Monday, September 19, 2016

Been a long time

Wow, been ages since I came and updated this.

Mainly because there's been so little to say. Things have been going as they always have. Seizures still kicking around at about once a month. But that's nothing new. That said I turned 11 years old yesterday, happy birthday to me. The seizures really are nasty horrible things, but so far I've the strength to handle them. Takes some getting over as I get older, I have to sleep it off a bit more.

Late last year dad weaned me off the KBr completely. It's been no change at all for the seizures in terms of frequency or impact. So I guess it did little for me and only drained dad's wallet faster. After telling the vet that's what we'd done he was surprised, but couldn't argue with the fact that they obviously did nothing for me.

The vet still wanted to do blood tests. They do this every visit. I'm convinced it's just a way of topping up their revenue as the results are never meaningful. Dad explained that I'm an old girl now and it's a bit too late to be worried about any impact the epiphen may be having on my liver and there seemed less of a point to checking that the levels of the drug where still at a medicinal value in my blood.

Nothing's changed. No more regular, less regular, bigger or lesser impact - they're just seizures. We just deal with it these days.