Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's been a while

It's been a while ... and that's a good thing. For some time now I've not really had much to write about. Since getting back on the medication in February I had a couple of seizures last month that we thought were the start of a cluster, but were just single episodes. It's not until this week when things started to go a little south. But then again that may be down to running out of tablets. So annoying.

Dad got two prescriptions for me last month. He talked nicely to the vet and they wrote two separate prescriptions thinking that we'd then be able to buy one months medication and then renew the following month. So rather than laying out two months of cash he'd be able to spend monthly to lighten the load.

Well, you know how the best laid plans go. Dad placed the order for the second month and paid for them. As there was no major rush left the postage as second class. So Friday last week things are getting tight and still no tablets. Well turns out that the legislation has changed (or so we are told) so that a prescription must be filled within 28 days of writing, which is impossible for monthly amounts. So whilst the order was accepted nothing was shipped as they are waiting on a new prescription. Communication failure! We are not mind readers :(

So Monday there are no Epiphen tablets and it takes a day off work to go get another prescription and some tablets to last until the ones we're waiting for get shipped.

Of course this means Monday a seizure starts. Maybe a one off? Sadly not. Wednesday there were a few seizures and then sometime Wednesday night/Thursday morning I have the seizure that scrambles my brain. It reverts me back to a puppy state. Dad says it "puppyfies" me. I lose my house training and I'm all wired and hyper. Add to that not wanting to be left alone dad ends up sleeping on the sofa (well lying on it whilst I keep waking him up) so I can be in the same room.

It's hard to say for sure if it's related to missing some tablets or it's coincidental. But it is annoying that we end up unsure. It's cost dad two days off work this week as he's was far too tired to go in today. Not that I noticed because I'm busy being bouncy and wanting attention and putting my nose in everyone's face :)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Battling Back Up the Hill

Well dad's having to admit to making quite a big mistake, and one that's cost us rather a lot of anguish.

Back in November a few things conspired to make life a bit difficult. With Christmas coming up dad's car decided to self destruct. This would be the second replacement engine this year. So there was the cost of that and having to use alternate transport for work.

Dad's boss decided to be a dick and decided that he shouldn't bring me in to work anymore. That wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't used the excuse that his boss didn't approve and it was under his instruction that I shouldn't go to work anymore. So having asked directly in front of a number of he said that he hadn't suggested any such thing and it was fine to take me to work. So we all know what a two faced lying git dad's boss is now then.

Not being able to take the dog to work, not having a big enough car to take me in, and not really having the funds it resulted in me taking a break from my medication. We knew this wasn't going to be too smart so we at least did it gradually, until the pills ran out.

The effect wasn't that dramatic at first. Seizures were just the same as they always were and about as regular. That was up until late January. Then things got worse. The seizures were more frequent and I spent more time recovering from them that life really wasn't worth living.

We finally organised a visit to the vet local to home and planned on getting a prescription sorted as soon as possible. Just before getting in the car to go to the vets off I went into another seizure. When I got there I was all panty and out of breath.

The vet was very helpful and didn't over complicate matters, simply gave me the once over and sorted out the prescription I was on previously. We also got a weeks supply of tablets there and then, so we could start straight away and wait for the larger delivery later in the week.

I guess now we know the drugs and quantity that I was on where doing something and were pretty high doses. Day one dad gave me some Diazepam to immediately suspend the seizures. We expected that to make me dopey. But over the next 3 days the Epiphen and KBr just about knocked me out. I couldn't stand and even ate my dinner lying down with my head in the bowl. I spent most of the time sleeping.

After the initial 3 days I began to get a bit more active. I'd try to stand but was very clumsy walking into walls, doors and furniture. The picture is of me giving up on getting into bed. I'd climbed half in and just decided to stay there.

7 Days later and I'm much better. It's hard work standing up, but once I'm up I can get around. So dad's been taking me out for walks first up and down the driveway and then out to the park to get me moving my legs some more.

Things are going well. I'm getting better every day.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry F*$king Christmas :(

Christmas day was the start of a week off for dad, so you can guess what happened next. Not just a visit by Santa Claus, but also a visit from the Seizure Monster.

Fortunately on Christmas day they only appeared very early in the morning at around 2:00am and then late in the night about midnight. So we at least got a free day. But Boxing Day turned out to be the worst day. Quite a few really big ones and as per the "no pattern" to this kind of seizure it's been a bit of a change again.

After the paddling and twisting seizure I go into a state where I'm still in the seizure, but having shocks like electricity hitting me every couple of seconds. Then it's an urgent fight to get on my feet and go who knows where. Takes a lot of effort to restrain me so I don't go off and hurt myself. After that dad can calm me down so I at least stay lying down... mostly. A good half hour of attention and I'm then relaxed enough to be left alone.

So far today hasn't been too bad. One in the morning, but now of course this will have jinxed it.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What's Going on with My Ear?

This week I decided to keep dad up all night on Sunday, but not with the usual seizure goings on. I just wouldn't leave my ear alone. I spent all night scratching at it. So dad put some socks on my feet to at least prevent me hurting myself with my claws.

But then when dad tried to clean my ears I was having none of it. Usually I don't mind them being cleaned, but I wriggled and wrestled away from him every chance I got. When he did manage to get a cotton ball in it came out clean so they didn't need cleaning. So why were they driving me crazy?

Then early Monday morning off I go into a seizure and sure enough the cluster follows. So here we are again into a cluster of seizures, same old routine, thrashing and paddling, but not so much of the charging around afterwards. More a tired and exhausted rest to recover. Then an hour later I'm all starey eyed and hyper active, not knowing what I want.

Dad's had to take a couple of days off work as he's not much use without sleep. Not that I'm letting him rest as I'm hyper between seizures and want attention constantly.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Glorious Summer Weather

Too hot for me lately. Mum has a fan setup on the floor that I can lie in front of, but it's way to hot for me. I know mum and dad are loving the weather though. It's a bit strange as one minute it's blazing hot sunshine, the next hammering down with a monsoon.

Last week saw a one off seizure again. So we're all waiting for the big one to happen.

Dad just took this photo as last week whilst camping he forgot his pillow. So had to use a boot to lie on. It's also how I like to sleep.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bouncing Back

Well after last weekends nightmare cluster things are turning around. Been a tough week and mum and dad have had to mop and clean up after me for a while, but I've just started making it known I need out to the toilet - so it's getting there.

I'm nowhere near as confused and clumsy as I was earlier in the week. I've even managed to sleep in my bed the right way up lately.

Dad took me round the park on Friday and I was off the lead doing ok, but got distracted by some kids and decided to follow them and ignore dad calling me. Not that I'm bad behaved, just a bit confused. But we're getting there.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend from Hell

This weekend saw a really big long lasting a frequent cluster. Things actually started a couple of weeks ago. I had a single seizure and bounced back like nothing happened twice with a week in between each. There were also the occasional chompies which we thought we'd seen the back of. We thought it was the impending sign of a cluster and sure enough last Thursday evening it started.

Around every 4 hours through Friday they kept coming and then on Saturday it got worse to about every 2 hours and Sunday even worse, almost every hour. The only break I got seemed to be between midnight and 5am - which was the only time dad got any sleep.

With everyone out at work and college today I pretty much stabilised but there was no way I was getting up onto my feet. When Blaine got in there was plenty of mopping up to do as I just went to the toilet where I lay feeling sorry for myself.

Dad went to the vet to get some 10mg Diazepam tablets to see if this could help break the cluster. When he got in tonight he made sure I got up and got mobile. I walked like I was on ice for a while and out in the garden got a good hosing down in the sun to get me smelling nice again.

I was starving hungry and ate my dinner and went through a couple of bowls of water, and still looking for food now.

So now I'm up on my feet we've yet to see the Diazepam kick in and then no doubt I'll be super sleepy. Let's hope the seizures are done for this round. It's been a bad one.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Me and My Big Mouth

You couldn't plan for it... I make a post on here and then within an hour off I go into a seizure on my new bed. Dad had to come and mop up which was pretty easy with the new bed. Then he prepared the living room so if I went into one at night I wouldn't go crashing into stuff.

Just typical.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Walking my Legs Off

Well things are going well since the last round of seizures. I guess we're waiting on the next cluster as it's over due. But let's not worry about that until it happens. A bit of a medication increase in the KBr to 5 x 325mg tablets twice a day and still with 180mg Epiphen twice a day - that's 8 tablets! Then dad's also got me on 1500mg of Glucosamine HCL too - and that tablet is huge.

Now that Blaine's found a girlfriend who also has dogs in their family he's always taking me out for a walk with them. Sometimes I can be gone all day when he's away from college. I then have to sleep off all the fresh air as soon as I get home. In fact sometimes it's taken a couple of days for me to recover. But I can't complain I getting out an having fun with other dogs.

Since getting the new bed I'm now able to stay on it without sliding off. I still use all my other places for naps around the house, but the bed is still for my main snooze.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Seriously... WTF?

Well we're not having a good few weeks :( After the last horrible cluster we thought we'd get some time to recover. Seizure monster has other plans though. For the past week or so I've been having chompies - they've returned! Haven't seen them for a while and now I get them about every 4 hours. Afterwards I am a bit disorientated and have done some daft things like run under dads desk and the ironing board and kitchen table.

We were also running low on KBr so dad called the local vet as the one near home had treated me last. No way could he get through. So he called the vet near his work and they were under the impression we'd moved vets. What they didn't understand was that when dad's at work it's easier for me to go to the vet with him there, but the last big cluster happened at home so a closer vet made sense.

With that finally resolved they then had to get my notes from the local vet and they had as much difficulty getting in touch as dad did. They called dad on Friday and explained a few things that gave him more reason to question the way vets practice.

Turns out that the local vet who we paid for blood tests did a standard blood test for trying to find a physiological reason for the seizures. Not a test for Pheno or KBr levels in the blood. Huh? So the vet said this didn't make sense, we did that several years ago and it's in the notes that they sent to the local vets.

By now you may realise dad makes vets earn their money - we have to as we're not wealthy. We do research and ask questions - so when dad specifically asked the local vet for the results of the Pheno and KBr serum levels and they said they were well within the tolerance range to be able to increase the dosage, they weren't referring to the results of the blood test they had just taken, but to a previous one that was in my notes from the vet near work.

Well that's just not on. We just spent £80 on a blood test that told us nothing and the vet didn't use to base an accurate opinion on. Suffice it to say we won't be going back.

But onto lighter things. Dad bought me a new mattress to keep me off the cold floor and give me some comfort. He bought a waterproof one from Tuffies so it could even be hosed down following a messy seizure. But the trouble is that it's a bit big - it won't fit in my oval bed and it's a bit slippy. After I've been on it a while mum and dad will find me on the floor with my paws on it after I've slipped off it. So dad went and got creative. Bought some wood and made a frame to help me stay on it. It's a bit "industrial" but it'll do the job.