Friday, July 31, 2009

Same Old Song and Dance?

15:50 Today saw the start of a seizure in the afternoon. Dad was working from home and we were on the computer upstairs when it started. Same old routine and back to normal.

I wonder if this is the start of a cluster and we should expect more.

Mum said she thought I was acting a little strange earlier today. All edgy and hyperactive. Then when she tried to put me out side to the toilet she said I acted like she was going to beat me and cowered away from her.

Later in the evening I wouldn't leave my ears alone so dad gave them a good clean. That only made things worse! After that I was shaking my head constantly and really uncomfortable. Mum and dad tried to distract me for a while until I eventually gave in and slept a while.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Dad you're embarrassing me!"

Dad took me out for a walk around the park tonight. The weather was great, no rain. Which makes quite a change of late. When Blaine took me out last night we just got back home before it threw down enough to have drowned us.

Not dad's bum
Tonight though, I almost walked home on my own. Dad was just sorting out my "business" when there was a "rriiiiiiipp!". We were only half way around the park and the skate park was full of young kids. Dad's shorts picked the most in opportune time to give in.

We had to continue our walk with dad pretending as if nothing had happened. As luck would have it and although we passed plenty of people no one seemed to notice. I just can't take him anywhere!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Event Free Few Weeks

The past few weeks have gone by without event really. Since the last seizure, which unusually was a one off, nothing else really has happened. Again I know I'll probably regret saying so.

Me and dad have been off on our usual travels around the woods and around the park in the long grass. I showed off just what kind of dog I am the other day. A couple with a muzzled Vichler walked towards us in the park just as dad was letting me off the lead. On the other side of us a guy with a Staffy was shouting not to let me off the lead and generally panicking.

Dad let me off and I just sat there watching the two dogs and paying them no real attention. I think they were both surprised when I just trotted along beside dad as we went on our way.

Over the weekend Janet and Dave made it official. They got married! Dad had to make a speech at the wedding, but I got left out :( Not even asked to be a bridesmaid.

I did get to say hello to Auntie Caz again though as she came down for the big weekend. I know that sometimes she thinks I'd eat her. But I promise not to do it all at once ;)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh, S#!7

Jason VoorheesWell I guess we were all holding our breath and not saying the words out loud, but today began with a return visit of the machette wielding seizure monster.

04:10 It was pretty early in the morning and now I've developed the habit of going upstairs after I have had half a nights sleep in my own bed, I was asleep on the floor in the bedroom when the seizure struck.

It was the usual chomping, paddling and unconsciousness. I was up and about afterwards and now I'm just relaxing through the day. Dad's working from home so he can keep an eye on me.

Now that I sneak upstairs and wake dad up to lie on the floor in the bedroom I have to use a sneaky tactic and catch him half asleep. If I scratch on the door dad comes to open it to see who's there and before he has time to do anything I push the door open and run as fast as I can through the gap and around to the other side of the room. I don't think he sees me and must think it was the wind or something, as he goes straight back to bed.

What a way to celebrate
100 postings onto this blog!