Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beside the Sea Side

Dad took me out his weekend. Was a massive long drive of 3+ hours in the car to go see some of his car club friends down in Chichester. Now Chichester isn't far from the sea so dad thought he'd make the effort and take me along for a swim.

First off we stayed overnight and slept outside all night. When everyone else had pt up their tents dad said the weather was too good to sleep indoors so didn't bother with a tent and we slept out under the stars.

The rest of the people had a party with a smoke machine and a laser light show. So dad had to take me away from that because I was becoming fixated with the green light and trying to chase it or just watch mesmerised by it. Not specifically related to the epilepsy but dad knows I get fixated on laser pointers and torch light, so better off out of the way a bit.

But here's me in the sea! It was great. A bit out of my depth and having to catch a wave and surf back in to shore.

And chillin' at the camp site.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Really Should Learn to Shut Up...

Last week things were going pretty well. The seizures hadn't been particularly bad for quite a while. A few here and there and easily manageable. Well I managed to write that on a friends blog and made myself look pretty silly for doing it.

That night a cluster seizure kicked in big style. All night was spent seizure after seizure about an hour apart. I kept dad up all night. Then even after he went to work I still had three more seizures during the day and into the evening when he got home.

At 3am on the Friday the last one of the cluster kicked in and dad was so glad to get a full nights sleep on Friday night.

So what's changed?... Nothing! It seems there is not going to be any pattern of seizures - just sporadic and random in terms of both frequency and duration. Even their voracity is random. The seizures can be as mild as a series of blinking to full on thrashing around.

We're just learning we have to just live with it. Take every mild event as a blessing.

A couple of weeks ago dad took me out with him to one of his car club meets. One of the guys there has a decent camera and some skills. Here are some photos he took of me whilst there.

This was me after dad gave me some mushy peas! I was scrounging for food so dad thought he'd show me there was nothing to be had but mushy peas. He really didn't think I'd eat them. Well I surprised him by wanting more and eating them all.