Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Wonky Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hope you all have a great time. We're looking forward to the break. As I'm in the middle of a cluster right now it should mean that we go through the main Christmas holidays unmolested by another visit... although you can never be sure.

This cluster is particularly strong. Seems the thrashing about is very intense and then afterwards there's a really strong urge to jump up and run full speed into anything. When mum and dad see me go into one they have to pin me down afterwards to stop me from hurting myself.

I still don't understand what causes seizures to change.  So even though they are expected, the actual results aren't.

I get called wonky dog and the seizures are my wonky time on account of them sending me all wonky afterwards. Here's hoping for a non-wonky Christmas.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Well it's coming up to Christmas and the family are getting together on the big day for turkey and goose. But the good news is there's not so many this year... which hopefully means more scraps for me!

On the seizure front, well this past few weeks have seen a turn around. Dad's so pleased that the daily chompies have left me alone at last. I'm back to myself and feeling fit. Loving life right now.

I had to take dad to the human vets this week for his annual check up and he's got good news too. Blood pressure is down to an all time low - 135/77 which is unheard of. Last year it started out at a staggering 230/140. So now we both take our medication at the same time each day. At least his seems to be working - mine, I'm still not sure it's doing anything at all.

Can't complain about the good days though. Happy to take as many seizure free days as I can.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Struggling On

This week's been no fun at all. Dad's been off work and that usually means lots of trips to the woods. But we only managed it a couple of days. The chompies have well and truly taken over. Every day has been at least two half hour chompie sessions. The only thing we're grateful for is that they aren't as draining or debilitating as last week. Afterwards I can stand up at least and am back to normal. So for much of the day I'm fine, but for those half hours there's head shaking and slobber flying everywhere.

The other day when I was in a chompie session mum noticed that when she gave me some ham that I'd immediately started chomping and couldn't eat until I'd finished. Then on Wednesday dad gave me some garlic bread (I've seen it, it's the future) and I went straight into a chompie. Afterwards dad gave it to me and again straight into a chompie. This happened about 3 more times, so I never did eat the garlic bread. Just seems strange that they seem to kick in when I'm happy or excited.

But we know it's a bad sign when I'm still scared of going upstairs. In some respects it's a good thing as at least I won't fall down them. But in the past sleeping on the floor upstairs was one of my favourite places.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

All Time Low

Last week I started into a cluster on Mum's birthday. Wasn't good at all, but since then it's just been hitting even harder.

It started out as the usual kind of seizure where I'd thrash and paddle before going off for a nap. After a nap I'd get up refreshed and ready to face the world again. Over the next few days though things weren't getting any better and we figured we'd be in for a 48 hour cluster.

But we're still at it this weekend. Four days into a cluster of seizures that happen about every 6 hours. These ones today have been particularly nasty visits. I'd start off with a chompie and head shaking. Then five minutes later I'd go into the full twisting, thrashing and paddling. But I'd then not want a nap. I was all hyped up and wanting to run about, but my legs wouldn't carry me. Dad had to pin me down to stop me running off into things or falling and hurting my legs as I'd often end up splayed in all directions.

Following that only another 5 minutes I'd go into another chompie and head shaking. Afterwards I'm still unable to walk and another 5 minutes and I'd be having a shivery jaw that would rattle my teeth and curl my toes. So the seizure would last around half an hour, every six hours. But after that half hour I'm still not quite 100%, but I'm at least able to stand and walk. I'm just completely drained from the exertion of the seizure.

I'm really hoping this comes to an end soon... but is it a coincidence that Dad's off work agin this week?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Having a Tough Time

Over the past week things have been a bit tough. Since I've been having seizures they have always seemed to change in impact and severity. This past week has been full of chompies and head shaking. It seemed like it was never going to end. Every couple of hours I'd be chomping my teeth. Then a break of 5 minutes before chomping again. This would go on for at least 3 more times and then a break for an hour or two before coming back.

Through the night I might get some sleep and go without chomping for 6 hours or so. Often I'd wake dad chomping and falling over though. Today it seems it's come to an end or maybe just giving me a break.

The last seizures were also different. Previously I'd have a seizure and then jump up and charge around full of energy. The past few were completely the other way around. I was downstairs with mum when all of a sudden I jumped up and ran as fast as I could up the stairs into the room with dad. I then stared at myself in the mirror before falling over and going into a seizure. Afterwards I just slept a while and got up normally.

This is certainly a very strange condition. Nothing is ever the same, but at least we're at the point where nothing is unexpected anymore.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Time to Splash the Cash

Turns out it's that time again. Time to go pay for the vets Audi again.

This month we'll need another prescription drawing up and that means a trip to the vets. Because they won't do repeat prescriptions without seeing me and getting a consultancy fee. So dad makes the booking and we arrange to go in.

The good thing about it is that I get a day out. Dad takes me to work and I get to stay with him all day. Dad's got a new boss who's moved into the offices with him and this is the first time I'll have met him. I got in and did my usual sniff around then just lay down behind dad. It was probably an hour later before dad's boss even realised there was a big dog in the office. Well it didn't cause a scene or anything. I was as well behaved as usual and kept myself to myself all day until dad took me to the vets.

We got there and the first thing dad did was weigh me - 48.3kgs, so I've lost a kilo and a bit. Which dad thinks is good. I'm a bit trimmer and could probably do with losing another one really. This wouldn't have been so bad, but right after I got off the scales they bought another dog in who'd gained a bit. Right away there was a new member of staff who piped up that she was the vets new nutritional expert. Not bad, but I felt bad for the lady owner. The nutritionist was very condescending and the lady was really embarrassed. Good job she didn't start on dad - I think they might have refused to see me if he'd got fired up!

So we get our compulsory £1 per minute, 20 minute consultation. Thankfully the vet decided it's not necessary for a blood test. I've had a few now where they don't even bother giving us the results. We just go in and let them do it to get the prescription. The prescription is our only goal in this. A blood test just means more cash and times are tight.

After the consultation we get the bill for £20 and then another £20 for the prescription. I think the vet should really be wearing a black and white stripey top, an eye mask and have a bag marked swag. It's day light robbery to charge for time and then for signing / writing something that was done within that chargeable time.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome to Autumn

Well it's officially autumn now and I welcome it with a couple of seizures.

Mum's got a new job that involves working shifts. So she's out early in the morning some days and back late others. I make the most of this by getting double breakfast at every opportunity. Mum gives me my breakfast then when dad gets up I pretend I'm really hungry and rather than phoning mum at work he feeds me too, hooray! But I think they're on to me.

I had a seizure last night at about 1:30am just after dad had gone to bed. He thought we were being burgled as I went off in the front room and rattled the table and chairs. He soon found it was me though as he stood in a puddle of warm wee in bare feet.

Mum didn't even know I'd have a fit. She was so tired from working that she didn't notice dad get up and tidy and mop up then bring me up to bed. Even when I kept getting up and wanting to go out she slept through it. Back downstairs with dad on the couch  I paced around a while then went back up to the bedroom and mum still fast asleep didn't notice a thing.

So today we waited on the return visit. It wasn't until after 7:00pm that I got another. Dad figured I wasn't myself. He knows I',m clumsy at the best of times. But not long before that I managed to knock over a full glass of red wine, and break the glass he was enjoying with Sunday dinner.

Mum makes an awesome Sunday dinner. It's the one day of the week where I have to wait long after 5:00pm for food, but it's worth the wait, yum! It's not really classed as leftovers as mum saves it especially for me.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beside the Sea Side

Dad took me out his weekend. Was a massive long drive of 3+ hours in the car to go see some of his car club friends down in Chichester. Now Chichester isn't far from the sea so dad thought he'd make the effort and take me along for a swim.

First off we stayed overnight and slept outside all night. When everyone else had pt up their tents dad said the weather was too good to sleep indoors so didn't bother with a tent and we slept out under the stars.

The rest of the people had a party with a smoke machine and a laser light show. So dad had to take me away from that because I was becoming fixated with the green light and trying to chase it or just watch mesmerised by it. Not specifically related to the epilepsy but dad knows I get fixated on laser pointers and torch light, so better off out of the way a bit.

But here's me in the sea! It was great. A bit out of my depth and having to catch a wave and surf back in to shore.

And chillin' at the camp site.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Really Should Learn to Shut Up...

Last week things were going pretty well. The seizures hadn't been particularly bad for quite a while. A few here and there and easily manageable. Well I managed to write that on a friends blog and made myself look pretty silly for doing it.

That night a cluster seizure kicked in big style. All night was spent seizure after seizure about an hour apart. I kept dad up all night. Then even after he went to work I still had three more seizures during the day and into the evening when he got home.

At 3am on the Friday the last one of the cluster kicked in and dad was so glad to get a full nights sleep on Friday night.

So what's changed?... Nothing! It seems there is not going to be any pattern of seizures - just sporadic and random in terms of both frequency and duration. Even their voracity is random. The seizures can be as mild as a series of blinking to full on thrashing around.

We're just learning we have to just live with it. Take every mild event as a blessing.

A couple of weeks ago dad took me out with him to one of his car club meets. One of the guys there has a decent camera and some skills. Here are some photos he took of me whilst there.

This was me after dad gave me some mushy peas! I was scrounging for food so dad thought he'd show me there was nothing to be had but mushy peas. He really didn't think I'd eat them. Well I surprised him by wanting more and eating them all.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer's Here

June  20th

5:30 Decided to wake dad up nice and early before work with a big seizure. By the time he got down to me it was all over and all that he needed to do was mop up all the slobber and wee. I just snoozed for a while and then got up and went upstairs to bed so dad could get a half hour more sleep before getting up for work.

19:00 Mum and dad knew I wasn't done with the seizures as I was acting a bit hyper up until 7pm. Then I lay down and was resting when another seizure kicked in.

June 25th

Dad took me out to the park today. We didn't go to the woods as the weather was being indecisive about raining or not. But the park is full of long grass which turns up every year. I love to snuffle around in there and like the way it feels on my face and nose.

A thought just occurs to me. It's been a long time since there have been any chompies at all. These are usually the indication of a cluster to come. But so far they've been absent... and absent for quite a while. In fact I can't remember the last one. Now it just seems the seizure kicks in and the only warning may be a bit of hyper-activity before hand.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Squirrels Everywhere!

07:00 This weekend dad went away camping without me :( So I stayed home and looked after mum and Blaine. He got back on Sunday pretty tired from long days and early mornings so the seizure monster decided to have some fun with him. He's booked Monday and Tuesday off work so wouldn't you just know, at 7am I go off into a big seizure in the kitchen doorway. The clatter of my bowls and the rattling of the door was enough to wake the whole street!

Squirrel Gang Later in the day dad took me to the woods to make up for me not going over the weekend. It seemed the place was teeming with a gang of squirrels intent on making me run around the trees after them. I don't think we've ever come across so many. Or as I suspect it's just one small gang organising against us.

The good news is that after that one seizure in the morning there's been nothing else... so far.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Just Getting On With Life

Muddy FaceOver the past couple of week I've had a few of the big seizures, but not really like the usual clusters. It's been more of the one offs. That was until yesterday when I end up having three seizures. But I don't know if it's just mum and dad dealing with it better because they're so used to it, or if the after effects don't seem so bad these days. After a big seizure there's no major disorientation or blindness like there used to be. Now dad reckons I just resort to being very clumsy and not doing anything I'm told. For instance I'll go plodding off around the room and anything that isn't fixed to the floor will probably get knocked over or spilled, for example the lava lamp or cups and glasses on tables. I've lost count how many things I've broken. I'll also start being naughty like rummaging through the bins and eating anything off the lounge table if there's any left overs. But by far the most common is standing in my food and water bowls so the contents end up spilled all over the floor or the food and biscuits laid as a trail to trap dad on after he tries to get me in his bare feet - Ouch!

We just knew the seizure would happen this week... you guessed it. Extended Bank holiday and dad's off work!

Today we went down the woods and here's a video of what I got up to. I needed to go for a swim after this to clean up!

After the mud bath

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Week Off and We Know What That Means...

Dad's had a week of work and that's usually the cue for me to start having a cluster. But this time around... nothing! Dad piked about the right week for the weather too. All week has been sunny and dry apart from one day, so I've been out to the woods almost every day.

BBQ Then at sometime during the week, maybe Wednesday or Thursday the chompies had stopped. So in all the last week has been a good one. But what made it extra special was that yesterday saw the first BBQ of the year. Mum and dad went next door and cooked up some food. They even said they made a special effort not to cook too much, because every time they do a BBQ there's always far too much food left.

So this time around I managed to get a few snacks and all the left overs were then mine for breakfast. So much for not over doing the food. Still I'm not complaining.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blood Test

Well it's come around to renew my prescription. This means the vet wants to take their pound of flesh, well blood tests at least. So dad took me into work with him for the day.

The weather today was too warm for me. I panted a lot as we walked down to the vets. As dad had given me my tablets at 7am they had to fit me in earlier than they wanted. The blood needs to be taken within 6 hours of taking them apparently.

The vet decided to call another nurse in to help with me. Dad doesn't really mind as they should take whatever precautions they feel needed to jab a big scary Rottie like me with a needle. But what makes it funny is when the nurse grabs me by the head and the vet jabs me in the neck, I go for the attention. I melted onto the floor so I was lying down waiting for a fuss. The vet and the nurse couldn't then take the blood from my neck, so I've now got a shaved patch on my forepaw where they had to take it from.

If they just let dad hold me then there wouldn't have been any fuss. But then they wouldn't have had anything to laugh about either.

Good news with my weight though. It's down to 49.85kg (109.9lbs). That's a huge drop of about 3kg in 3 months. Even though mum and dad have cut my food back it still gets bulked up with kibble, I still get treats - but tonight I also raided the grill and ate four sausages that Blaine had left so I could get at them. That means I get the other four for breakfast now, my slobber wins every time!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Well That's Annoying

I was in the middle of updating the page that listed all of Roxy's sezures since they started and when I clicked "Preview" to check it something went poof and it's all gone. Don't know what happened at all but the page is now 404 Missing In Action. Wish I'd got a decent backup of this site now :( Ah, well.

17:45 So tonight I figured it needed to be updated because she had a full seizure. She's been having this chomping seizures all week and we thought that was what she was up to. But then off she went into a full roll over and paddling. Slobber everywhere.

I hoped this meant that the coiled spring that seems to build up got released and we'd see the end to the seizures, even the chompies for a while. But sure enough I just start typing on here and off she goes into a chompie.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I thought that it may be educational to post a couple of video of the seizures that I'm having right now. I'll have batches of 3-5 chompies with 3-5 minutes in between. It's a little difficult to catch as I have them for such a short period.

These are certainly easier to catch than the full blown seizures she has. Dad spends all his efforts trying to keep me safe so there's no time for camera work. But these small chomping episodes don't require any of his attention.

As you see I'm not overly distressed by them, but they're still annoying.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Having a Tough Time this Week

This whole week has been really terrible and we're not sure it's going to get any better. I know dad's pretty worried by all of this.

On the Sunday the seizures were reduced to chomping and head shaking, but never went into the usual muscle spasms and paddling.

Balance Since the seizures started about all that happened is they seem to have changed their behaviour again. Every day since Sunday I've had several seizures a day, but they're stopping at the chomping stage. I chomp for a a minute then they stop. Afterwards I may be disorientated and lack balance for a minute, but then it's like nothing happened.

I hope we see a change for the best, and soon.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wonky Time

After the start of this cluster dad figured we'd be spending a day or two dealing with the seizures. Turns out it had different plans. Seemed like the Monday seizure was going to be a one off.

13:00 That was until Thursday. Chris texted dad at work to say I'd just had a seizure. After that things went quiet again.

Fire Alarm 05:00 Saturday morning it must have sounded like a fire alarm going off. I'd made it out of bed and was having a seizure by my food and water bowls. There was water everywhere and I was clanging the bowls together in my fit. Dad rushed down to sort me out and I went back off to sleep until...

07:00 Another early wake up call for dad.

10:45 Off I went again into a full seizure. So it looks like this weekend is going to be trouble.

14:45 Dad decided I needed a walk out and I was certainly looking forward to it. We got in the car and went out to the woods. About half way round I gave dad a nudge and when he looked at me he said "Ah oh here we go" and sure enough I went into a fit. Dad made sure I was comfortable and we stayed there for a while. Well as long as I'd let him. I was eager to get back on with the walk, but dad decided to go back to the car. we were almost half way so it was still 20 minutes back there. On the way I needed a drink and no matter what dad said I was going in the muddy stream for a drink... oh and a lie down.

16:45 After getting home and getting a bath and towelling down. Dad spent some time with the hair dryer on me. I love that. But a little while later I was restless and mooching about, pacing and couldn't decide what to do. Dad saw this as a sign and sure enough I went into another fit whilst laying in bed.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mad March

Roxy20:40 Well today saw the return of the seizures. Probably the start of a cluster so this post will grow as it goes on. I was lazing around, as usual, and out of the blue I started with blinking and trying to get up. Dad looked at me and thought we might get away with it, but I rolled over and went into a big seizure.

After it finished I was so wasted by it that I just went back off for a nap. No jumping up and charging about. But now wer're only 20 minutes later and it looks like I could be up for another already. As I lie here with my head up it's like the ground is moving and I keep having to catch myself from falling. So dad's sat here tying this whilst watching me closely.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Days

Well things have been going great lately, everything just seems great and I just seem to be enjoying life right now. We don't think about the seizure monster and we get on with living.

Roxy at Work Dad's even taken me into work a few times and everyone sees that as a trip to the vet these days. But instead it's just been an excuse for me to go with him and spend the day doing something different. Each time I go in someone says "Oh, your off to the vet again?". Well No, not this time. When I'm with dad at work I'm as good as gold. Just lazing around and happy just to be with peoples.

Dad's been indulging his other hobby too just lately. I know he needs his car for work but he also spends time working on it to keep it in tip top shape and spends more money on it that mum would like. But it is one of my favourite places to be too. It's because it means we're going out somewhere like the woods. So I'll often jump in the back and just lie waiting until he's done before we go out.

Roxy in the CarDad thinks its funny that the Polish guys who work in the garage opposite are wary of me when I'm out. He works on the car and I just sit around either in the car or waiting by the car and pay them no attention. But if I'm in behind the gate I'll bark at them and scare them. So when I'm not behind the gate they kind of creep around not to attract my attention, but all I really want is for them to come and say hello!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Can you hear Santa Claus?

Well it may seem surreal but that's the question that was asked this morning at 03:40. "Can you hear Santa Claus?"

Squeaky Santa ClausAt Christmas the kids bought me a squeaky Santa Claus toy. I've never really shown it much interest which is why it's survived through to February. It's most often in bed and everyone can than hear me getting in and out as it squeaks each time I do. But we weren't prepared for the secondary usage until today.

03:40 Early in the morning I was downstairs in bed when mum and dad heard a rythmic squeaking, hence the strange question. When they got down to me the squeaking had stopped but there was plenty of foamy evidence that I'd had one of my big seizures. Other than that everything was fine, didn't want to get up or anything so after staying with me for a bit they left me in bed. Eventually I got up and came to spend the rest of the night on the floor in the bedroom.

12:55 Up until now everything has been back to normal. No disorientation or any signs I'd even had a seizure this morning. Then whilst lying asleep upstairs off I went again. A little rest again afterwards and back to normal. No pacing or blindness at all.

20:00 Dad was downstairs cutting his hair and mum was in the bathroom. Chris found me and called dad to get him come take care of me. I'd snuck upstairs and was having a nap in the bedroom. A bit of wee and slobber as usual, but then back to normal pretty sharpish again.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Changing Nature of Seizures

Well the seizures haven't really stopped. But at least dad and I got a good nights sleep last night. Periodically yesterday I'd have a seizure, followed fairly closely by another. Dad didn't end up recording them all, but there must have been another 5 during the day.

09:40 Today they started later in the morning. I'd just woken up and was nosing dad in the face, then mooching around and pacing a bit before I started chomping and head shaking whilst standing up. Dad came over to make sure I didn't fall and hurt myself, but I just lay down sphinx style and carried on with the chomping and head shaking. Almost as soon as it was over I was alert and not quite stable but better than I have been.

We went downstairs and not long after I went into another chomping and head shaking. Then within five minutes of recovering I was off again. The difference with these last ones are the paddling is missing. Now it's as if I'm still partly concious as I'll flay out with my legs trying to catch my balance so I don't roll over. Also the recovery period directly after seems shorter.

We're just hoping that we're getting to the last of them for this cluster.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcoming in the New Year

Roast TurkeyWow, what a night. I've spent all night having seizure after seizure. Every hour another one. Poor dad's been kept up all night lying on the sofa, letting me out, mopping up and then calming me down and putting me back to bed. He sure looks beat today.

From 23:30 last night I started having big seizures. After each one I was pretty spaced out and uncoordinated. At one point I stepped in my water bowl and flung it all over the kitchen floor. If it wasn't water it was pee that dad had to mop up.

I'd come in a lie down next to him and whine and cry for an hour until the next seizure struck. This went on until 7:00 this morning and even now I'm still having big chompies here and there. I was so wasted I even ate my breakfast sitting down!

Dad seems to think I may have missed a seizure at 6:00am, but can't be sure through sleep deprivation.

So right now I've gone all puppy like. I do as I'm told still but I'm all starey eyed and can't leave mum alone. I'm her shadow today. But then she is cooking a turkey.