Thursday, March 4, 2010

No News, is Good News

Snowy TreeWell not a lot has been going on recently. We've had some pretty awesome weather over the past month. Loads of snow to play in and then even more mud to wallow in as it melted.

Every time we go out to the woods I come back filthy and need a good hosing down before I go in the house. It's just been a great month for being a dog. Eating snow or bathing in mud, what could be better.

Dad's got me on the drugs again so that means a little battle in the evening 'cos I don't want to take them. But I'm usually too tired to put up a fight in the morning and I get woken up with a hand around my snout, head tipped back, mouth pulled open and a neck full of tablets before I've realised what's going on!

Still if it does make life different from last month then I'm all for it. I only put up a fight for a bit of fun anyhow.


  1. I'm glad to see you've had a good month+. It's so hard to tell if the drugs are helping or if it's just purely chance when there's a good spell. Whichever, we're pulling for you!

    We've had a cold and wet winter here as well. More snow then we've had in 30+ years.

    Foster has a weakness in his hindquarters which reminds us of his reaction when the dose of Pheno. is too high. I'm backing the dosage down ever so slightly to see if there's a change. So far no conclusions.

    Take care and best regards.

  2. hmm me thinks me lefted to glad u had a good month..

    b safe,