Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome Home Dad!

Boris Karloff - The MummyDad went away for the night and stayed away in Manchester on a training course. I know he's supposed to be off work all week this week, but it turns out the course is booked and other pressures mean he's got to go in to the Office on Thursday and Friday. That's not to say that because he planned time off but couldn't make it means that the seizures have been cancelled. I guess he never though of that!

20:55 As usual when dad's off, it's usually time for a cluster seizure. Well when dad got back from Manchester on Wednesday evening at around 20:30 I let him settle in a while and then started going all slobbery and dazed looking. Then I went into full seizure and there was slobber and wee flying everywhere.

Dad expecting the cluster to come stayed up late and when at 1am no seizure had arrived he took me up to sleep in the bedroom. Dad didn't look so good this morning when his alarm went off just after 6am. I'd kept him up all night, by just moving or licking my chops. Every time he heard something he jumped up expecting a seizure. So this morning it looked a little difficult for him to get out of bed.

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