Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's been a while

It's been a while ... and that's a good thing. For some time now I've not really had much to write about. Since getting back on the medication in February I had a couple of seizures last month that we thought were the start of a cluster, but were just single episodes. It's not until this week when things started to go a little south. But then again that may be down to running out of tablets. So annoying.

Dad got two prescriptions for me last month. He talked nicely to the vet and they wrote two separate prescriptions thinking that we'd then be able to buy one months medication and then renew the following month. So rather than laying out two months of cash he'd be able to spend monthly to lighten the load.

Well, you know how the best laid plans go. Dad placed the order for the second month and paid for them. As there was no major rush left the postage as second class. So Friday last week things are getting tight and still no tablets. Well turns out that the legislation has changed (or so we are told) so that a prescription must be filled within 28 days of writing, which is impossible for monthly amounts. So whilst the order was accepted nothing was shipped as they are waiting on a new prescription. Communication failure! We are not mind readers :(

So Monday there are no Epiphen tablets and it takes a day off work to go get another prescription and some tablets to last until the ones we're waiting for get shipped.

Of course this means Monday a seizure starts. Maybe a one off? Sadly not. Wednesday there were a few seizures and then sometime Wednesday night/Thursday morning I have the seizure that scrambles my brain. It reverts me back to a puppy state. Dad says it "puppyfies" me. I lose my house training and I'm all wired and hyper. Add to that not wanting to be left alone dad ends up sleeping on the sofa (well lying on it whilst I keep waking him up) so I can be in the same room.

It's hard to say for sure if it's related to missing some tablets or it's coincidental. But it is annoying that we end up unsure. It's cost dad two days off work this week as he's was far too tired to go in today. Not that I noticed because I'm busy being bouncy and wanting attention and putting my nose in everyone's face :)

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