Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chilli Night

Hot ChilliLast night was a strange night. About 20:30 dad thought I was looking a bit strange, so figured he take me downstairs as he'd sensed the return of a seizure. Halfway down the stairs I started with a big Tabasco moment. Lot's of blinking and drooling. I just stood there on the stairs. Dad didn't want me to go into full seizure right there so he man handled me down stairs. This distracted me enough to snap out of it and it was like nothing had happened.

Not long after though I started into another start of twitchy face and blinking. Again a bit of distraction and it stopped. It wasn't going to give up though and Mum and Dad spent 10 minutes in the kitchen bringing me out of the Tabasco's. They eventually decided it was best just to leave me and let me get the seizure out of the way. At least I was in a safe place that was easy to clean up.

So on came another big Tabasco moment as they watched over me. Then it went away. It did this about three or four times. No intervention at all I just came out of them without going into the seizure that was expected.

01:30 Not wanting to leave me on my own, when dad went to bed he took me upstairs too. Apparently I woke Dad at about 01:20 with a Tabasco moment that he could hear rattling my teeth. Again he thought best to leave me and not distract me from the inevitable. But again it went away. It wasn't for another 10 minutes before a full seizure came on. This time I just stayed lay down and went back of to sleep, no pacing or hunger.

Later on in the night I did get dad up again. But this time I wanted to go downstairs for a drink and out to the toilet. But then it was back up to bed until it was time to get up for work in the Morning. Dad had to go into work specially this morning so he took me with him. It was only for an hour or so. The longest part of the day is the car journey there and back!

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