Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Much Better Week

Over the last week things have gotten much better. With the seizures stopped I'm gradually getting back to my old self. Every day that goes by I get a little better.

The seizures have definitely caused some brain damage, more memory loss than anything else. Dad's having to retrain me so I can at least get back to the basics of Sit and Down. I've been doing pretty good though.

The worst affect seems to be my coordination. I've always been clumsy, but now I seem to misjudge distance and will walk into the corner of the table or edge of a doorway. I've lost count of the number of cups I've knocked over or broken. This may be due to the reintroduction of the drugs.

Dad's put me back on the Epiphen and KBr. At least if they don't have any affect on prevention, maybe they'll at least minimise the duration and effects of the seizures. We're willing to try anything after this last really scary bout.

Bath timeOn Tuesday when dad got in from work I was in a right state. I'd poohed on the floor and walked in it. Then lay down in it. I was all matted with dry slobber from from the weekends seizures and so was really smelly. Normally that would mean a trip outdoors and a hosing down with the garden hose and a good shampooing. But dad felt sorry for me and decided to put me in their bath and give me a warm shower.

Well that meant going upstairs, and I don't do that yet. They're still too scary. So dad picked me up and carried me upstairs - I'm a big girl, so I'm surprised I didn't put his back out! He put me in the bath and turned on the shower and I just lay there and let him wash me.

When we've been out for walks dad's taken me on the extending lead so he can keep in touch. But yesterday he let me off on my own as I'd been so good. In fact even when on the extending lead I wont go further than the normal lead, so dad figured I needed some freedom.

It was good to be off the lead as then I could go sniff and play everywhere. I even had a go at chasing my own shadow, but it kept teasing me by always running a bit faster than me and staying out of reach.

So things are getting better, but just one day at a time.


  1. So glad to hear you're doing better this week Roxy:) Sometimes one day is all we can ask for when the going gets tough - but for a whiff of a scented breeze and a sniff of fresh grass its gotta be worth it:) You go girl!

  2. w00fs, soo glad u are feeling some better Roxy..I know ur pawents are happy fur that too..Keep up with the feeling better..

    b safe,

  3. Hang in there Roxy. I'm so glad to hear that this week has been better. Hopefully the medication will help some.