Saturday, August 15, 2009

PUG306.NET Car Meet

Rolling in the grassToday was a great fun day out for me. Dad took me along to a meeting of some of the members of the car club he's a member of. I got to meet a whole load of really nice people from

Dad got up and even before breakfast he took me outside and gave me a really good bath, shampoo and all. So there must have been something special going on.

The Roxy Mobile
He'd spent the previous evening washing and vacuuming the car and making it look all shiny and new. At least I got to have some fun with it too. I just love the pressure washer so dad gave me a real good soaking with it. I guess in hindsight he could have shampooed me yesterday evening instead of this morning.

We all went out to a pub in the country... well, kinda. The weather was glorious. Considering it was supposed to be cloudy and dull it turned out to be a great day.

I was on my bestest behaviour all day. Everyone thought it was so funny that I spent ages chasing shadows in the sun, I just can't help myself. I even tried to embarrass dad in front of his friends as I had a great roll in the grass.

Whilst we were at the pub there was a brown and white collie who obviously liked me. He got a bit too amorous and a couple of times tried to mount me! Dad grabbed him by the scruff and let him know that behaviour was unacceptable in public. The humans with him didn't do a thing. I guess they figured I was a big tough rottie and I could look after myself. But rather than perpetuate every one's fear of me and my breed I defer to dad and let him sort out the problem.

As a reward for my good behaviour later in the evening dad then took me out to Doggy Disney. He'd spent all that time shampooing me and I found the first patch of gloopy mud I could and lay down in it. I don't think dad was too impressed, but if I don't get all dirty he wouldn't let me swim in the pond on the way back to the car. After all if I'm already dirty there's no point stopping me :)

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  1. A Peugot Car Club?? Dad has me worried Roxy:)