Monday, May 31, 2010

Not a Great Holiday

Today is a bank holiday... meaning dad has yet more time off work. So as usual, time off means seizure. I'd had a few of the Tabasco moments in the evening. Nothing new there really. Only I guess they're a little more than that. Firstly the Tabasco moment were a lot of head shaking and tongue smacking. Now there's not so much head shaking. It really is closer to what Maureen describes as "Peanut Butter Mouth". It's much more like I have something stuck to the roof of my mouth and can't get it off.

Balrog05:15 So this morning I decided to go upstairs to bed. I'd been sleeping downstairs in my bed, but then decided I didn't want to be alone any more. I'd been asleep for a while, had a few Tabasco's and finally at 5:15am the full seizure decided to kick in.

I lay there totally wasted afterwards. No blindness or pacing, just completely drained. It took dad a while to shake me out of it so I could go downstairs for some food, a drink and out to the toilet. Then dad left me downstairs for the rest of the night and off I went to sleep, like nothing had happened.

It's not been that long since the last one. But at least it's not as strenuous having single seizures rather than the clusters I've been having. Missing an hours sleep is far easier to deal with than being up for 24 hours.

18:45 Mum and dad had just finished dinner and I was snoozing in bed. Then a full seizure paid a visit again.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Big Scary Event

Creature from the Black LagoonLast night we got the full visit from the big bad scary seizure monster. It wasn't just the Tabasco that I've been having of late. It was a full body seizure, but with yet some other small, but scary differences to previous ones.

20:45 I'd been lazing around next to mum and was having the occasional Tabasco. Mum was keeping an eye on me and comforting me afterwards. Then I went into a much bigger seizure. Dad came downstairs and stopped me from bashing my head on the floor and stopped me from hurting myself.

After the thrashing about dad said it got quite scary. I didn't jump up and go pacing about like usual. Instead I appeared to pass out and was unconscious. Dad peeked and my eyes and I'd twitch when he touched my eyelids, but I wasn't getting up or doing anything - apart from snoring heavily.

He supported my head and as I started to come around it was as if I were blind again. I started to cry, which worried everyone even more, until I finally snapped out of it and 3-2-1 and I was back in the room.

For all it's scariness I was up and about afterwards as if nothing had happened. Blaine did me a bit of dinner and I went off around the garden. So the recovery was speedy enough, it's just the event itself that was scary and strange.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ongoing Seizures

Well since my last full body seizure there's been just an ongoing bought of partial seizures. But it's been pretty much every day. It's pretty much just a Tabasco moment, but then it just ends. It can happen two or three times a day, but once I have one partial seizure, I'll then have another two or three in the same hour before they finally go away.

At least they're not as debilitating as a full body seizure. We can cope with them like this, we'd rather not have them at all, but given the choice between a full or partial seizure, I'll take this any day.

The A-Team I know dad's a bit worried about them going on and on, so he sent out an email asking for some help. A very nice lady called Maureen from the Canine Epilepsy Guardian Angels responded with some excellent words of comfort. The advice is free and comes from the heart. It's just really great that someone who's gone through or is going through the same things as you is able to share their experience.

"If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The A-Team."

You don't have to look hard to find them, drop by their website, and there's no need to hire them to talk to someone. But to my mind they certainly are the "A-TEAM"!

Many thanks for your kind words, Maureen. It makes us feel less alone and allows us to take comfort in the fact that this is nothing new, just new to us.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Strange Cluster Seizure

Spicy Chilli's Well this weekend has turned out to be a strange one as far as the seizures go. All throughout Sunday and into Monday morning I've been having these Tabasco episodes. They've not turned into a full seizure though, which is very strange.

As I previously noted the Tabasco moment always turns into a full seizure of twisting, paddling, usually pacing and blindness, but now it seems this is a new turn we're taking. Where mum and dad could postpone a full seizure, or even prevent one, by distracting me from the Tabasco stage. Now it seems that's where this cluster of seizures ends, on their own with no intervention, right at the Tabasco stage.

Not that we're not grateful as it's recovery time is zero, and as for mess, well just a bit of slobber. As soon as the Tabasco ends I'm back to what I was doing. Usually either sleeping or lazing around (it's a tough life being a dog). But I'll go right back to sleep or carry on as if nothing had happened.

Dad took me to the woods on Sunday, but I know he was worried about me having a seizure whilst off in the trees. So I stuck with him all the way round and didn't go far so he could always see me.

When we got back I helped him wash the cars. I even got a good shampooing and Jet Wash myself. I can't help myself with the pressure washer. I don't like the garden hose, but hook it up to the pressure washer and I've just got to go after it.

So later when I was smelling all nice and clean (not of car shampoo) we had a barbecue and I got my usual amount of treats from the bits other people just can't manage. Dad always cooks everything mum buys, and mum always buys more than they can eat.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chilli Night

Hot ChilliLast night was a strange night. About 20:30 dad thought I was looking a bit strange, so figured he take me downstairs as he'd sensed the return of a seizure. Halfway down the stairs I started with a big Tabasco moment. Lot's of blinking and drooling. I just stood there on the stairs. Dad didn't want me to go into full seizure right there so he man handled me down stairs. This distracted me enough to snap out of it and it was like nothing had happened.

Not long after though I started into another start of twitchy face and blinking. Again a bit of distraction and it stopped. It wasn't going to give up though and Mum and Dad spent 10 minutes in the kitchen bringing me out of the Tabasco's. They eventually decided it was best just to leave me and let me get the seizure out of the way. At least I was in a safe place that was easy to clean up.

So on came another big Tabasco moment as they watched over me. Then it went away. It did this about three or four times. No intervention at all I just came out of them without going into the seizure that was expected.

01:30 Not wanting to leave me on my own, when dad went to bed he took me upstairs too. Apparently I woke Dad at about 01:20 with a Tabasco moment that he could hear rattling my teeth. Again he thought best to leave me and not distract me from the inevitable. But again it went away. It wasn't for another 10 minutes before a full seizure came on. This time I just stayed lay down and went back of to sleep, no pacing or hunger.

Later on in the night I did get dad up again. But this time I wanted to go downstairs for a drink and out to the toilet. But then it was back up to bed until it was time to get up for work in the Morning. Dad had to go into work specially this morning so he took me with him. It was only for an hour or so. The longest part of the day is the car journey there and back!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Recent Visit

Zombie The seizures pay another visit. It's not that long since the last one, only 16 days.

Mum and dad hadn't been home that long and shortly after I started with the Tabasco moments. Lots of slobber and smacking of lips. Mum distracted me from the first one by getting me my dinner. Any time after 5pm is late for dinner, I'm always on the ball when it comes to telling the time.

After dinner I sat with dad for a while and again another Tabasco moment. It was inevitable I guess. Dad managed to distract me but he could see by my face that a seizure was imminent. My lips were wonky and drooly and my eyes gave a kind of far away look.

18:00 As mum was making dinner and talking with Chris it struck and I went into a big seizure in the kitchen. I was so tired afterwards I just lay there eyes closed recovering for a while. When I did get up there wasn't any pacing, I was just looking for more dinner.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big Trouble!

Bedtime Oh dear. I don't think mum and dad are too impressed with me right now. I got a right good telling off.

Just lately I've found out that those big flat things they lie down on at night are really comfy. I wait for them all to go to work and school, then sneak upstairs and make myself comfortable on mum and dads bed. I got away with it a few times.

On Monday dad thought that there was a lot of hair on the bed, but put it down to me shedding loads and it being transferred from other things. So dad wrapped a load of sticky tape around his hand and used the sticky side to pick up all the hair.

But then yesterday I got caught out. When dad came home he noticed not only a load of hair, but also a load of slobber - he looked at me, noticed my paw was all wet from me slurping, and I was busted!

I didn't learn my lesson though. Today mum was working around the house and as soon as she went in the bathroom I got on the bed. No denying it now, she caught me red handed.

So now they're locking the door and putting things in my way so I can't get upstairs any more. Well ... let's see how long that lasts!