Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer's Here

June  20th

5:30 Decided to wake dad up nice and early before work with a big seizure. By the time he got down to me it was all over and all that he needed to do was mop up all the slobber and wee. I just snoozed for a while and then got up and went upstairs to bed so dad could get a half hour more sleep before getting up for work.

19:00 Mum and dad knew I wasn't done with the seizures as I was acting a bit hyper up until 7pm. Then I lay down and was resting when another seizure kicked in.

June 25th

Dad took me out to the park today. We didn't go to the woods as the weather was being indecisive about raining or not. But the park is full of long grass which turns up every year. I love to snuffle around in there and like the way it feels on my face and nose.

A thought just occurs to me. It's been a long time since there have been any chompies at all. These are usually the indication of a cluster to come. But so far they've been absent... and absent for quite a while. In fact I can't remember the last one. Now it just seems the seizure kicks in and the only warning may be a bit of hyper-activity before hand.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Squirrels Everywhere!

07:00 This weekend dad went away camping without me :( So I stayed home and looked after mum and Blaine. He got back on Sunday pretty tired from long days and early mornings so the seizure monster decided to have some fun with him. He's booked Monday and Tuesday off work so wouldn't you just know, at 7am I go off into a big seizure in the kitchen doorway. The clatter of my bowls and the rattling of the door was enough to wake the whole street!

Squirrel Gang Later in the day dad took me to the woods to make up for me not going over the weekend. It seemed the place was teeming with a gang of squirrels intent on making me run around the trees after them. I don't think we've ever come across so many. Or as I suspect it's just one small gang organising against us.

The good news is that after that one seizure in the morning there's been nothing else... so far.