Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Fun

I got my very own Christmas present! I was so excited. And then when it squeeked as I was unwrapping it I got even more excited.  I was so pleased Santa hadn't left me out, I was dancing around and thought I was going to wag my stump off!

It turned out to be a squeeky hedgehog.  I L O V E squeeky toys. Trouble is I get a bit too carried away and they don't last too long. In fact Mr Hedgehog only managed to make it to Boxing Day before his squeeking days were over.

But I had a great time playing with Auntie Caz on Christmas and Boxing Day with it. I know Caz doesn't really like dogs... but I guess she's a bit like Grandma - she doesn't like dogs either. I'm all confused?

Well Christmas day was great I got loads of turkey and pork scraps as a treat. Yummy. But I think Caz had too many sprouts, 'cos I kept getting blamed for making smelly noises later.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Early Morning Fit

03:50 Dad took me up to sleep in their bedroom after my earlier seizure. I woke them early in the morning having another fit. This time it was the same as the previous, where it looked as if it was going to subside after the first upright convulsions, but in fact turned into a much longer event.

Dad managed to help me down the stairs to get outside for some air and do my business.  Afterwards I was so tired dad couldn't wake me to go back upstairs.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Evening Seizure

Dave and Grandma came round tonight to say goodbye for 3 months as they are going away to Australia on holiday.

22:50 Whilst snoozing by dad watching the TV a seizure started.  Dad said it looked like it was going to be a mild one as after sitting upright and jaws and head spasming I seemed to come out of it.  But then rolled over and began the usual violent spasms.

Morning Seizure

06:50 Dad is usually up by now and he said something strange went on as I came upstairs onto the landing then went straight back downstairs. Normally if I go upstairs I'll sleep on the landing floor. Today I started fitting as I was downstairs.

Dad came down and looked after me.  Made sure I didn't bump into things and made sure I could get outside afterwards.

Mum came down and fed me and said that it may be down to dad forgetting to give me my evening tablets. Mum gave them to me very late at 23:00

Still, dad took me into work with him today so I get to spend the day with him.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Exercise Overdose

Dad went out to meet some people in his car on Saturday and that meant he wasn't going to be back until very late. This means no "walkies" for me!

But as luck would have it just before dad went out all the lights went out. There was a power cut. So with dad gone and mum not able to do anything, mum and Blaine took me out for a walkies! Yay, now if only I could figure out how to turn the electric off.

On Sunday dad wasn't at all shaky or holding his head muttering about an over hang or something, as expected. So we went to "Doggy Disney" and went for a proper walk. Not just a short route around the woods but all over. It was great! I got to chase those pesky squirrels for ages.

The good thing about this was that later that day and the following day my legs were much, much better than they have been in the past. These new tablets mum forces me to take are working wonders. It's fun watching mum think I've swallowed the tablet, when I haven't. Still I take it eventualy, but where would there be any fun if I took it first time?

Today dad took me out in the car to get his MOT done and we waked back through some green areas from the garage - about half an hours walk. It was great to be in places where I'd not been before - all the new smells to investigate.

Then in the afternoon we walked back to fetch the car. All this walking is great. Now I just need to find time for a decent nap.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Back to see the Vet

Well following the seizures over the past few days dad took me to see the Doctor today.

As usual I was on my best behaviour. There were plenty of other dogs there this time and one strange white fluffy thing that reminded me of a fluffy Christmas star. It was very odd because it smelled like a dog and when it turned round it had eyes and a nose! Strangest dog I've ever seen.

Dad put me on the scales which now I know what they are makes them not scary at all. I just hopped right on and sat down with no fuss. That was until dad called me a fat dog... I'd put on a kilo and was nearly 42kgs today - I put it down to my winter coat. Dad says it might be the tablets (but not sure which ones) as I've certainly got an appetite these days. I eat all my breakfast and dinner usually in one sitting which isn't like me.

The vet did the usual stuff checking my eyes and listening to my heart - and the thermometer bit which I'd rather not talk about.

With nothing else to do for it the dosage of the Epiphen was raised to 90mg in the morning and 120mg in the evening to see if this provides better control. This effectivley increases by half a tablet in the evening.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another Seizure

20:00 Today seemed like a repeat of yesterday. I was lying there snoozing and the seizure started.

Tonight's was a little different in that I spent a minute sitting up seizing. Then as it seemed to calm, it came back with a fury and and went into full spasm writhing on the floor for a minute.  It turned out to be probably the longest seizure to date.

Afterwards I was very dazed and confused and dad had to put my lead on as I was charging around the kitchen bumping into things.

Minutes later Grandma and Dave came round and I couldn't help myself. I'm always happy to see them but I guess they weren't anticipating being covered in slobber as I tried to say hello and get a fuss.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Seizure's Return

20:20 I had a seizure tonight.  Again I was sleeping so don't know much about it. Dad said I woke up and looked around as if I'd seen something behind me, then started fitting. Same thing as before legs pumping and teeth chomping.

This time I only urinated as I came postictal and the muscles relaxed. Then was munchy and dad gave me a few handfuls of gravy bones, yum!

Dad says I came out of it fairly quickly, even though the seizure seemed about the same. Whilst not completely with it at least I seemed to recognise him and followed him outside to pace a little.

I then had a couple (2) of Epiphen (120mg) to try to prevent a recurrence tonight, so let's see what happens.

It had been 1 Month and 7 days since my last seizure.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Test Results

Well the Doctor phoned mum today and talked with her about my blood test results.  Looks like the 90mg of Epiphen is staying in my blood stream at a theraputic level for the 12 hours between tablets.

Good news as this means the dosage stays the same.

The Previcox seems to be doing a great job.  I'm a lot more mobile and even after a trip to "Doggy Disney" on Saturday, I was still mobile in hte evening and on Sunday.  Previously I've hobbled around a little uncomfortable for a day or two afterwards - but this time I was ready for going out again on Sunday!

I did notice that Monday I had a very runny number two - yeauch!  As this seems to be a possible side effect of the Previcox dad's going to keep an eye on it and make sure that it's nothing regular.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Blood Test Day

Well today dad took me back to the vets so the Doctor could take some blood. They need to figure out if the daily dose at 90mg of Epiphen is remaining in my bloodstream sufficiently to keep the seizures at bay.

The Doctor trusted me without a muzzle and got dad to hold me whilst he stuck the needle in to take the blood, and I didn't struggle or even make a sound. After all it's not as bad as having my temperature taken!!!

So far it's been 29 days since my last seizure, which is a very good thing.

Dad asked the Doctor about my legs which give me some discomfort after running about a bit. So he took a look see and felt around my hips and knees and it looks like my discomfort may be more related to my knees than my hips.

The Doctor signed me up for a treatment of Previcox (firocoxib) at 227mg per day (5mg per kg of weight, I'm 40kgs right now). The Doctor said to keep an eye out for side effects such as vomiting or diarrhoea.

After shopping around it looks as if Previcox is available far more cheaply online (I got dad to do this bit) than it is at the vets. It also seems it can have some quite severe side affects as with some other NAIDS (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), so we're going to have to ask some questions on the next visit.

Without insurance the Epiphen and Previcox work out at £57 per month! So any saving to be made here is very useful.

UPDATE: Attached is the clinical trial report for Previcox (firocoxib, Merial) [Click here for PDF]