices of spicy Mexican chicken pizza. I was just tidying up.

Big news today is Auntie Caz is coming over for a barbecue. The family will all be over too, so I'll get lots of attention and probably lots of yummy scraps. That's if I'm forgiven and let out of the dog house by then. I'll have to put on my best puppy dog eyes and manipulate them like I usually do.

Anyway dad found this old photo of some one called "Carol Ann" and now I'm confused. Is this the same person as Auntie Caz? Just in case you forgot she's 280 years old on Tuesday - Oh, that's 40 in human years. That's still really old though isn't it?

Auntie Caz / Carol Ann

Thursday, May 28, 2009

At the Doctors

Blood TestDad took me into work today. That's a sure sign that I'm gonna be poked and prodded by the vet later. Especially as I didn't get any breakfast before we left for work.

On the way in the car I got sick. Dad said it looked like whipped egg whites as I'd not had any thing to eat. I managed to slip over in it and got it all over me before we got into the office. Dad wasn't too impressed as it made me very smelly through the day, bleurgh! He tried to clean me up as best you can with a paper towel and water, but the smell stayed behind.

We went out into the town centre at lunchtime. Thursdays are market days and the town is full of people. I was on my very best behaviour and walked good as gold by dad's side. I think dad likes taking me into town on Thursdays. He thinks it's much easier to walk through the crowd as they seem more eager to move out of the way when I'm with him. It must be the smell?

Market Day
At the vets I got a good going over, ears, eyes and gums etc. It's all very confusing as they try to make me stand where they want. I wish they'd make up their minds - so I just lie down here and let them get on with it.

The vet couldn't find anything wrong - and the "bobble head" didn't show itself, so we're going to have to try to catch it on camera. The vet's going to talk with a specialist, even if we can't afford to go see them ourselves, just to get some additional advice.

They took some blood to send off for a liver function test, so we should get some results next week. They also asked about vaccinations... dad politely skipped the issue for now. No doubt he'll be talking with them about it later though.

I also got weighed again. I tried all the lady like tricks of one foot on the floor and leaning on the wall, but didn't get away with it. I weighed in at just over 45kgs, which is an improvement, and more like what I should be.

Dad treated me with his leftover chicken tonight, just as a way of praising me for being so good all day.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Why Are Things Never Straight Forward?

I Pity The FoolIt's been a bank holiday weekend so dad's taken me out for plenty of walks in the woods. Mind you I've been that hyperactive a few really long walks have been needed to wear me out a bit.

Dad ordered a repeat prescription from the vet last week. It needed to be a little earlier since the KBr dose has been increase and the current tablets will run out quicker. The vet needs 24 hours to get them ready so after calling nice and early on Tuesday, they'd be ready on Wednesday lunchtime, right? Erm, No. Turns out they wont be ready until after 3:30pm, which means it'll be a push to get the order shipped the same day... I'm beginning to think the vet's trying to make things difficult because we order online.

But then when dad goes to collect the prescription there's a little surprise - or two. The receptionist asks if there's any reason they write out 3 prescriptions each time, KBr and the two sizes of Epiphen. Well no there isn't. I order all of them from the same place. The next sentence you can figure made dad scratch his head quite a bit. "Well next time we'll write just the one prescription then. Which will save you some money."

Huh? Had they misheard me when I asked if they could do this on my first visit, but was told they weren't able to do that? Well dad wasn't going to argue... how very strange.

But surprise number two was almost as funny. Dad reminded them that they had over charged us on the last prescription by £6 and they could use that credit this time. Turns out they'd already used the £6 credit on the last visit! So it went to pay for the Pro-Kolin+ without us knowing.

Well that's just sneaky. So I write how reasonable the cost of £14 was (link here) and then find out it was actually £20. Just bloody typical!

But the upshot is the online drug company played a real blinder. Dad called them up and sent them the prescriptions and they counted, packed and shipped the drugs same day. With first class post they arrived next day. I know I don't use this site for advertising, so just consider this a thank you to Pet Drugs Online.

Looks like dad's going to have to make another call to the vets though. Over the weekend I've developed a worrying shaking of the head. It's like I get a bit starey and rapidly shake my head from side to side a little. Mum calls it "Bobble head" as it's like one of those little toys if they were shaking their head saying "no". It doesn't last long and I usually snap out of it as soon as someone says my name, but it is worrying.

Makes us all think there's more going on in my head than what causes the Epilepsy.

Well next weekend auntie Caz goes over the hill. Apparently she's on the down hill side, so dad says. I think that means she's 40. I know, I know, you're all saying "What, again?" So hopefully the weather will be as good as this weekend - who knows maybe I'll get her to take me to the woods?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Me and My Big Mouth

Well that'll teach me to put good words into the blog.

22:20 I was laying in the doorway to the kitchen sleeping quite peacefully when a really big seizure struck. Not that it went on much longer than usual, but the ferocity of the head twitches after the initial chomping were much more noticeable and stronger than previous.

Dad got straight on it and figured as two diazepam weren't working let's try for three. Scary I know, but he was really worried by this seizure. Especially as it follows so close to the previous cluster.

It turns out that I'm not the only one suffering this weekend. Snickers and Gio have both suffered a visit over the past few days too.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Spritual Healing

With all the happening over the weekend things haven't really improved a great deal. Following the seizures I've still not fully recovered. It seems the after effects have been somewhat distressing to mum and dad.

There's defiantly some mental impairment going on though. For instance I'm scared of the stairs now. Previously I'd follow dad like a shadow just to be with him, and going up and downstairs was never an issue. It's not like I've even fell down the stairs whilst having a seizure either.

But the worst part, for mum at any rate, is that I'm not letting anyone know when I want to go out to the toilet. Add onto that that I've also got diarrhea at the minute, it means that there's a lot to mop up.

Spiritual Healing
On Sunday dad was just taking me out when Anita's (she's Ian's girlfriend - Ian is dad's brother, and they live next door), well her mum came round to see me. She's a spiritual healer and offered to work her magic on me and see if she could help. Dad's not going to turn away anything that may help. So she came around and did a laying on of hands. I certainly enjoyed the attention, now let's hope it helps out in some way.

I guess dad's a bit of a sceptic. More a case of he believes what can be demonstrated as proof rather than simply accepting things based on another's beliefs. But without wanting to sound hypocritical, nothing else seems to work so far, so what harm can it do?

After consulting with the vet on Monday over the phone dad ordered some probiotic formula to ease up the diarrhea. They also recommended that the potassium bromide be increased to 3 x 325mg twice a day.

Dad reckons it seems a little strange talking with the vet on the phone for free. After all you pay for the consultation and prescription charges and drugs, but talking to them on the phone incurs no cost. I think it would make more sense to pay for any consultation that takes up a vets time and fore go the charges on prescriptions.

At least this time it seems to have been value for money as after paying the £14 for the probiotic formula (Pro-Kolin+), which appears to be a reasonable price, and getting a free phone call, the balance swings our way a little for once.

Purina - Bakers Complete
I've also had to go without dinner or breakfast to try to clear up the diarrhea. But I was so persistent mum buckled under the pressure and gave me a mug of Bakers dog biscuits. I have never eaten dry food, I just don't like it, but I guess if that's all I'm getting I'll eat the lot!

But just to be different it looks like I'm not so fussy with my food now. So mum and dad are going to try me on dried food again, just to see if they can at least use it part of the time.

The vet is also going to discuss my case with a specialist and see if there's anything else that can be recommended. They also spoke about an MRI scan, but mum and dad really can't afford that.

Today's been a bit better. At 5am this morning I still left a puddle in the living room. I did bark to wake dad up... but only to tell him I had already gone, and not before as I should.

I also finally gave in. After dad went back to bed I made several attempts to go upstairs, before I finally picked up the courage to make it to the top! Now I've made it once, getting there and back has become easy again and I'm back to following dad. I hope this is a sign that things are turning around.

Pro-Kolin+ : A highly palatable paste formulation containing beneficial microorganisms, prebiotics, kaolin and pectin, whose absorbent and soothing properties are well known. It soothes the gut lining during periods of diarrhoea and improves the consistency of stools.

PS: Well the eczema seems to have cleared up, yay! Looks like the steroids have done their job, but will I be as muscle bound?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Long Weekend

Tired EyesThe seizures continue through the night and dad wakes up looking like this in the morning.

01:45 I started fitting in the bedroom after dad had taken me upstairs to keep an eye on me. This time after the seizure I didn't get up and pace around at all. I just breathed as if hyperventilating for a while and went back to sleep. I think this worries dad more as any change does.

03:45 This time I reverted back to the usual pacing and ravenous appetite. Dad took me downstairs to go out and then get some food. Afterwards I paced for a long time backwards and forwards between empty bowls, and the window ledge where my food is, wanting more food. Dad eventually had to pick up my bowls as I was rattling them around the floor so he couldn't sleep.

Dad got the sleeping bag and crashed on the sofa to let mum at least get some sleep.

07:10 Another big seizure and another episode of rattling the bowl around after the food I had just wasn't enough.

17:30 I thought things were getting better and I was just having a snooze when another one came. This time I didn't do the pacing and ravenous food. Just lay and chilled out to recover.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cluster Seizures

02:05, 07:10, 10:50, 13:50 Continuing on from yesterdays cluster the seizures are about in line with previous ones in terms of their frequency.

Fortunately dad's got another day off work so he's been around to look after me.

In the car
17:10 I got all excited when dad was working on his car. I had to sit in the boot as that's where I sit when we go out to the woods. As I lay there another seizure hit and before dad could get to me I'd fallen out of the car. I wasn't really hurt, but it gave dad a scare.

23:10 After mum went to bed I was asleep in the kitchen when another seizure struck.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sweet Tooth

Wine GumsOn Tuesday dad was lying in bed reading when I heard the rustle of a packet. Being nosy I thought I'd check out what he had as it might be something nice that he'd share with me. Well when I say share, what I actually mean is use as a bribe to be left alone.

Turns out dad had a packet of wine gums. What really surprised him was that I liked the smell. I wouldn't leave him alone until he gave in and let me have one.

I kept putting my paw on the bed. Lying there with my chin on the bed giving him the big sad puppy dog eyes, until I broke him down and he gave me a sweet.

Eventually dad cracked and handed one over, expecting me to drop it on the floor once I found out that it wasn't something I liked. Instead, I LOVED IT! I couldn't get enough. If dad found me annoying before he gave me a sweet, now I was even more so. I went frantic pacing around trying to get his attention before pleading for another.

When bed time came mum kicked me out of the bedroom and relegated me to my bed in the kitchen. But that wasn't the end of it.

Next day whilst everyone was out at work or school, I snuck into the bedroom and found the sweeties. No one would find out surely? I'll just have the one... but then getting the bag open without an opposable thumb isn't easy and it tore open. So rather than leave any evidence I'd better dispose of it all.

Later in the evening mum found the empty torn up packet and put it into the bin. Wayhay! I'd gotten away with it... until dad went to read that night. For some reason he remembered he hadn't eaten them all. BUSTED!

What's Going On Today?

18:10 Dad was on the computer just typing up something for the blog whilst I lay snoozing behind him, having dictated it all to him of course, when I went into a seizure. Apparently it was a full on big scary one that lasted a while. So dad used two of the diazepams on me to see if they'd do any good.

Seems odd that on Monday I have one seizure and then 3 days later another.

22:50 I decided to go downstairs with mum and got a Bonio to chomp. Mid munch I fell into seizure. Looks like the start of a cluster.

Monday, May 11, 2009

You Miss Me?

Freddy KrugerOne, Two Freddy's coming for you,
Three, Four, better lock your door,
Five, Six, grab your crucifix,
Seven, Eight, gonna stay up late,
Nine, Ten never sleep again.

08:00 Well he's been a little overdue. I thought we were getting away with it just fine. But as I was eating my breakfast the seizure caused me to fall over in the kitchen. Mum thought I'd just slipped, but soon noticed the usual paddling.

Chris was in most of today, had to go out on a driving lesson. When he got back there was no sign of another seizure. There would be slobber everywhere and probably a puddle of wee. So let's hope this is a one off. More than likely not though.

I guess it was on the cards that the seizures would start just as dad returns to work after having a week off.

This evening mum and dad are around to keep an eye on me, so we shall see if I keep them up tonight or not.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Just Do It"

My new "Nike's"As this eczema is still driving me nuts, I'm still mouthing my paws, dad ordered me a pair of doggy boots from eBay. I can't say I'm too impressed with them.

They make me walk around really goofily and mum and dad chuckle. You can hear me coming a mile away as they scuff along the floor.

Dad likes them, as they work. They've been putting them on me mostly at night, so I don't spend all night chomping my toes. Once they are on they stay on. They may twist around but I just leave them alone and ignore them, not even showing any interest in pulling them off.

They're supposed to be able to be used outside and the leather on them probably would survive quite well. But they're definitely not submersible. They'll keep out puddles but not to the depth I'm used to paddling in.

Chicken Wings
Mum went out with the girls last night and left dad to fend for himself. Before she went she put a pizza and some chicken wings into the oven. When they timer went off dad couldn't believe the pile of wings that were in there!

Just as well I was there to help out. Dad wouldn't have gotten through all that on his own... or would he? After all the wings dad didn't bother with the pizza. So I kept on reminding him I was there and could help tidy up, if necessary. When I finally got a piece I ate so carefully, not dropping it onto the floor, just rolling it around in my mouth and giving it a good chew so as not to get any hair on it.

When mum came home and they went up to bed they forgot something... they'd left the pizza on the table. Whoohoo! Party time. It wasn't there in the morning and as I was on guard all night I just said that I hadn't seen anyone, and dad must have eaten it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

One Day of Tablets

Daily TabletsFollowing on from my previous post where I mentioned the additional tablets I now take for the Eczema, I thought I'd post something that just shows what it all looks like.

In the picture you'll see just how many tablets I have to take every day. To date it's 15 tablets!

2 x 30mg Epiphen
4 x 60mg Epiphen
4 x 325mg Potassium Bromide
1 x 1000mg Glucosomine
1 x 3000mg Milk Thistle
1 x 227mg Previcox
2 x 5mg Prednidale

On the left is the 7am mornings tablets, middle is the Previcox I take at 5pm dinner time and right is the 7pm evening tablets.

Now if you wanted to give me all those mixed into food it would have to be a Big Mac... or two ;)