Sunday, August 23, 2009

Someone Muzzle that Idiot!

It seems that some people just can't help themselves when it comes to talking garbage. Especially to a child, erm adolescent. Thinking an adult should know best certainly isn't the always the case.

Blaine took me out the other night and whilst walking off the lead a man with a Staffy decided to point out that as a dangerous dog I should be on the lead and stated that is what it says on the dangerous dogs act.

Well, dad's a bit more responsible than that. Even as he first brought me home he did his research to find out what the score was with the dangerous dog act. I just wish others would do a bit of homework too, before trying to claim knowledge of things they have no clue about.

There are currently only four types of dog listed as prohibited in the UK. These are as follows:
  • Pit Bull Terrier
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Braziliero
A Rottweiler does not appear on that list, nor is considered a "pit bull type".

However, the act also prevents owners from having a dog which is dangerously out of control in a public place. Which is defined as:

Any dog is dangerously out of control if:
  • it injures a person, or
  • it behaves in a way that makes a person worried that it might injure them.
Which could be hugely misinterpreted by the lay-person, that if the person is afraid of dogs that any dog could be considered dangerously out of control. This is not the intention of the act.

Now, if you're the type of person that owns a dog and walks over to another dog owner, with their dog, and believes the dog to be dangerously out of control, wanting to make your point about it. Do you really think the sensible course of action is to bring your dog with you and launch into a tirade about how dangerous someone else's dog is, just because of their breed?

So please if you're in any doubt feel free to visit the UK Government website DEFRA and you'll find all the information you need.

I'm sure most visitors here won't be affected or require such literature and I guess my little rant is preaching to the converted, but for the sake of completeness the link is here anyway.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Boycott Japanese Electronics

Sorry for the hijack of the site, but as this is a cause I feel strongly about and it needs all the publicity it can get, I feel justified in a little side tracking on this.

For the past 18 years the Japanese have been whaling illegally by abusing the International Whaling Commissions moratorium on commercial whaling. The Japanese year on year have been returning to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary in Antarctica, and continuing to slaughter whales claiming the right to carry out scientific research.

To date the Japanese research has consisted of 195 papers, of which only 4 have stood up under peer review and of those 4 none of them sufficiently demonstrate the need for scientific research though lethal means.

There is no humane method of killing a whale. They are shot with a harpoon with an explosive charge on the end. In 60% of the Japanese kills the whales suffer agonisingly for as long as an hour.

Despite making huge losses, recording in the tens of millions of Dollars per year, the Japanese government continues to support the slaughter with it's tax payers money. Even with no market for the meat they continue to ruthlessly harvest, they continue to hunt whales.

Less than 1% of Japanese have or ever will eat whale. In an attempt to make it popular they even tried to give it away as school meals. It was unpalatable by the nations children and remains stored in huge frozen warehouses - uneaten and unwanted.

So please lend me your support in ceasing the barbaric, murderous, cruel and wasteful actions of the Japanese by saying no to their products

Minke Whale - Balaenoptera acutorostrata

Saturday, August 15, 2009

PUG306.NET Car Meet

Rolling in the grassToday was a great fun day out for me. Dad took me along to a meeting of some of the members of the car club he's a member of. I got to meet a whole load of really nice people from

Dad got up and even before breakfast he took me outside and gave me a really good bath, shampoo and all. So there must have been something special going on.

The Roxy Mobile
He'd spent the previous evening washing and vacuuming the car and making it look all shiny and new. At least I got to have some fun with it too. I just love the pressure washer so dad gave me a real good soaking with it. I guess in hindsight he could have shampooed me yesterday evening instead of this morning.

We all went out to a pub in the country... well, kinda. The weather was glorious. Considering it was supposed to be cloudy and dull it turned out to be a great day.

I was on my bestest behaviour all day. Everyone thought it was so funny that I spent ages chasing shadows in the sun, I just can't help myself. I even tried to embarrass dad in front of his friends as I had a great roll in the grass.

Whilst we were at the pub there was a brown and white collie who obviously liked me. He got a bit too amorous and a couple of times tried to mount me! Dad grabbed him by the scruff and let him know that behaviour was unacceptable in public. The humans with him didn't do a thing. I guess they figured I was a big tough rottie and I could look after myself. But rather than perpetuate every one's fear of me and my breed I defer to dad and let him sort out the problem.

As a reward for my good behaviour later in the evening dad then took me out to Doggy Disney. He'd spent all that time shampooing me and I found the first patch of gloopy mud I could and lay down in it. I don't think dad was too impressed, but if I don't get all dirty he wouldn't let me swim in the pond on the way back to the car. After all if I'm already dirty there's no point stopping me :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Shito Update

ShitoI meant to post after the barbecue we had the other day, that dad actually used the Shito Hot sauce on some chicken.

It was particularly brave as I wouldn't even sniff the jar.

Once it was smeared over some chicken kebabs and cooked though it turned out to be not as bad as expected. Dad managed to eat the kebabs and even when I got to try some it went the way of all chicken, no questions, just wolfed down. When it comes to chicken it doesn't matter what's been done to it, I just love it!

Dad was a bit hesitant at first but as it ends up pretty much blackened on the barbecue all that it tasted of was hot peppers - after a while the aftertaste made it even hotter. But it was edible at least.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mad Max

Mad MaxWent for a run round the park with Dad tonight. Last night Blaine took me out 'cos dad was really, really tired. Said he kept dozing off at work! I think he's suggesting that I kept him up all night fidgeting and slurping and unusually wanting to go out for a wee in the early hours.

So anyhow we went around the park and on the way into the park there was the tiniest of Jack Russel's being walked in front by a couple. They took one look back at me and you could see the panic in their eyes. It didn't get any better when we got into the park and they kept on with their little dog on a lead. Dad made me sit as he always does before he let me of the lead and I sat there good as gold. Even when dad said to go for a wee I just went and did my business without going in their direction.

Mad Max II
Later on we came across, or should I say were come across by a fluffy ball of madness. Max the Old English Sheepdog was about 6 months old and his human had him off the lead. I think he needs some more training as he wasn't looking after Max quite right.

Max was running really far away to a bunch of kids and jumping up and around them. Then he darted back to his human, until he saw me. It was a change in direction and he bounded over to come say Hi to me and dad. He even bounced on dad with paws up to his shoulders and tongue in his face.

He was a lovely friendly dog, I just hope his human can control his bounce a little. Not everyone wants to be his friend and he's only gonna get bigger. If he knocks a kid down and hurts them it'll only be out of play but not all parents will be that understanding. And if he encounters some of the not so friendly dogs I have he could get hurt.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yayy! Barbecue Day at Last!

For a while now mum's been on a diet and that's meant weeks of powdered shakes and grumpy faces. So dad's not even mentioned the "B" word for fear of getting a rolling pin in the back of the head.

Thankfully today sees the end of that. Mum's finished the diet and is now in the eating sensibly stage - and as the weather is so good today it must be barbecue day.

Earlier on dad took me out to Doggy Disney and I just had to find every puddle I could and either drink it or lay down in it. It was just so warm. Of course to finish off I got to go in the big pond and play the fetch the stick game. I love swimming now, can't believe I was so worried about it before.

After we got home dad gave me a proper hosing down. Not just the quick spray to get the dirt off, but a full shampooing. I might not like the hose and water much, but I love getting the massage as I get the shampoo rubbed in and rinsed out. It's just great.

It was so warm that dad just left me wet without towelling me dry. 10 minutes later I had to go and remind him to finish the job. I kept on at him until he came out and gave me a real good rub down with the towel.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ear Infection Returns

Damned ear infection has returned with a vengeance. I spent the evening before shaking my head until I fell asleep. Last night I kept dad up all night fidetting, head shaking and pacing around.

Thankfull dad had some Canaural and put it in and cleaned my ears out again. It was so good. It's a great feeling having his finger halfway into my brain... I'm not so sure it's as great for dad though.

Last night Ian came round after they all went out. He gave dad his present which is highly unusual to say the least. I think he's going to have to be in a really brave mood to even try it!

It smells awful.

Ingredients are listed as, Fish, Shrimps, Pepper spices, sunflower oil - that's all. Also says "This sauce will compliment any dish Can also be used as a spread" Ohh yeah. Looks like the day it gets tested I'm going to spend the day outside! When it does get tested I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Wolf Howl06:50 I woke mum and dad early having a seizure in the bedroom. Now I've started creeping in there in the morning I guess at least it means less time alone when I do have a cluster.

What a way to wake dad up on his birthday!

He crashed on the sofa for a while until I'd relaxed and wound down for a snooze. I kept waking him up with whining, which once dad distracted me with a tummy rub or pat on the head I'd stop.

Eventually though dad figured just to leave me alone. So it went from whining to "Awowow, Awowow" then full blown "Awwwooooooooooooooooooooo, Awwwooooooooooooooooooooo" howling. It's as if once it starts I just have to let it out. Once finished it's back to sleep as if nothing happened.