Sunday, September 18, 2011

Time to Splash the Cash

Turns out it's that time again. Time to go pay for the vets Audi again.

This month we'll need another prescription drawing up and that means a trip to the vets. Because they won't do repeat prescriptions without seeing me and getting a consultancy fee. So dad makes the booking and we arrange to go in.

The good thing about it is that I get a day out. Dad takes me to work and I get to stay with him all day. Dad's got a new boss who's moved into the offices with him and this is the first time I'll have met him. I got in and did my usual sniff around then just lay down behind dad. It was probably an hour later before dad's boss even realised there was a big dog in the office. Well it didn't cause a scene or anything. I was as well behaved as usual and kept myself to myself all day until dad took me to the vets.

We got there and the first thing dad did was weigh me - 48.3kgs, so I've lost a kilo and a bit. Which dad thinks is good. I'm a bit trimmer and could probably do with losing another one really. This wouldn't have been so bad, but right after I got off the scales they bought another dog in who'd gained a bit. Right away there was a new member of staff who piped up that she was the vets new nutritional expert. Not bad, but I felt bad for the lady owner. The nutritionist was very condescending and the lady was really embarrassed. Good job she didn't start on dad - I think they might have refused to see me if he'd got fired up!

So we get our compulsory £1 per minute, 20 minute consultation. Thankfully the vet decided it's not necessary for a blood test. I've had a few now where they don't even bother giving us the results. We just go in and let them do it to get the prescription. The prescription is our only goal in this. A blood test just means more cash and times are tight.

After the consultation we get the bill for £20 and then another £20 for the prescription. I think the vet should really be wearing a black and white stripey top, an eye mask and have a bag marked swag. It's day light robbery to charge for time and then for signing / writing something that was done within that chargeable time.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome to Autumn

Well it's officially autumn now and I welcome it with a couple of seizures.

Mum's got a new job that involves working shifts. So she's out early in the morning some days and back late others. I make the most of this by getting double breakfast at every opportunity. Mum gives me my breakfast then when dad gets up I pretend I'm really hungry and rather than phoning mum at work he feeds me too, hooray! But I think they're on to me.

I had a seizure last night at about 1:30am just after dad had gone to bed. He thought we were being burgled as I went off in the front room and rattled the table and chairs. He soon found it was me though as he stood in a puddle of warm wee in bare feet.

Mum didn't even know I'd have a fit. She was so tired from working that she didn't notice dad get up and tidy and mop up then bring me up to bed. Even when I kept getting up and wanting to go out she slept through it. Back downstairs with dad on the couch  I paced around a while then went back up to the bedroom and mum still fast asleep didn't notice a thing.

So today we waited on the return visit. It wasn't until after 7:00pm that I got another. Dad figured I wasn't myself. He knows I',m clumsy at the best of times. But not long before that I managed to knock over a full glass of red wine, and break the glass he was enjoying with Sunday dinner.

Mum makes an awesome Sunday dinner. It's the one day of the week where I have to wait long after 5:00pm for food, but it's worth the wait, yum! It's not really classed as leftovers as mum saves it especially for me.