Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Event Free Few Weeks

The past few weeks have gone by without event really. Since the last seizure, which unusually was a one off, nothing else really has happened. Again I know I'll probably regret saying so.

Me and dad have been off on our usual travels around the woods and around the park in the long grass. I showed off just what kind of dog I am the other day. A couple with a muzzled Vichler walked towards us in the park just as dad was letting me off the lead. On the other side of us a guy with a Staffy was shouting not to let me off the lead and generally panicking.

Dad let me off and I just sat there watching the two dogs and paying them no real attention. I think they were both surprised when I just trotted along beside dad as we went on our way.

Over the weekend Janet and Dave made it official. They got married! Dad had to make a speech at the wedding, but I got left out :( Not even asked to be a bridesmaid.

I did get to say hello to Auntie Caz again though as she came down for the big weekend. I know that sometimes she thinks I'd eat her. But I promise not to do it all at once ;)

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