Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fun and Games

Roxy with new found ballThis week you'd hardly think we'd had such a hard time of things recently. It took a while but I'm pretty much back to my old self. I'm still a bit more clumsy and have given mum and dad a fright a couple of times when I misjudged my footing on the stairs and ended up bumping down them on my belly to land in a curled up heap at the bottom.

I demonstrated just how clumsy I was when I went out for a walk in the sun. I spotted a deflated football in the distance and decided to make it mine. It didn't move as I grabbed it at full trot, and then over I went, tripped over by my own feet.

Dad thought it hilarious as he kicked the flat football I'd charge after it and nearly always trip myself up as I grabbed it or when I tried to bring it back.

Missy X-Ray This week my friend Missy ended up at the vets as she had trouble walking. Turns out she's got Arthritis, which isn't good news at all. So she'll be on pills now to ease the pain.


  1. w00fs, ooo Roxy, me wuz afraid to check was afraid it wuz gonna b sad news...but to my great happiness, u is doing iz soo happy to hear it..keep up the good work..

    b safe,

  2. Phew good news!!! You haven't met me but am SkittyCat, Aunty Carol's new owner. Don't think we will ever meet cos think I would just be a small snack!!!

  3. Hi Roxy,
    So pleased you are feeling better, keep it up, I am now 27 days without a fit, we are keeping fingers and paws crossed.

    Love Sheba GSD