Friday, February 3, 2012

Wet and Cold

Well that wasn't very smart! It's been cold here over the past week, so much so that every puddle is frozen solid. So today dad took me out for a walk and thought for a change we'd go around the canal. Well the canal was covered in a sheet of ice, not very thick at all. As we walked under a bridge where a huge mass of ducks  and morehens were sheltering they all scattered across the ice to get away from us. I paid them about as much attention as if they weren't there.

But a little further around the path dad turned around to see me showing off "Look at me I can walk on..." splash! I'd stepped fully onto the ice and stood there long enough for dad to turn around as I took a cold bath. He dragged me out by the collar and that pretty much ended the walk as it was then time to go home and get towelled dry.