Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blood Test

Well it's come around to renew my prescription. This means the vet wants to take their pound of flesh, well blood tests at least. So dad took me into work with him for the day.

The weather today was too warm for me. I panted a lot as we walked down to the vets. As dad had given me my tablets at 7am they had to fit me in earlier than they wanted. The blood needs to be taken within 6 hours of taking them apparently.

The vet decided to call another nurse in to help with me. Dad doesn't really mind as they should take whatever precautions they feel needed to jab a big scary Rottie like me with a needle. But what makes it funny is when the nurse grabs me by the head and the vet jabs me in the neck, I go for the attention. I melted onto the floor so I was lying down waiting for a fuss. The vet and the nurse couldn't then take the blood from my neck, so I've now got a shaved patch on my forepaw where they had to take it from.

If they just let dad hold me then there wouldn't have been any fuss. But then they wouldn't have had anything to laugh about either.

Good news with my weight though. It's down to 49.85kg (109.9lbs). That's a huge drop of about 3kg in 3 months. Even though mum and dad have cut my food back it still gets bulked up with kibble, I still get treats - but tonight I also raided the grill and ate four sausages that Blaine had left so I could get at them. That means I get the other four for breakfast now, my slobber wins every time!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Well That's Annoying

I was in the middle of updating the page that listed all of Roxy's sezures since they started and when I clicked "Preview" to check it something went poof and it's all gone. Don't know what happened at all but the page is now 404 Missing In Action. Wish I'd got a decent backup of this site now :( Ah, well.

17:45 So tonight I figured it needed to be updated because she had a full seizure. She's been having this chomping seizures all week and we thought that was what she was up to. But then off she went into a full roll over and paddling. Slobber everywhere.

I hoped this meant that the coiled spring that seems to build up got released and we'd see the end to the seizures, even the chompies for a while. But sure enough I just start typing on here and off she goes into a chompie.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I thought that it may be educational to post a couple of video of the seizures that I'm having right now. I'll have batches of 3-5 chompies with 3-5 minutes in between. It's a little difficult to catch as I have them for such a short period.

These are certainly easier to catch than the full blown seizures she has. Dad spends all his efforts trying to keep me safe so there's no time for camera work. But these small chomping episodes don't require any of his attention.

As you see I'm not overly distressed by them, but they're still annoying.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Having a Tough Time this Week

This whole week has been really terrible and we're not sure it's going to get any better. I know dad's pretty worried by all of this.

On the Sunday the seizures were reduced to chomping and head shaking, but never went into the usual muscle spasms and paddling.

Balance Since the seizures started about all that happened is they seem to have changed their behaviour again. Every day since Sunday I've had several seizures a day, but they're stopping at the chomping stage. I chomp for a a minute then they stop. Afterwards I may be disorientated and lack balance for a minute, but then it's like nothing happened.

I hope we see a change for the best, and soon.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wonky Time

After the start of this cluster dad figured we'd be spending a day or two dealing with the seizures. Turns out it had different plans. Seemed like the Monday seizure was going to be a one off.

13:00 That was until Thursday. Chris texted dad at work to say I'd just had a seizure. After that things went quiet again.

Fire Alarm 05:00 Saturday morning it must have sounded like a fire alarm going off. I'd made it out of bed and was having a seizure by my food and water bowls. There was water everywhere and I was clanging the bowls together in my fit. Dad rushed down to sort me out and I went back off to sleep until...

07:00 Another early wake up call for dad.

10:45 Off I went again into a full seizure. So it looks like this weekend is going to be trouble.

14:45 Dad decided I needed a walk out and I was certainly looking forward to it. We got in the car and went out to the woods. About half way round I gave dad a nudge and when he looked at me he said "Ah oh here we go" and sure enough I went into a fit. Dad made sure I was comfortable and we stayed there for a while. Well as long as I'd let him. I was eager to get back on with the walk, but dad decided to go back to the car. we were almost half way so it was still 20 minutes back there. On the way I needed a drink and no matter what dad said I was going in the muddy stream for a drink... oh and a lie down.

16:45 After getting home and getting a bath and towelling down. Dad spent some time with the hair dryer on me. I love that. But a little while later I was restless and mooching about, pacing and couldn't decide what to do. Dad saw this as a sign and sure enough I went into another fit whilst laying in bed.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mad March

Roxy20:40 Well today saw the return of the seizures. Probably the start of a cluster so this post will grow as it goes on. I was lazing around, as usual, and out of the blue I started with blinking and trying to get up. Dad looked at me and thought we might get away with it, but I rolled over and went into a big seizure.

After it finished I was so wasted by it that I just went back off for a nap. No jumping up and charging about. But now wer're only 20 minutes later and it looks like I could be up for another already. As I lie here with my head up it's like the ground is moving and I keep having to catch myself from falling. So dad's sat here tying this whilst watching me closely.