Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Changing Nature of Seizures

Well the seizures haven't really stopped. But at least dad and I got a good nights sleep last night. Periodically yesterday I'd have a seizure, followed fairly closely by another. Dad didn't end up recording them all, but there must have been another 5 during the day.

09:40 Today they started later in the morning. I'd just woken up and was nosing dad in the face, then mooching around and pacing a bit before I started chomping and head shaking whilst standing up. Dad came over to make sure I didn't fall and hurt myself, but I just lay down sphinx style and carried on with the chomping and head shaking. Almost as soon as it was over I was alert and not quite stable but better than I have been.

We went downstairs and not long after I went into another chomping and head shaking. Then within five minutes of recovering I was off again. The difference with these last ones are the paddling is missing. Now it's as if I'm still partly concious as I'll flay out with my legs trying to catch my balance so I don't roll over. Also the recovery period directly after seems shorter.

We're just hoping that we're getting to the last of them for this cluster.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcoming in the New Year

Roast TurkeyWow, what a night. I've spent all night having seizure after seizure. Every hour another one. Poor dad's been kept up all night lying on the sofa, letting me out, mopping up and then calming me down and putting me back to bed. He sure looks beat today.

From 23:30 last night I started having big seizures. After each one I was pretty spaced out and uncoordinated. At one point I stepped in my water bowl and flung it all over the kitchen floor. If it wasn't water it was pee that dad had to mop up.

I'd come in a lie down next to him and whine and cry for an hour until the next seizure struck. This went on until 7:00 this morning and even now I'm still having big chompies here and there. I was so wasted I even ate my breakfast sitting down!

Dad seems to think I may have missed a seizure at 6:00am, but can't be sure through sleep deprivation.

So right now I've gone all puppy like. I do as I'm told still but I'm all starey eyed and can't leave mum alone. I'm her shadow today. But then she is cooking a turkey.