Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Dad decided that as I was a big dog that it was even more important I knew how to behave.  Like all big dogs I wanted to make my new home my own and take control.  I needed to have boundaries to behave appropriately within.

After finding a local dog training school "Corley Dog Training" Blaine went along with dad to learn how to teach me to behave.

The first five minutes didn't go so well, as I know dad wanted Blaine to be able to train me.  But I was a little too big for him and at the sight of another friendly dog I took off and towed Blaine lying down along the floor for 12 feet.

So the trainer had seen this and came over to help.  He took over my lead and walked me around for 5 minutes.  He was a very good trainer and knew just how to make me respond as I should. It wasn't so much that he was training me how to behave, but training dad and Blaine how to behave to get the best from me. It worked fabulously - better than we could have imagined.

After only five lessons I had become the star of the show.  I did everything that was asked when asked - well I learned I had to because the trainer was scary when other dogs misbehaved!

So now dad and I continued the lessons whilst out walking and gradually it became so he trusted me so much that he could let me off the lead in public.  I still wont go far as dad has gotten lost once, but I eventually found him all panicky and shouting my name in the woods.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

A Little History

This is the tale as told by my dad of how I came to be with them.

Mum decided that as a family the kids were old enough and responsible to have a puppy. Although dad had never wanted a dog, mum was insistent that a dog would be a good friend for the kids and companion for her.

Well dad finally agreed that they could get a dog, but had no clue about how or where to get one. Initially he figured to call the RSPCA and try to help out with fostering a dog.

Unfortunately that didn't go too well as even before they could be considered the fence around the home would need to be brought up to 6 feet in height all round - some places were only 4 feet.  This height increase was not possible due to the configuration of the property.

So not sitting this one out and being a computer geek it became obvious to dad "Search the Net" for other options.

After trawling a few sites one advert just seemed to stand out and call out for attention.  The one phrase in it "returned to breeder through no fault of her own." demanded further investigation - when it would have made alarm bells ring with most people.

So dad asked Blaine to come with him on a Sunday morning and meet me.

They both snuck out of the house so mum didn't know and came over to my home.  I was back with my doggie mum and all the friends which included a German Shepherd, a Bulldog, a Bischon Frise (I think) and loads of other Rotties.

They'd had me back with them for 3 months - just to see what my temperament was like, after all things didn't go too well with my first owner. I guess I got too big, too quickly for them.

It was a very nice place with lots of clean cages and excellent food preparation area.  Dad could see that I got on well with all the other dogs and I was really excited at seeing these new people.

I hadn't been with people often so I was very bouncy and wanted to jump up and kiss everyone at first.  After a while I calmed down and dad let Blaine play with me and we got to know each other a little better.  Dad said although I was bigger than he'd have wanted something just clicked into place and Blaine agreed that they'd take me home!

Well we got in the car to leave and although I was pleased to be going I trampled Blaine in the car to get to the windows to see my old home pass into the distance.

When I arrived at my new home I was so excited and when I met mum for the first time she was as pleased to see me as Blaine and dad had been - I knew I was going to be happy in my new home.

Grandma wasn't quite so pleased to see me. After all I am a big scary Rottweiler who get very bad press.  I'm sure given time she'll come round to being my friend.