Monday, May 17, 2010

Strange Cluster Seizure

Spicy Chilli's Well this weekend has turned out to be a strange one as far as the seizures go. All throughout Sunday and into Monday morning I've been having these Tabasco episodes. They've not turned into a full seizure though, which is very strange.

As I previously noted the Tabasco moment always turns into a full seizure of twisting, paddling, usually pacing and blindness, but now it seems this is a new turn we're taking. Where mum and dad could postpone a full seizure, or even prevent one, by distracting me from the Tabasco stage. Now it seems that's where this cluster of seizures ends, on their own with no intervention, right at the Tabasco stage.

Not that we're not grateful as it's recovery time is zero, and as for mess, well just a bit of slobber. As soon as the Tabasco ends I'm back to what I was doing. Usually either sleeping or lazing around (it's a tough life being a dog). But I'll go right back to sleep or carry on as if nothing had happened.

Dad took me to the woods on Sunday, but I know he was worried about me having a seizure whilst off in the trees. So I stuck with him all the way round and didn't go far so he could always see me.

When we got back I helped him wash the cars. I even got a good shampooing and Jet Wash myself. I can't help myself with the pressure washer. I don't like the garden hose, but hook it up to the pressure washer and I've just got to go after it.

So later when I was smelling all nice and clean (not of car shampoo) we had a barbecue and I got my usual amount of treats from the bits other people just can't manage. Dad always cooks everything mum buys, and mum always buys more than they can eat.


  1. I hope you feel better Roxy, I know what seizures feel like even though I am a human. They are stressful, painful and scary. God will help you through each day of your life and keep you safe. You are one of his little angels. God bless you, sweetheart.

  2. Very interesting about the path the seizures hare taken this time around -- although I don't have a clue as to what it all means. :-)

    Still, reading with great interest and sending best wishes your way.