Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Well That's Annoying

I was in the middle of updating the page that listed all of Roxy's sezures since they started and when I clicked "Preview" to check it something went poof and it's all gone. Don't know what happened at all but the page is now 404 Missing In Action. Wish I'd got a decent backup of this site now :( Ah, well.

17:45 So tonight I figured it needed to be updated because she had a full seizure. She's been having this chomping seizures all week and we thought that was what she was up to. But then off she went into a full roll over and paddling. Slobber everywhere.

I hoped this meant that the coiled spring that seems to build up got released and we'd see the end to the seizures, even the chompies for a while. But sure enough I just start typing on here and off she goes into a chompie.

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