Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mad Max

Mad MaxWent for a run round the park with Dad tonight. Last night Blaine took me out 'cos dad was really, really tired. Said he kept dozing off at work! I think he's suggesting that I kept him up all night fidgeting and slurping and unusually wanting to go out for a wee in the early hours.

So anyhow we went around the park and on the way into the park there was the tiniest of Jack Russel's being walked in front by a couple. They took one look back at me and you could see the panic in their eyes. It didn't get any better when we got into the park and they kept on with their little dog on a lead. Dad made me sit as he always does before he let me of the lead and I sat there good as gold. Even when dad said to go for a wee I just went and did my business without going in their direction.

Mad Max II
Later on we came across, or should I say were come across by a fluffy ball of madness. Max the Old English Sheepdog was about 6 months old and his human had him off the lead. I think he needs some more training as he wasn't looking after Max quite right.

Max was running really far away to a bunch of kids and jumping up and around them. Then he darted back to his human, until he saw me. It was a change in direction and he bounded over to come say Hi to me and dad. He even bounced on dad with paws up to his shoulders and tongue in his face.

He was a lovely friendly dog, I just hope his human can control his bounce a little. Not everyone wants to be his friend and he's only gonna get bigger. If he knocks a kid down and hurts them it'll only be out of play but not all parents will be that understanding. And if he encounters some of the not so friendly dogs I have he could get hurt.

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