Friday, September 18, 2009


Happy Birthday to me. I'm 39.2 years old! Well that's in dog years according to this. But I've decided to celebrate birthdays in humans years. Being a woman all you other women out there will appreciate just how great this is. I'm not nearly 40... I'm only 4 years old :)

I even got a birthday card from mum, dad and the kids... but suspect dad's behind it.

As a treat dad took me out to Doggy Disney then to get some pooh bags (oh, joy!), and a toy squeaky bone whilst he was in there. Then out to lunch to KFC where he got me my own meal of two pieces of chicken... hmm, I love chicken.

Mum's now not talking to him. Something about her never getting a card, a present and a meal on her birthday.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Giving Mum a Good Send Off

3:20 Well mum was off to a hen weekend with the Derby and Joan club this morning to Benidorm. As she was being picked up at 3:30am I thought I'd wake dad up by having another seizure at 3:20am, so he could say goodbye for the weekend.

14:25 Oops, dad took me in to work to keep an eye on me and I've been good as gold all day. Then I go and have a seizure in the office with everyone looking. It's all over now though. Getting back to myself after a bit of a snooze.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

This Month's Visit

16:20 I was just lying there deep in sleep when the seizure struck. Same pattern as previously chomping, paddling and then a period of rest. After a short rest I'm up and wanting to pace around so dad had to take me down the stairs - I didn't want to go, but dad coxed and pulled me along until I could get outside.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Craggy Island

Mum and dad went off to Dublin over the weekend. Mum calls it Craggy Island after the island made famous by Father Ted Crilly and his hair brained cleric Dougal. They left me here all on my own... well apart from Chris and Blaine that is.

Dad ate some nice fresh Galway oysters at Gallagher's Boxty House in Temple Bar. Mum and dad really like it there and would recommend it to anyone. The food's been great every time they've been. For those who don't know what a boxty is, it's a potato based pancake that is wrapped around numerous fillings such as traditional Irish stew, or bacon and cabbage.

One day they even took to the water in a World War II amphibious vehicle called a DUKW. It's used for a Viking Splash Tour of Dublin's historic places. The tour takes you to a large canal basin and the DUKW sails around for 10 minutes or so as the cities highlights are pointed out. The majority of the tour is land based and takes in the historic city whilst abusing the pedestrian Celts at every opportunity. Great fun.

In fact every tour bus mum and dad have been on in Dublin have been not just educational but highly amusing. The tour guides all have their own unique sense of humour and a capacity for song. So if you ever find yourself in Dublin take a tour bus and enjoy.