Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Days

Well things have been going great lately, everything just seems great and I just seem to be enjoying life right now. We don't think about the seizure monster and we get on with living.

Roxy at Work Dad's even taken me into work a few times and everyone sees that as a trip to the vet these days. But instead it's just been an excuse for me to go with him and spend the day doing something different. Each time I go in someone says "Oh, your off to the vet again?". Well No, not this time. When I'm with dad at work I'm as good as gold. Just lazing around and happy just to be with peoples.

Dad's been indulging his other hobby too just lately. I know he needs his car for work but he also spends time working on it to keep it in tip top shape and spends more money on it that mum would like. But it is one of my favourite places to be too. It's because it means we're going out somewhere like the woods. So I'll often jump in the back and just lie waiting until he's done before we go out.

Roxy in the CarDad thinks its funny that the Polish guys who work in the garage opposite are wary of me when I'm out. He works on the car and I just sit around either in the car or waiting by the car and pay them no attention. But if I'm in behind the gate I'll bark at them and scare them. So when I'm not behind the gate they kind of creep around not to attract my attention, but all I really want is for them to come and say hello!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Can you hear Santa Claus?

Well it may seem surreal but that's the question that was asked this morning at 03:40. "Can you hear Santa Claus?"

Squeaky Santa ClausAt Christmas the kids bought me a squeaky Santa Claus toy. I've never really shown it much interest which is why it's survived through to February. It's most often in bed and everyone can than hear me getting in and out as it squeaks each time I do. But we weren't prepared for the secondary usage until today.

03:40 Early in the morning I was downstairs in bed when mum and dad heard a rythmic squeaking, hence the strange question. When they got down to me the squeaking had stopped but there was plenty of foamy evidence that I'd had one of my big seizures. Other than that everything was fine, didn't want to get up or anything so after staying with me for a bit they left me in bed. Eventually I got up and came to spend the rest of the night on the floor in the bedroom.

12:55 Up until now everything has been back to normal. No disorientation or any signs I'd even had a seizure this morning. Then whilst lying asleep upstairs off I went again. A little rest again afterwards and back to normal. No pacing or blindness at all.

20:00 Dad was downstairs cutting his hair and mum was in the bathroom. Chris found me and called dad to get him come take care of me. I'd snuck upstairs and was having a nap in the bedroom. A bit of wee and slobber as usual, but then back to normal pretty sharpish again.