Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year, Same as the Old Year?

We hope not. We're hoping that this cluster is at an end and we can start the new year without the torment.

08:00 Dad came charging downstairs to find me frothing and trashing in my bed. Same start to the day as before.

14:30 We went to the woods again as dad's car is finally back on the road. We called in for some spare parts along the way then went out into the woods for some fresh air and fun. I'd been off chasing around the trees and generally having fun when about 20 minutes in I was stood by dad and started blinking and chomping.

I fell over and started fitting and throwing pine needles and leaves everywhere. Dad kept an eye on me and eventually when I came round we had a 20 minute walk back to the car with me puffing and panting. In that time I was back to normal.

19:45 Just when we all thought it was over for the day. I was sleeping in my bed when another full seizure struck.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Regular Reveille

Seems like this is the week for seizures all right. Been getting them once a day so far and in the early morning to wake everyone up.

05:45 (Yesterday) Same old process. Wake dad up, need to go out and then after a bit of mooching around go back to bed.

Onion Bhaji's07:25 (Today) Time to get up everyone! Dad took me downstairs and gave me some water, but I wasn't interested.

When I finally went back up to bed I woke dad again with retching and he got to me to put a bucket under my head before it went everywhere. That might have something to do with mum leaving the Indian buffet out when she went to bed. I knocked something over whilst helping myself to some onion bhaji's and vegetable pakora's, so dad came down to see what it was. I managed to get into the kitchen so he didn't see me, phew, just in time!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two Breakfasts, Yummy!

Dog Food08:15 Got visited again this morning. As ever dad's off work so the seizures just drop by in time. I woke mum and dad up again and dad came down to let me out and gave me my breakfast. Which was a bit of a result because later on mum came down and gave me my breakfast. Woohoo! Two breakfasts in one day. Always an upside to everything!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yule Tide Surprise

09:00 Well it's been long in the coming but today I woke mum and dad at 9am with a full seizure. I was asleep in the bedroom when dad heard me chomping and thought nothing of it, until mum noticed I was going into a full seizure.

It's been 3 months and 19 days since the last one - which is quite a record. Let's hope it's at least that long before another.

Even though it's been so long since the last one, the after affects were minor. No real disorientation or blindness. I managed to follow dad downstairs and outside without falling over of banging into things.


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just Mad About Snow

Mum and dad took me out for a walk in the snow yesterday. It was great fun. We went all along the road to the shops and then went around to the park where dad filmed me eating snow. I just can't get enough of it.

I like snow so much that when dad took me out today, he decided to clean the cars off first. I just stood and watched and this is how I ended up! Dad just stood laughing at me and had to take this goofy picture.

Yesterday was quite an anniversary for me. 3 months since my last seizure. That's something we're all very happy about.

Dad called the vets to arrange a repeat prescription for the medication. With money being tight at the minute I know we weren't looking forward to the having to make a chargeable visit to see the vet, then having to pay for a blood test and then having to pay for the prescription. Well I think we caught them on a good day. They didn't demand we had an appointment or blood test, yay! They just charged us for the prescription and off we went.

It's still not great as the prescription charge is £18.75, but it's much cheaper than buying the drugs from the vet. In total the drugs come to around £250 per quarter if we buy them online with the vets prescription. The vet will waive the prescription charge if we buy the drugs from them, but they are exactly double the price! We pay 7p and 14p for the 30mg and 60mg Epiphen respectively. The vet wants 14p and 28p for the same tablets. So to save £1,000 per year I must spend £80 on prescriptions. That seems like a deal to me!

Friday, December 10, 2010


I really don't like dad much today. I know over the past week or so I've had a bit of a problem with smelly breath, but that's no excuse to torture me!

For the past week or so mum and dad have been concerned about my breath. They say it smells bad. They also say that where I've been licking myself it's making me smell too. Dad's pretty sure it's not my mouth that smells. My teeth are in good order, nice and clean, nothing growing on them.

So the source of the smell is a mystery.

Show us your teethIt seems even when breathing from my nose dad can smell it and he's had his head almost in my mouth like a lion tamer to see if it's my mouth. We'll have a word with the vet about it on Monday and see what it could be.

Having had a browse around it appears that "Chlorhexidine Gluconate" is safe for dogs and is used in a number of antiseptic treatments for pets. It's most commonly used in human Antiseptic Mouthwash. So dad brought some home today. He also bought a spray pump to deliver it in.

Now the nasty part. Dad called me over and had me sit. Then opened my mouth like he does to give me my tablets, but then sprayed a load of this nasty, horrible liquid into my mouth. I really, really don't like it. I shook my head and tried to get rid of the taste off my tongue, but it was going nowhere. It's horrible!

I know dad's going to persevere with this for a few days to see if it clears up my little problem, but I'm not looking forward to it at all.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow Days!

Winter TreesHooray! The snow has returned. I love snow. Dad took me out today and I bounced and played around like a spring deer. I just really like cold weather for walkies.

With snow I love to eat it as I run along. I'll scoop my mouth in it and come out with it all over my nose - only picking the freshest and powdery snow of course. Dad said if I'm not careful I'll get brain-freeze. I'm not sure what that is, but he said I probably shouldn't worry about it with my tiny brain... I don't know what he means by that!

After mum took me out the other day she gave me a bit of a wash as she caught me rolling in something smelly. That wasn't good enough, but what with it being so cold it would be cruel to hose me down outside. So dad decided to put me in the bath. I think he regretted it afterwards. I shed so much hair he spent an hour cleaning up after me.

We're having a very good run so far. Maybe the cold weather has something to do with lack of seizures for a while. Well whatever it is I just hope it continues.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

No News...

... is definitely good news!

It's been a relative age since the last seizure. If only we could put a finger on something to attribute it to. Nothing's changed. I'm still on the same tablets and food. It's just a break from the norm. And we're all very gratefull for it.

Now the cold weather is here mums frustrated with me as I won't go out to the toilet in the cold mornings. That means there has been a few days when she's got home from work to find a puddle or worse. I've also been caught out a few times when she's come home from work at lunch time and found me sleeping on her bed, that's not good.

The diet is going slowly. Dad's the taskmaster, but mum gives in a feeds me for the easy life. Sunday is far the best day as that's left over day, yummy. If I'm not fed on time 8am and 5pm then like clockwork I'll remind them what time it is. I'm certainly a little more trim and mobile, but now I love my food so much I've become a bit of a scrounger. I'll take any opportunity to steal a bit of left over pizza - my favourite.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Samhain Everyone

Stone CircleSam who? Yes, we know 31st October is traditionally celebrated as Hallowe'en these days. Particularly in the USA. This is turning into a hugely commercial event where everyone buys sweets for handing out at doorsteps as "Trick or Treat" gifts.

Well this just isn't right. In my dads youth they celebrated Hallowe'en, but not as a some commercial festival for corporate gain. It was about simpler things.

I think the old Celtic festival of Samhain should erase this capitalist "Trick or Treat" cash cow.

Samhain (pronounced saowen) marks one of the two great doorways of the Celtic year, for the Celts divided the year into two seasons: the light and the dark, at Beltane on May 1st and Samhain on November 1st. Some believe that Samhain was the more important festival, marking the beginning of a whole new cycle, just as the Celtic day began at night. For it was understood that in dark silence comes whisperings of new beginnings, the stirring of the seed below the ground. Whereas Beltane welcomes in the summer with joyous celebrations at dawn, the most magically potent time of this festival is November Eve, the night of October 31st.

So say to all, a Happy Samhain. Let us celebrate the beginning of the darker half of the year, a celebration of autumn and winter and the end of the harvest.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Predict a ...

Well not wanting to tempt fate, but so far things are going pretty well. No sign of that nasty of seizure monster and no Tabasco's or chompies. Things have just been going really well!

50 Days without event is something to be really pleased about. We can't say why we have the good fortune, but simply welcome it with open arms.

There's not so much to say really. We're well into autumn and it's getting cold. That doesn't bother me at all. I prefer it when it's cold and when we go out for walks it means I can run about a bit more. When mum puts the heating on and the radiators get warm I have to move away from them and find somewhere cold to lie down.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You Know What Comes Next...

I would say it's obvious really, as it's been a while and posting something is bound to be the kiss of death. But so far so good. It's been a while since the last episode, but we're expecting a visit anytime soon.

We were thinking "Today's the day" a couple of times this week. I haven't had a full seizure, but I've had a couple of new small episodes of "falling". By that I mean episodes that resemble the moment when you're asleep and for no reason you suddenly jump awake trying to grab onto something as if you're falling. Well there's been a few times when I've startled dad with similar sort of actions.

After some "falling" I've been a little off. Not quite right and one day just seemed to forget about how to go down stairs! It was like I just thought you walked straight out over them, not focussing on the fact they go down as well as forwards, yikes! I ended up in a heap at the bottom after sliding down quite a few of the steps. So mum and dad are extra vigilant when I'm not looking quite right.

Unfortunatley it's not as easy as stopping me going upstairs. I'm pretty strong willed and when I want to go upstairs I will. Mum's even put stuff on the bottom of the stairs in my way to stop me going up, but that proved just as dangerous as just letting me go up anyway.

One good thing though. We went to the vets for a blood test, to update the prescription... again. Thankfully the results show the epiphen and KBr are within the range required. Money's real tight at the minute, so adding more tablets is always hard. September saw a £60 vet bill for the blood test, £253 for the drugs (epiphen and KBr for 3 months) and another £30 for Glucosamine and Milk Thistle (for a year thankfully).

My diet's taking too long. I got weighed whilst at the vets. It came in at 56kg, so mum and dad have cut my food down quite a bit. From the 2 meals a day I'd get out of 1200g of food they've now made that equal to 3 meals, so I'm down to 800g per day. Now I don't get chance to eat half my breakfast and save the rest for later in the day whilst they're out at work. Now I eat my breakfast and dinner in one go and eagerly want more. Totally different when a few years ago I didn't want food at all.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Way to Go Mum!

20:00 (Monday) Last night I managed to go off into a full seizure whilst downstairs with mum watching TV. I guess mum's now taking it in her stride as she didn't even bother to call dad from upstairs. She just made sure I was safe and wiped up all the drool afterwards.

20:30 (Tuesday) Well almost the same time as last night, only this time I was all alone. Dad only found out about it because I went to say hello with my face covered in goop! Yeuch!! So dad went looking around and sure enough there was a puddle of slobber... and the sofas had great big smears of it all down the arms. Good job they're leather and like so many other things in the house, wipe clean!

OrchidsEarlier in the evening dad noticed me mooching around suspiciously. I was just having a sniff at mums orchids and they smelled so nice, well I just had to see if they tasted as nice as they smell. So I gave one a pretty good munch and decided I didn't like it. No real harm done.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Strangeness Continues...

Coiled SpringToday dad thought I'd still got "that" look about me. So sure enough at around 7pm I started to go off on one. Mum was there too so saw for herself. I was well past the chompie stage and dad started calling me and trying to get my attention with some gentle rubs and I popped out of it again. It's really very strange, but if you can catch it in time it looks like the full seizure can be at least postponed.

Afterwards it's like nothing happened, but sure enough five minutes go by and the chompies start again. Dad then distracts me again and away they go. This carries on for half an hour or so with varying little chompies to the stage where you'd think I was going into full seizure, but then all is calm.

It's all just very strange. It really is like over time the seizure builds like a coiled spring. Then it needs to release full force, but if you can catch it just right you can slow it and let it release a little more gradually.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dad's Got Some Time Off... Again

Seizure MonsterAnd we know what that means. Dad's got the next few weeks off work to use up some of his vast number of holiday allowance. As usual that's the trigger for me to get a visit from the seizure monster. He was still at work on Thursday and Friday though, so we thought it a little too early when the first full seizure struck.

21:15 (Thursday) No yelling or anything, dad just heard mum putting me outside. Normally mum gives a yell when I start fitting and dad comes running to the rescue. Looks like mum just took care of me herself for this one. Well done mum!

14:30 (Friday) As I'd had a seizure and they usually come in clusters dad was a bit brave taking me into work with him. But he wanted to keep an eye on me. He was on the phone when I started fitting. He didn't notice but Bev, one of his co-workers, did and dad slammed down the phone and came to look after me.

It's the first time Bev would have seen this and must have looked really quite distressing. But actually this was a relatively mild seizure. There was the cramps and chomping but no real twisting of the head, it didn't even go into the paddling so much. Just a bit of trouble waking up and disorientation afterwards. Dad took me straight out after and I had a bit of a wander around the car park.

20:30 (Friday) Dad noticed me starting to go off into one, but again it turned out to be a relatively light one. Still big enough to get frustrated with and big enough to tire me out for ages afterwards though.

03:30 (Saturday) I woke dad up in the night having a seizure in the bedroom. But it was another mild one. In fact their was no pacing afterwards, or the need to go out, or to desperately eat something. I just went back off to sleep.

14:30 (Saturday) Dad took me along to act as mascot at one of his car meetings again. I'd been on my best behaviour all day. After we'd been home for an hour or so I started to go into one. It'd gone way past the chompie or Tabasco stage and I was all ready on my way into the fitting, but somehow dad managed to snap me out of it. He was holding my head as usual and calling me to try to get me distracted and the seizure just stopped! I'd not been into it long enough for any disorientation or tiredness. It just went away and was like it never happened... well almost.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Keeping Dad on His Toes

Been a much better week this week. I'm still having the chompies every so often, but it's not as regular as it was.

Just to annoy dad I've started playing up with taking my tablets lately. I'll let him drop them in my mouth, but then I'll either shake my head sending them flying, or just hold them in my mouth for ages making him think I've taken them. But I've also realised that if I wait for him to go to work I can sick them back up before I've eaten my breakfast. So mum will find a pile of slobber and bile with tablets in.

So dad's getting sneaky. He puts a bit of butter (well vegetable based spread) on them first as he know I can't resist the taste of butter.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not Really Getting Better

Since the last seizure things have stayed around the same. I still have regular chompies, probably 10 a day. It's just very frustrating as I don't know when they are coming. They tend to be when I'm relaxing, but that could just be a coincidence, because I do a lot of relaxing! Mum and dad are worried that I'll get one on the stairs and that'll mean me being disorientated and possibly fall. The house isn't geared to deal with me falling downstairs, no carpet on the stairs and tiled floor at the bottom.

11:00 Dad was off work sick. He really wasn't well yesterday at all, so we make a great couple. I was just having a chompie when it just carried on too long. Next thing dad realises I'm going into a full seizure. Mum sticks a towel under my head and dad clears the table and sofa away from me so there's plenty of room.

21:15 We thought we'd gotten of lightly today. Was exactly the same deal as this morning chompie that didn't stop.

It's strange how throughout suffering epilepsy how it has changed subtly over time. Each seizure is somehow slightly different than before and the effects somehow a little different. Well maybe it's not so strange, I think we're getting used to just how life is just different and we just cope with whatever comes along. So on a positive side, things may not be getting better, but they're not getting any worse - just different.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not a Good Week

This week's not been great. Since the full seizure on Saturday I've been suffering with a lot of Tabasco's or "chompies" as mum calls them. They've been a bit bigger than the usual ones too. I'll be chomping whilst sat up and then begin to keel over, just like I'm about to go full seizure. But as I start to roll I catch myself and sit comping for a while.

Poor dad didn't realise I was going into a chompie the other morning. He was giving me my tablets which means holding my mouth open and dropping them in. Well in chompie mode I can't control my jaws so gave him a shock by accidentally munching on his fingers!

15:30 (yesterday) Being off school for the holidays Blaine was around to see me go into a full seizure. He cleaned up but obviously didn't let me out for long enough. When dad got home I'd poohed and did a huge wee on the living room floor. I looked all embarrassed when he found me.

21:25 (yesterday) This gave mum the fright of her life! I'd been upstairs with dad still having some chompies when I decided to go downstairs. Bad idea. As I started going down on came a full seizure. Luckily I don't remember what happened, but mum screamed out when I went sliding, bumping down the stairs and dad raced to me. I'm still here so no broken bones, but I do ache today. That's probably after the seizures though.

01:25 (today) I woke dad up with a big seizure. Afterwards was the usual routine of slowly downstairs for the toilet and a snack. Dad lay on the sofa expecting an all nighter, but I decided to go back upstairs to bed.

04:45 Well this wasn't a full seizure, but was certainly a big chompie. I woke dad up and he raced round to see if I was going full on, but it never happened.

This morning mum was worried. She even texted dad at work. I couldn't seem to stand up. My back legs wouldn't let me get up. I just wobbled and sat down. After a hour or so I got going and managed to get up. But it was scary. When dad got in from work it was like nothing had happened.

So not really a good week at all.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

An Unwanted Visitor

We knew it was coming this week. For a few days I've been having Tabasco's and chomping away with lots of slobber.

21:15 (yesterday) finally I was lazing around down by mum when she thought I was stretching out in a big yawn. She thought it strange that it was taking a while and then I started off on a full seizure. I was all tangled up under the dining table so she shouted dad to come help.

Afterwards I was really sleepy, but as I came out of it all disorientated. When dad let me out I couldn't judge distances and walked into flower pots, the gate and then got stuck in a corner seemingly not realising I had to backup to turn around.

00:15 Again dad took me upstairs to bed so he could keep an eye on me. Right on cue I started chomping and into another seizure. Dad took me downstairs and I got some food and went outside. But when we went back up to bed I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted. Upstairs or downstairs? So in the end I went downstairs and only came upstairs early in the morning.

As dad's writing this he was getting ready to take me out for a walk. But I've just started chomping, so it looks like another's on its way.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wet Weather

This past week has been pretty miserable. It's a typical British summer - raining every day. Which means I'm not keen on going outside at all. Brrr, get all cold and wet, no thanks. Wet weather also means no barbecue... and that means no treats at the weekend for me.

Friday night I had a few Tabasco moments whilst sat with Dad at the computer. I quickly snapped out of them and looked at him as if to say "What was that all about?" Other than that there's been no other incidents. Usually we'd be looking for the full seizures to follow. So far, so good.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th July

Happy 4th JulyWell happy for some... just not for me. I started the day with a seizure at around 11:30 this morning. So dad's had to give me a bath because I was covered in slobber and wee.

In the UK we don't celebrate Independence Day, but I certainly would if it meant I was independent of these seizures. But we'd like to wish all the American's out there a happy 4th of July.

Later this afternoon dad's going to fire up the barbecue. So I'm bound to get some treats from that.

Yesterday mum and dad went around to Jan and David's, with Ian and Anita for a barbecue... they left me at home. Still I heard it wasn't a proper barbecue because dad didn't get involved in the cooking at all! Having said that David did a great job as host and made some great food. The leftovers are around here somewhere.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

All Alone

Sometime in the early morning I must have had a seizure. I was all alone in my bed and everyone else asleep in bed. Between Chris coming in late and about 7:00am this morning when I went upstairs into mum and dads room I'd had a seizure.

When Blaine got up he found I'd poohed on the floor in the kitchen and there was slobber everywhere. I obviously just got on with it and when I went upstairs there was nothing unusual going on, I just lay down and went back to sleep like nothing had happened.

Mum's having to redo the washing that was drying because I'd shaken my head and rained slobber over all the clothes.

I think this is the first time that no one has been around when I've had a seizure. I know dad likes to make sure someone it around when it gets to that time. But in all the time since I've had them and everyone being at work or school, I don't recall ever being alone afterwards.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ggrrrrrr! Back Again

Well it's been overdue I guess. But we all know when it's going to happen. It's usually when things seem to be going really well and we're all happy, the weather's good, and dad's not at work again... well he is kinda this time. He's on a training course so he's not home.

The DecentYou may have noticed by now that the pictures in the blog posts tend to depict some scary monster when we get a visit from the invisible seizure monster. Just like this picture of the monsters from The Decent, we knew something scary was gonna happen, and soon. But not exactly when. So it's very relevant to the seizures I have.

20:40 This past week it's been unusual for me to be lying on the floor in the bedroom. It's been so hot upstairs that I've spent most nights lying on the cool tiles downstairs. I'll only venture upstairs in the early morning when things have cooled off.

So tonight when I was laying behind dad as usual off I went into a full seizure. It was followed by, what seems to be the norm right now at least, a period of complete tiredness. To the extent I appear to be snoring and won't wake. My eyes are open but for a minute I'm completely out of it. Dad then wakes me and can tell I'm coming out of it because I shake my head to clear the cobwebs. Then I'm up and about. No pacing or disorientation, which is good.

I got a bowl of my current favourite food. It's like a big meaty paste in a plastic sausage. Dad thinks it's horrible, but it's cheap and I love it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

What a Fantastic Weekend!

Wow, for the past week or so the weather has been truly great. Bright sunny days and temperatures of 30 degrees. Not that I like the heat that much, but I do like to be out in the sun.

This weekend dad took me to the woods as usual. Only this time he'd forgotten to take my lead with him. That meant getting out of the car and walking with him on the street and across the road without it.Now it's not a busy road as it's in a residential estate and is not a main thoroughfare, but all the same I showed just how good I can be. There were two ladies with dogs just coming out of the gate to the woods as I was getting out of the car. I didn't even pay them any attention even though they barked hello at me. I just stayed close by dad as we walked over and into the wood.

Once in the woods I did all my usual tearing about in the trees until I was too hot and breathless. Then I found one of the known watering holes. It had dried up into a sloppy muddy mess, but that didn't stop me from dashing in for a cooling lie down. That meant a great swim later at the big pond to get the, by then, dried and caked on mud off.

So CuteOn Sunday we had an early barbecue. Mum and dad don't usually light up until 5-6pm. But Sunday meant going next door to Guinness and Tiger's house. They're a couple of house cats that like to be in the garden in the good weather. I'm not sure they like me too much though. I went over to say hello to Tiger and she hissed at me. So I pretty much left them alone and just kept an eye on them both.

Dad took this picture on his phone (click for full picture). He reckons I looked so cute he couldn't understand why the cats can't just be my friends. It was so hot dad made sure to hose me down every time I dried out - you can see I'm still a little damp. But even though I was dripping wet I behaved myself and didn't do my usual trick of sharing all my water with everyone else by shaking or trying to lie on them.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Empty Wallet... Again

Things have been going pretty good this month. So far the daily Tabasco's have stopped and I've been back to being myself.

Blood TestFollowing the messing about at the vets we finally got the blood test results and they showed the KBr levels were actually below what they should be. Not that I fully understand what it means but it came back as a 6 but the range it should be in is between 8 and 20. So that means upping the KBr. Instead of 3 x 325mg tablets twice a day it now increases to 4 x 325mg twice a day.

Now to many this might not sound a big change. But when you consider that each KBr tablet averages £0.25 each. I say average because we have to buy 720 tablets for 3 months - this is made up of 1 x 500, 2 x 100 and 20 individual tablets. The 500 pack is obviously cheaper per pill that the 100 pack, which again is cheaper than the individual ones.

So £0.25 per pill adds £0.50 per day, £3.50 per week and £14 per month. Even though we use the cheapest on-line pharmacy we could find this month sees a bill of £252 for the pills (including Epiphen) for the next 3 months.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So cute, I'm so Jealous

RainDad took me out for a walk round the park late on Sunday night. It wasn't dark as we're supposed to be near the middle of summer - you wouldn't think so from all the rain we had today!

As we were on our way back a guy with a young rottie on a lead walked up to us. Dad didn't put me on the lead or anything and the guy came over and asked "How do you get her to walk so well off the lead?" - as if he has anything to do with it! I'm just good all on my own.

So dad and the guy got talking and turns out that "Maisy" was 9 months old and was going to the same school I went to. Now I'm not an unfriendly dog, I just don't really get all the bouncing around and chase me games. Sure it was nice to say Hi, but Maisy just wanted to bounce around and play - kids huh!

Dad said Maisy was a very nice looking dog and gave her some fuss. They talked about training techniques and I just sat there being good as they talked. I get a bit jealous when Dad pays attention to anyone but me - it's not just dogs. If he talks with mum I have to put myself in between the two of them just so I'm not ignored.

Hopefully we'll meet up with Maisy again. They said I might be a calming influence on her young exuberance.

As it's prescription renewal time dad phoned the vet and they explained that the last blood test for KBr levels didn't work out and they wanted to retake them. So we did that trip to the vets last Thursday. Just as before I sat there the vet jabbed me with a needle and I didn't even show that anything was going on.

So they said call us on Monday for the results. Dad didn't do that as he was busy Monday, so called on Tuesday - only to be told to call back on Thursday as they're not returned yet. More delays. Good job dad planned a little ahead and planned on getting the prescription two weeks before the tablets ran out this time.

If they aren't ready Thursday that means we get into a pickle about ordering on-line and allowing shipping time. I'm beginning to think that because we don't pay the vets extortionate drug prices they decide to make our life difficult.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No Fair!

19:45 I'd been lazing behind dad whilst he was on the computer. He noticed me have a couple of Tabasco's, so when one turned into a full seizure he didn't expect it.

Turned out to be another draining one. Afterwards I didn't want to get up. I just wanted to lie there and sleep. Dad wouldn't let me though. He makes sure I get up and go outside for some air and to walk about a bit. I'm not sure what he thinks is going on, but all I want to do is sleep.

I think we'll need to up the dosage of the KBr to see if that helps. We'll give the vet a call in the Morning.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Not a Great Holiday

Today is a bank holiday... meaning dad has yet more time off work. So as usual, time off means seizure. I'd had a few of the Tabasco moments in the evening. Nothing new there really. Only I guess they're a little more than that. Firstly the Tabasco moment were a lot of head shaking and tongue smacking. Now there's not so much head shaking. It really is closer to what Maureen describes as "Peanut Butter Mouth". It's much more like I have something stuck to the roof of my mouth and can't get it off.

Balrog05:15 So this morning I decided to go upstairs to bed. I'd been sleeping downstairs in my bed, but then decided I didn't want to be alone any more. I'd been asleep for a while, had a few Tabasco's and finally at 5:15am the full seizure decided to kick in.

I lay there totally wasted afterwards. No blindness or pacing, just completely drained. It took dad a while to shake me out of it so I could go downstairs for some food, a drink and out to the toilet. Then dad left me downstairs for the rest of the night and off I went to sleep, like nothing had happened.

It's not been that long since the last one. But at least it's not as strenuous having single seizures rather than the clusters I've been having. Missing an hours sleep is far easier to deal with than being up for 24 hours.

18:45 Mum and dad had just finished dinner and I was snoozing in bed. Then a full seizure paid a visit again.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Big Scary Event

Creature from the Black LagoonLast night we got the full visit from the big bad scary seizure monster. It wasn't just the Tabasco that I've been having of late. It was a full body seizure, but with yet some other small, but scary differences to previous ones.

20:45 I'd been lazing around next to mum and was having the occasional Tabasco. Mum was keeping an eye on me and comforting me afterwards. Then I went into a much bigger seizure. Dad came downstairs and stopped me from bashing my head on the floor and stopped me from hurting myself.

After the thrashing about dad said it got quite scary. I didn't jump up and go pacing about like usual. Instead I appeared to pass out and was unconscious. Dad peeked and my eyes and I'd twitch when he touched my eyelids, but I wasn't getting up or doing anything - apart from snoring heavily.

He supported my head and as I started to come around it was as if I were blind again. I started to cry, which worried everyone even more, until I finally snapped out of it and 3-2-1 and I was back in the room.

For all it's scariness I was up and about afterwards as if nothing had happened. Blaine did me a bit of dinner and I went off around the garden. So the recovery was speedy enough, it's just the event itself that was scary and strange.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ongoing Seizures

Well since my last full body seizure there's been just an ongoing bought of partial seizures. But it's been pretty much every day. It's pretty much just a Tabasco moment, but then it just ends. It can happen two or three times a day, but once I have one partial seizure, I'll then have another two or three in the same hour before they finally go away.

At least they're not as debilitating as a full body seizure. We can cope with them like this, we'd rather not have them at all, but given the choice between a full or partial seizure, I'll take this any day.

The A-Team I know dad's a bit worried about them going on and on, so he sent out an email asking for some help. A very nice lady called Maureen from the Canine Epilepsy Guardian Angels responded with some excellent words of comfort. The advice is free and comes from the heart. It's just really great that someone who's gone through or is going through the same things as you is able to share their experience.

"If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... The A-Team."

You don't have to look hard to find them, drop by their website, and there's no need to hire them to talk to someone. But to my mind they certainly are the "A-TEAM"!

Many thanks for your kind words, Maureen. It makes us feel less alone and allows us to take comfort in the fact that this is nothing new, just new to us.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Strange Cluster Seizure

Spicy Chilli's Well this weekend has turned out to be a strange one as far as the seizures go. All throughout Sunday and into Monday morning I've been having these Tabasco episodes. They've not turned into a full seizure though, which is very strange.

As I previously noted the Tabasco moment always turns into a full seizure of twisting, paddling, usually pacing and blindness, but now it seems this is a new turn we're taking. Where mum and dad could postpone a full seizure, or even prevent one, by distracting me from the Tabasco stage. Now it seems that's where this cluster of seizures ends, on their own with no intervention, right at the Tabasco stage.

Not that we're not grateful as it's recovery time is zero, and as for mess, well just a bit of slobber. As soon as the Tabasco ends I'm back to what I was doing. Usually either sleeping or lazing around (it's a tough life being a dog). But I'll go right back to sleep or carry on as if nothing had happened.

Dad took me to the woods on Sunday, but I know he was worried about me having a seizure whilst off in the trees. So I stuck with him all the way round and didn't go far so he could always see me.

When we got back I helped him wash the cars. I even got a good shampooing and Jet Wash myself. I can't help myself with the pressure washer. I don't like the garden hose, but hook it up to the pressure washer and I've just got to go after it.

So later when I was smelling all nice and clean (not of car shampoo) we had a barbecue and I got my usual amount of treats from the bits other people just can't manage. Dad always cooks everything mum buys, and mum always buys more than they can eat.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Chilli Night

Hot ChilliLast night was a strange night. About 20:30 dad thought I was looking a bit strange, so figured he take me downstairs as he'd sensed the return of a seizure. Halfway down the stairs I started with a big Tabasco moment. Lot's of blinking and drooling. I just stood there on the stairs. Dad didn't want me to go into full seizure right there so he man handled me down stairs. This distracted me enough to snap out of it and it was like nothing had happened.

Not long after though I started into another start of twitchy face and blinking. Again a bit of distraction and it stopped. It wasn't going to give up though and Mum and Dad spent 10 minutes in the kitchen bringing me out of the Tabasco's. They eventually decided it was best just to leave me and let me get the seizure out of the way. At least I was in a safe place that was easy to clean up.

So on came another big Tabasco moment as they watched over me. Then it went away. It did this about three or four times. No intervention at all I just came out of them without going into the seizure that was expected.

01:30 Not wanting to leave me on my own, when dad went to bed he took me upstairs too. Apparently I woke Dad at about 01:20 with a Tabasco moment that he could hear rattling my teeth. Again he thought best to leave me and not distract me from the inevitable. But again it went away. It wasn't for another 10 minutes before a full seizure came on. This time I just stayed lay down and went back of to sleep, no pacing or hunger.

Later on in the night I did get dad up again. But this time I wanted to go downstairs for a drink and out to the toilet. But then it was back up to bed until it was time to get up for work in the Morning. Dad had to go into work specially this morning so he took me with him. It was only for an hour or so. The longest part of the day is the car journey there and back!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Recent Visit

Zombie The seizures pay another visit. It's not that long since the last one, only 16 days.

Mum and dad hadn't been home that long and shortly after I started with the Tabasco moments. Lots of slobber and smacking of lips. Mum distracted me from the first one by getting me my dinner. Any time after 5pm is late for dinner, I'm always on the ball when it comes to telling the time.

After dinner I sat with dad for a while and again another Tabasco moment. It was inevitable I guess. Dad managed to distract me but he could see by my face that a seizure was imminent. My lips were wonky and drooly and my eyes gave a kind of far away look.

18:00 As mum was making dinner and talking with Chris it struck and I went into a big seizure in the kitchen. I was so tired afterwards I just lay there eyes closed recovering for a while. When I did get up there wasn't any pacing, I was just looking for more dinner.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big Trouble!

Bedtime Oh dear. I don't think mum and dad are too impressed with me right now. I got a right good telling off.

Just lately I've found out that those big flat things they lie down on at night are really comfy. I wait for them all to go to work and school, then sneak upstairs and make myself comfortable on mum and dads bed. I got away with it a few times.

On Monday dad thought that there was a lot of hair on the bed, but put it down to me shedding loads and it being transferred from other things. So dad wrapped a load of sticky tape around his hand and used the sticky side to pick up all the hair.

But then yesterday I got caught out. When dad came home he noticed not only a load of hair, but also a load of slobber - he looked at me, noticed my paw was all wet from me slurping, and I was busted!

I didn't learn my lesson though. Today mum was working around the house and as soon as she went in the bathroom I got on the bed. No denying it now, she caught me red handed.

So now they're locking the door and putting things in my way so I can't get upstairs any more. Well ... let's see how long that lasts!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome Home Dad!

Boris Karloff - The MummyDad went away for the night and stayed away in Manchester on a training course. I know he's supposed to be off work all week this week, but it turns out the course is booked and other pressures mean he's got to go in to the Office on Thursday and Friday. That's not to say that because he planned time off but couldn't make it means that the seizures have been cancelled. I guess he never though of that!

20:55 As usual when dad's off, it's usually time for a cluster seizure. Well when dad got back from Manchester on Wednesday evening at around 20:30 I let him settle in a while and then started going all slobbery and dazed looking. Then I went into full seizure and there was slobber and wee flying everywhere.

Dad expecting the cluster to come stayed up late and when at 1am no seizure had arrived he took me up to sleep in the bedroom. Dad didn't look so good this morning when his alarm went off just after 6am. I'd kept him up all night, by just moving or licking my chops. Every time he heard something he jumped up expecting a seizure. So this morning it looked a little difficult for him to get out of bed.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Well into the season...

for barbecue!

The weekend weather was just too good not to have a barbecue. You know what dad's like - if it's not cold, it's barbecue weather. So this weekend was a must have.

Next week is Ian's birthday so he wanted to get a barbecue and try it out before next Saturday. Yeah, right. Like dad needs an excuse to light up the barby!

So whilst dad's putting together the new barby, Chris takes me out for a walk. A while later and he's calling dad saying I've had a seizure whilst out walking and Chris is bringing me home. I plod along with him on the lead all slow and when we make it home, it's obvious I've had a fit. I'm all woozy and panting hard and have slobber all over my face. Dad puts me on a towel outside and I lay around recovering watching dad build the barby.

Well no sooner has dad started cooking when the heavens open. It pours down with rain. A bit of quick thinking and Ian runs off to grab a Gazebo (or jizzyboo, as grandma spells it). When he comes back there's a big panic on and all of a sudden there is a group realization that no one has ever assembled it and have no idea how all the poles go together. It was a definite You-Tube / You've Been Framed moment!

Well four people holding up poles and canvas and passing stuff around kept me smiling for a while. What made it all the more funny was that as soon as it was up - the rain stopped!

As for the seizures... well, dad took me with him to work on his car today. Yep, you're right, dad has some more time off work - which is pretty much a guarantee of a seizure visit. All day today there's been no other occurrence. It's very strange - just one seizure. But we'll be thankful for small mercies - and take every blessing we can.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Fun Week

It's been a real good week this week. Since Saturday's seizure there haven't been any others! Looks like it was a one off. Never before have I had just the one seizure in 24hours, so this is something be grateful for.

Dad took me in to work with him on Thursday. I didn't even need to go see the vet and he still took me with him - what's that all about? Well it turns out after work we went to meet up with a group of people from the car club he's in. So I got to say hello to a load of new faces and make loads of friends. I was so well behaved they all thought I was great.

Today we went out to the woods again. It was a real scorcher of a day too. The weather was really warm and sunny, 22 degrees - getting near summer! This did mean that all the good mud puddles had dried up. There were only a few sticky ones that I had to make do with.

A Baby Muntjac DeerAs we were walking around dad says he saw some Muntjac's again. I was busy nosing around somewhere so missed them. Last week, again whilst I was off hunting squirrels, dad said he saw a deer in the trees. He stood perfectly still and it wasn't until the deer was 5 yards from him on the path that it even noticed him! It must be because some of the work in thinning the trees has brought them into the places we walk, because they're usually invisible.

At the end of the walk we went to the pond. Hooray! The water level had dropped quite a bit which meant I felt safe about getting in and actually swimming. A couple of people were sat by the water and another two turned up with their little dog. It was great fun fetching sticks and showing off in front of a crowd.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Monster Returns

Frankenstein's Monster - A bit of trivia, his name was Adam.Damn, Damn, Damn. We've had such a great time of late we were almost beginning to forget about old creepy. Well it's snuck back upon us tonight.

21:45 Dad was shaving his head and I was curled up nicely sleeping  by the back door when I started to go wonky. Aparently it was a little different this time round. The seizure still made me cramp up and twist about but the paddling never kicked in. I just went into out of breath tired mode afterwards. And the pacing about didn't happen either. Dad let me out and I went for a wee and some fresh air, but there wasn't the usual blind disorientation and pacing there usually is.

But what a record it's been since the last seizures. 76 days!!!

Glorious Weather

Swim HatToday saw the proper arrival of spring. Great sunshine and really warm. Dad said it was around 20 degrees centigrade today. All I know is that it's a great day to go for a walk in the woods.

What makes it even more fun is the fact that over the past week it has been really wet. So that means there are plenty of big muddy puddles in the woods. Just what's needed on a warm day like this, lots of places to lie down and cool off.

As there was no stopping me I just found the sloppiest, gloopiest puddle there was and whilst dad wasn't looking just lay down in it and chilled for a while. This meant that I got to then visit every puddle along the walk and do the same, knowing that dad would take me to the pond for a swim afterwards to get clean.

But I hadn't reckoned on the pond being swelled by the rain and deeper than I remember it! So although I washed off the mud, there was no way I was going in for a proper swim. I don't like to be out of my depth. Of course I'm not going to admit that to dad, so I paddled around and made out I didn't want to go any deeper because I hadn't brought my swim hat.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tempting Fate

Dr. FateIt's a difficult post to make, but such a landmark occasion we just can't let it slip by unnoticed. It's been over two months since my last seizure. This is something of a record for me, and one that is very welcome.

I know that simply by putting this into words is going to be just the cause the blasted seizure monster needs to come a running. But right now life's too good not to see the silver lining.

The past few months have gone by so quickly, but we've got up to all our usual stuff. Out running in the woods at the weekends and generally getting under everyone's feet during the week.

It's mum's turn to be off work this week and she's started taking down the curtains and pictures and mirrors - yep, she replaced the one I tried to kill dad with! Looks like the place is going to get a coat of paint whilst she's off work. That means I'll get booted out regularly I guess. Not that I'd be any trouble of course, being so agile and nimble on my feet. I don't know what makes everyone think I'm so clumsy (maybe the fact we're running out of mugs - dad).

So far this month there's been plenty of fun to be had with dad being off work and now mum, and then we've got a long weekend coming up on Friday. So I'm sure it's going to be a good week.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Where's Dad?

It's been a strange weekend. Dad got up early on Saturday, loaded up his car and I haven't seen him until late evening. Same again Sunday. So where's he been and why couldn't I go with him?

Mum decided to take me out for a walk on Saturday. So we went round the park and I got all dirty. When we got home mum and Chris coaxed me upstairs and tried to put me in the bath. What were they thinking? Like I'd just jump in and let them wash me or something! Eventually they gave up - so I won!

Helping DadToday dad didn't get up early, and he didn't go to work. So it looks like he's got some more time off. Now we all know what taking time off means. It usually coincides with me going wonky and having seizures. Lately we've been doing so well, it's long overdue.

It turns out dad was working on his car all weekend. When today it turned out he still needed to finish things off I thought I'd give him a hand, or paw. I'm not sure it was appreciated though. When dad lay down and slid under the car, I'd go and give him a face lick to see if he was ok. He didn't really appreciate it, but he was in no position to argue.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why is Everything Always So Last Minute?

Pony Express After going to the vets at the only time they had available on Wednesday, we thought it was a bit tight for the tablet deadline. Ideally we wanted in on Monday, but Wednesday was what we got.

That meant getting the on-line order placed on Wednesday, hoping they shipped on Wednesday (but realising that the appointment was at 14:40 meant catching the post would be lucky). That would mean that by choosing next day delivery we'd get them Thursday - but should we miss the post it would be Friday for sure... right? Well we even managed to get the address set for dads work place so there would be no problem with someone needing to be home to sign for the delivery or if there was a problem getting them through the letterbox.

Well nothing ever goes that smoothly and to plan. Turns out that the tablets were shipped on Wednesday (Hooray!), but only as regular first class post - not next day as required (Booh!). So they didn't show up on Thursday. And on Friday at 14:00 they still hadn't arrived :( That means we'd run out of KBr over the weekend!

Now that may not sound like a big deal. But we're now at the longest period without a seizure to date! Running out of drugs then having a seizure would just be typical. Then we'd be all frustrated and angry about it being the lack of drugs to blame.

So dad calls the vet and arranges to get a weekends worth of KBr to see us through until Monday and a little more "just in case". So 21 tablets from the vet, just got to go pick them up and pay. At least there's some good news, there's no prescription charge as they are supplying the drugs. Bit of a swizz if you ask me. But it's been a while since we bought vet drugs, but it's an emergency so we'll just do it.

21 x 325mg Potassium Bromide tablets comes to £6.56 which works out at about 31p per tablet. I need 6 of these a day, 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. Now compare this to the price we pay on-line for exactly the same drug. 15p per tablet! Less than half price.

Pot of Gold You can easily see why we must buy drugs on-line and not from the vet. For 3 months worth of KBr and Epiphen we just paid around £150, which works out at £50 per month. Now if we were to buy this from the vet this would double to £100 per month. An absolute scandal. There is no possible way that a vet can justify these kind of mark ups in price for drugs when they are charging and making money for their services.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back to the Regular Vet Visits

Blood TestDad took me into work again today. It was the first time in ages since I've been there. At first I wondered where we were going as it's unusual to get up so early and leave the house without breakfast!

Once we got to work dad gave me my breakfast. Just as usual these days I polished the lot of in one go. Mum and dad reckon I've turned into a normal dog now. Since the last set of seizures I now eat anything and everything. I'm always on the scrounge and have also been bad in going in the kitchen bin for scraps. Up until the last seizures, even when offered something, I'd let it fall to the floor to give it a sniff before deciding if I want to eat it or not. Now I don't seem to be so fussy. If it's being offered or left lying around, I'm eating it!

We saw the vet in the afternoon. Dad walked me down there which is always fun. Dad 'fessed up about weaning me off the drugs and me having a big seizure. The vet wasn't too harsh, but dad said in future we'll stick to the drugs and talk to him first next time.

It's still not a fun day for dad's wallet. £91 for blood test and £150 for 3 months worth of drugs. Still at least by buying them on-line we're still paying effectively half what the vet wants to charge for their drugs!!!

Taking blood was as easy as ever. The usual shaved off patch and I was so good I almost offered him my paw to let him do it. Even with the needle in there's no reaction and I sit there all good  and looking like butter wouldn't melt in my mouth. We'll find out early next week if I'm on the right dosage of Epiphen and KBr.

As good as I am, whilst dad's writing this I'm going in the kitchen bin for scraps!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

No News, is Good News

Snowy TreeWell not a lot has been going on recently. We've had some pretty awesome weather over the past month. Loads of snow to play in and then even more mud to wallow in as it melted.

Every time we go out to the woods I come back filthy and need a good hosing down before I go in the house. It's just been a great month for being a dog. Eating snow or bathing in mud, what could be better.

Dad's got me on the drugs again so that means a little battle in the evening 'cos I don't want to take them. But I'm usually too tired to put up a fight in the morning and I get woken up with a hand around my snout, head tipped back, mouth pulled open and a neck full of tablets before I've realised what's going on!

Still if it does make life different from last month then I'm all for it. I only put up a fight for a bit of fun anyhow.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fun and Games

Roxy with new found ballThis week you'd hardly think we'd had such a hard time of things recently. It took a while but I'm pretty much back to my old self. I'm still a bit more clumsy and have given mum and dad a fright a couple of times when I misjudged my footing on the stairs and ended up bumping down them on my belly to land in a curled up heap at the bottom.

I demonstrated just how clumsy I was when I went out for a walk in the sun. I spotted a deflated football in the distance and decided to make it mine. It didn't move as I grabbed it at full trot, and then over I went, tripped over by my own feet.

Dad thought it hilarious as he kicked the flat football I'd charge after it and nearly always trip myself up as I grabbed it or when I tried to bring it back.

Missy X-Ray This week my friend Missy ended up at the vets as she had trouble walking. Turns out she's got Arthritis, which isn't good news at all. So she'll be on pills now to ease the pain.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Much Better Week

Over the last week things have gotten much better. With the seizures stopped I'm gradually getting back to my old self. Every day that goes by I get a little better.

The seizures have definitely caused some brain damage, more memory loss than anything else. Dad's having to retrain me so I can at least get back to the basics of Sit and Down. I've been doing pretty good though.

The worst affect seems to be my coordination. I've always been clumsy, but now I seem to misjudge distance and will walk into the corner of the table or edge of a doorway. I've lost count of the number of cups I've knocked over or broken. This may be due to the reintroduction of the drugs.

Dad's put me back on the Epiphen and KBr. At least if they don't have any affect on prevention, maybe they'll at least minimise the duration and effects of the seizures. We're willing to try anything after this last really scary bout.

Bath timeOn Tuesday when dad got in from work I was in a right state. I'd poohed on the floor and walked in it. Then lay down in it. I was all matted with dry slobber from from the weekends seizures and so was really smelly. Normally that would mean a trip outdoors and a hosing down with the garden hose and a good shampooing. But dad felt sorry for me and decided to put me in their bath and give me a warm shower.

Well that meant going upstairs, and I don't do that yet. They're still too scary. So dad picked me up and carried me upstairs - I'm a big girl, so I'm surprised I didn't put his back out! He put me in the bath and turned on the shower and I just lay there and let him wash me.

When we've been out for walks dad's taken me on the extending lead so he can keep in touch. But yesterday he let me off on my own as I'd been so good. In fact even when on the extending lead I wont go further than the normal lead, so dad figured I needed some freedom.

It was good to be off the lead as then I could go sniff and play everywhere. I even had a go at chasing my own shadow, but it kept teasing me by always running a bit faster than me and staying out of reach.

So things are getting better, but just one day at a time.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Eleventh Hour

This weekend has been one of the hardest for us all. The seizures just never seemed like they were going to end. They got to the point where dad didn't even record them as they were just going on and on with a two to three hour break in between. I'd only just started to recover when another would strike and leave me all debilitated, disorientated and blind.

11th Hour Dad had a decision to make that I know weighed heavily on his conscience. Was it the time that all pet owners know will arrive eventually but fear having to make the call?

Dad had been up all night each of the nights from Friday. Sleeping when he could on the sofa downstairs. I spent most of the time between seizures pacing and whining or just laying there wanting attention, but not wanting attention, just not knowing what I needed or wanted.

So we went into Monday with dad lying on the sofa again. At midnight I started with a Tabasco moment and dad caught it in time to stop the full seizure. This repeated a few more times, and then again at 3am and again just as mum got downstairs at 7am. Dad managed to catch them and stop the full seizure. Having had to stay home another day from work he was exhausted from lack of sleep.

Since 7am there's been no more sign of the seizures. I've just reverted to the state where I'm scared of most things, strange noises like the telephone or someone upstairs cause me to jump in surprise and look for the source. I'm struggling with commands and wont sit or lie down without being helped through it. But there's still something of me in there. Dad made some toast and whilst he was making it I eagerly raised my paw to ask for some, I just love butter (well margarine).

So at least now dad can get some sleep and with some retraining and care I'm sure I'll be back to my old self soon. It's then just a question of how long until the next cluster? But for today, we'll just live in the moment.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Seven Years of Bad Luck

01:30 Dad hadn't been in bed long when I started thrashing about and got him up to take me out. A little earlier than expected. I've also done something not so good to my hip or thigh. It's painful and I may have strained it. Getting up from lying down causes a cry of pain, so it looks like a bit of rest is needed.

03:00 After the last seizure I did my usual trick and decided to leave dad trying to sleep on the sofa downstairs whilst I went back upstairs to sleep. Dad hadn't long followed me up when I went off again.

07:05 I sure hope dad forgives me for this one! When I came around and wanted to charge off out of the room dad grabbed me and we started off downstairs. Just at the bottom I tripped dad up and he went crashing down the stairs and into the mirror on the wall. It was quite a thud. Dad lay on the floor for a while as mum came rushing down to see what all the noise was about. Luckily the only thing broken was the mirror, but it sure took the wind out of dad and left him with a grazed and bruised elbow and knee, some cuts on his knuckle where his hand smashed the glass, a badly twisted toe which makes him limp and worst of all a lump above his eye where his head smashed into the frame! We thought he was going to get another black eye.

09:15 Again dad hadn't followed me back up to bed very long ago when he had to bring me back downstairs after another seizure. He was a bit more careful this time. I also got given a Previcox (anti-inflammatory) to see if that eases the pain in my leg a little.

11:25 Dad had gone back to bed and I was downstairs with mum when another seizure visits.

13:35 No sooner had dad finished writing this when mum shouted from downstairs "She's off again". This time I was awake and standing behind mum in the kitchen when I started chomping and thrashing.

15:00 Just when I'd calmed down and was resting comfortably in the front room another seizure struck.

19:00 Dad thought he'd tidy me up and gave me a bath, because I was a bit smelly from all the wee and slobber. No sooner was that done than I had another seizure by the back door. I couldn't stand up and my legs were all over the place. Before dad could get me outside I poo'ed right onto his foot. Dad's really in the firing line today.

Friday, January 22, 2010

New Year, Same Old Seizures

Thankfully it's been quite a while since my last seizure, 44 days ago. So todays seizure wasn't unexpected. We've been waiting for it for a while now, but what's really lucky is that dad booked a week off work to use up some more of his holiday. So at least I wasn't home alone when it happened.

12:40 Dad was working on the computer as usual, but was just about to take me out to the woods on a very rainy day. I lay snoozing behind him when the usual head shaking started and into full seizure I go.

16:05 I was snoozing in my bed after spending most of the afternoon unable to get comfortable.

21:10 About on schedule I went into seizure again. Mum thought I'd jumped off the wardrobe as from down stairs there was a hefty bang on the floor.

23:55 Like clockwork 3-4 hours and another seizure, this time in bed again.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's all the Fuss About Snow?

Roxy in the snow Wednesday this week is the first week since we got all the snow that dad couldn't get to work. Which for me was great news. It meant he could take me out for a walk in it!

I love snow. I charge around all excited, chase snow balls and generally act all giddy.

Dad laughs at my tracks in the snow. You can see my foot prints, but between them in most places is a groove where I drop my head down and go scooping the snow into my mouth and over my nose. I'm glad dad didn't get a picture of that 'cos I looked silly with a pile of snow on my nose.

At the weekend we went out into the woods where it was all snow covered and very cold. The snow hasn't been deep, not more than a couple of inches. Dad took some pictures but the snow really whited out the images on most of them.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Hope you all had a good year last year and a better one this year.

Mum and dad went next door and left me all on my own last night :( But they're making it up to me today by having a feast of pork, stuffing and all the trimmings. Hmmm. So I'm on extra good behaviour so I don't miss out.

Ezio: Assassin's Creed 2 Not that I was on my own too long. Dad came home around 1am and then sat with me until 5am... he was playing Assassin's Creed 2 on the XBOX though. At least he went to bed this year. When the original Assassin's Creed game came out dad only realised it was 8:00am when Blaine came downstairs for breakfast!