Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome Home Dad!

Boris Karloff - The MummyDad went away for the night and stayed away in Manchester on a training course. I know he's supposed to be off work all week this week, but it turns out the course is booked and other pressures mean he's got to go in to the Office on Thursday and Friday. That's not to say that because he planned time off but couldn't make it means that the seizures have been cancelled. I guess he never though of that!

20:55 As usual when dad's off, it's usually time for a cluster seizure. Well when dad got back from Manchester on Wednesday evening at around 20:30 I let him settle in a while and then started going all slobbery and dazed looking. Then I went into full seizure and there was slobber and wee flying everywhere.

Dad expecting the cluster to come stayed up late and when at 1am no seizure had arrived he took me up to sleep in the bedroom. Dad didn't look so good this morning when his alarm went off just after 6am. I'd kept him up all night, by just moving or licking my chops. Every time he heard something he jumped up expecting a seizure. So this morning it looked a little difficult for him to get out of bed.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Well into the season...

for barbecue!

The weekend weather was just too good not to have a barbecue. You know what dad's like - if it's not cold, it's barbecue weather. So this weekend was a must have.

Next week is Ian's birthday so he wanted to get a barbecue and try it out before next Saturday. Yeah, right. Like dad needs an excuse to light up the barby!

So whilst dad's putting together the new barby, Chris takes me out for a walk. A while later and he's calling dad saying I've had a seizure whilst out walking and Chris is bringing me home. I plod along with him on the lead all slow and when we make it home, it's obvious I've had a fit. I'm all woozy and panting hard and have slobber all over my face. Dad puts me on a towel outside and I lay around recovering watching dad build the barby.

Well no sooner has dad started cooking when the heavens open. It pours down with rain. A bit of quick thinking and Ian runs off to grab a Gazebo (or jizzyboo, as grandma spells it). When he comes back there's a big panic on and all of a sudden there is a group realization that no one has ever assembled it and have no idea how all the poles go together. It was a definite You-Tube / You've Been Framed moment!

Well four people holding up poles and canvas and passing stuff around kept me smiling for a while. What made it all the more funny was that as soon as it was up - the rain stopped!

As for the seizures... well, dad took me with him to work on his car today. Yep, you're right, dad has some more time off work - which is pretty much a guarantee of a seizure visit. All day today there's been no other occurrence. It's very strange - just one seizure. But we'll be thankful for small mercies - and take every blessing we can.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Fun Week

It's been a real good week this week. Since Saturday's seizure there haven't been any others! Looks like it was a one off. Never before have I had just the one seizure in 24hours, so this is something be grateful for.

Dad took me in to work with him on Thursday. I didn't even need to go see the vet and he still took me with him - what's that all about? Well it turns out after work we went to meet up with a group of people from the car club he's in. So I got to say hello to a load of new faces and make loads of friends. I was so well behaved they all thought I was great.

Today we went out to the woods again. It was a real scorcher of a day too. The weather was really warm and sunny, 22 degrees - getting near summer! This did mean that all the good mud puddles had dried up. There were only a few sticky ones that I had to make do with.

A Baby Muntjac DeerAs we were walking around dad says he saw some Muntjac's again. I was busy nosing around somewhere so missed them. Last week, again whilst I was off hunting squirrels, dad said he saw a deer in the trees. He stood perfectly still and it wasn't until the deer was 5 yards from him on the path that it even noticed him! It must be because some of the work in thinning the trees has brought them into the places we walk, because they're usually invisible.

At the end of the walk we went to the pond. Hooray! The water level had dropped quite a bit which meant I felt safe about getting in and actually swimming. A couple of people were sat by the water and another two turned up with their little dog. It was great fun fetching sticks and showing off in front of a crowd.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Monster Returns

Frankenstein's Monster - A bit of trivia, his name was Adam.Damn, Damn, Damn. We've had such a great time of late we were almost beginning to forget about old creepy. Well it's snuck back upon us tonight.

21:45 Dad was shaving his head and I was curled up nicely sleeping  by the back door when I started to go wonky. Aparently it was a little different this time round. The seizure still made me cramp up and twist about but the paddling never kicked in. I just went into out of breath tired mode afterwards. And the pacing about didn't happen either. Dad let me out and I went for a wee and some fresh air, but there wasn't the usual blind disorientation and pacing there usually is.

But what a record it's been since the last seizures. 76 days!!!

Glorious Weather

Swim HatToday saw the proper arrival of spring. Great sunshine and really warm. Dad said it was around 20 degrees centigrade today. All I know is that it's a great day to go for a walk in the woods.

What makes it even more fun is the fact that over the past week it has been really wet. So that means there are plenty of big muddy puddles in the woods. Just what's needed on a warm day like this, lots of places to lie down and cool off.

As there was no stopping me I just found the sloppiest, gloopiest puddle there was and whilst dad wasn't looking just lay down in it and chilled for a while. This meant that I got to then visit every puddle along the walk and do the same, knowing that dad would take me to the pond for a swim afterwards to get clean.

But I hadn't reckoned on the pond being swelled by the rain and deeper than I remember it! So although I washed off the mud, there was no way I was going in for a proper swim. I don't like to be out of my depth. Of course I'm not going to admit that to dad, so I paddled around and made out I didn't want to go any deeper because I hadn't brought my swim hat.