Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big Trouble!

Bedtime Oh dear. I don't think mum and dad are too impressed with me right now. I got a right good telling off.

Just lately I've found out that those big flat things they lie down on at night are really comfy. I wait for them all to go to work and school, then sneak upstairs and make myself comfortable on mum and dads bed. I got away with it a few times.

On Monday dad thought that there was a lot of hair on the bed, but put it down to me shedding loads and it being transferred from other things. So dad wrapped a load of sticky tape around his hand and used the sticky side to pick up all the hair.

But then yesterday I got caught out. When dad came home he noticed not only a load of hair, but also a load of slobber - he looked at me, noticed my paw was all wet from me slurping, and I was busted!

I didn't learn my lesson though. Today mum was working around the house and as soon as she went in the bathroom I got on the bed. No denying it now, she caught me red handed.

So now they're locking the door and putting things in my way so I can't get upstairs any more. Well ... let's see how long that lasts!


  1. I love your style of writing, I can get right inside the puppy's mind. This reminds me so much of my new addition to the family, Rudy. He is an Australian Shepherd and he is just the darndest thing you've ever seen. Rudy is in his teething stage... and in his curious stage. He will chew and eat anything can looks appetizing to him. He is also a herding dog so he tries to herd anything that gets out of line, including the kids at home and their friends. He is a great dog, and the dog you're writing about is too. Beautiful.

    Amanda Krzywonski
    (My Life as Mandy)

  2. Oh, I forgot!

    My two dogs both have seizures, including me. So I can relate. I have a Chihuhua named Mia who gets them daily. Her recovery period is fast, so I'm thankful for that. My Aussie I mentioned before has them in his sleep or usually around his bedtime, and his are less often. Aussie's are known for Epilepsy. I hope that if possible your dog can get more relief from her seizures or maybe even stop having them. It's very painful to watch. God bless you and Roxy as well.