Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not a Good Week

This week's not been great. Since the full seizure on Saturday I've been suffering with a lot of Tabasco's or "chompies" as mum calls them. They've been a bit bigger than the usual ones too. I'll be chomping whilst sat up and then begin to keel over, just like I'm about to go full seizure. But as I start to roll I catch myself and sit comping for a while.

Poor dad didn't realise I was going into a chompie the other morning. He was giving me my tablets which means holding my mouth open and dropping them in. Well in chompie mode I can't control my jaws so gave him a shock by accidentally munching on his fingers!

15:30 (yesterday) Being off school for the holidays Blaine was around to see me go into a full seizure. He cleaned up but obviously didn't let me out for long enough. When dad got home I'd poohed and did a huge wee on the living room floor. I looked all embarrassed when he found me.

21:25 (yesterday) This gave mum the fright of her life! I'd been upstairs with dad still having some chompies when I decided to go downstairs. Bad idea. As I started going down on came a full seizure. Luckily I don't remember what happened, but mum screamed out when I went sliding, bumping down the stairs and dad raced to me. I'm still here so no broken bones, but I do ache today. That's probably after the seizures though.

01:25 (today) I woke dad up with a big seizure. Afterwards was the usual routine of slowly downstairs for the toilet and a snack. Dad lay on the sofa expecting an all nighter, but I decided to go back upstairs to bed.

04:45 Well this wasn't a full seizure, but was certainly a big chompie. I woke dad up and he raced round to see if I was going full on, but it never happened.

This morning mum was worried. She even texted dad at work. I couldn't seem to stand up. My back legs wouldn't let me get up. I just wobbled and sat down. After a hour or so I got going and managed to get up. But it was scary. When dad got in from work it was like nothing had happened.

So not really a good week at all.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

An Unwanted Visitor

We knew it was coming this week. For a few days I've been having Tabasco's and chomping away with lots of slobber.

21:15 (yesterday) finally I was lazing around down by mum when she thought I was stretching out in a big yawn. She thought it strange that it was taking a while and then I started off on a full seizure. I was all tangled up under the dining table so she shouted dad to come help.

Afterwards I was really sleepy, but as I came out of it all disorientated. When dad let me out I couldn't judge distances and walked into flower pots, the gate and then got stuck in a corner seemingly not realising I had to backup to turn around.

00:15 Again dad took me upstairs to bed so he could keep an eye on me. Right on cue I started chomping and into another seizure. Dad took me downstairs and I got some food and went outside. But when we went back up to bed I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted. Upstairs or downstairs? So in the end I went downstairs and only came upstairs early in the morning.

As dad's writing this he was getting ready to take me out for a walk. But I've just started chomping, so it looks like another's on its way.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wet Weather

This past week has been pretty miserable. It's a typical British summer - raining every day. Which means I'm not keen on going outside at all. Brrr, get all cold and wet, no thanks. Wet weather also means no barbecue... and that means no treats at the weekend for me.

Friday night I had a few Tabasco moments whilst sat with Dad at the computer. I quickly snapped out of them and looked at him as if to say "What was that all about?" Other than that there's been no other incidents. Usually we'd be looking for the full seizures to follow. So far, so good.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th July

Happy 4th JulyWell happy for some... just not for me. I started the day with a seizure at around 11:30 this morning. So dad's had to give me a bath because I was covered in slobber and wee.

In the UK we don't celebrate Independence Day, but I certainly would if it meant I was independent of these seizures. But we'd like to wish all the American's out there a happy 4th of July.

Later this afternoon dad's going to fire up the barbecue. So I'm bound to get some treats from that.

Yesterday mum and dad went around to Jan and David's, with Ian and Anita for a barbecue... they left me at home. Still I heard it wasn't a proper barbecue because dad didn't get involved in the cooking at all! Having said that David did a great job as host and made some great food. The leftovers are around here somewhere.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

All Alone

Sometime in the early morning I must have had a seizure. I was all alone in my bed and everyone else asleep in bed. Between Chris coming in late and about 7:00am this morning when I went upstairs into mum and dads room I'd had a seizure.

When Blaine got up he found I'd poohed on the floor in the kitchen and there was slobber everywhere. I obviously just got on with it and when I went upstairs there was nothing unusual going on, I just lay down and went back to sleep like nothing had happened.

Mum's having to redo the washing that was drying because I'd shaken my head and rained slobber over all the clothes.

I think this is the first time that no one has been around when I've had a seizure. I know dad likes to make sure someone it around when it gets to that time. But in all the time since I've had them and everyone being at work or school, I don't recall ever being alone afterwards.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ggrrrrrr! Back Again

Well it's been overdue I guess. But we all know when it's going to happen. It's usually when things seem to be going really well and we're all happy, the weather's good, and dad's not at work again... well he is kinda this time. He's on a training course so he's not home.

The DecentYou may have noticed by now that the pictures in the blog posts tend to depict some scary monster when we get a visit from the invisible seizure monster. Just like this picture of the monsters from The Decent, we knew something scary was gonna happen, and soon. But not exactly when. So it's very relevant to the seizures I have.

20:40 This past week it's been unusual for me to be lying on the floor in the bedroom. It's been so hot upstairs that I've spent most nights lying on the cool tiles downstairs. I'll only venture upstairs in the early morning when things have cooled off.

So tonight when I was laying behind dad as usual off I went into a full seizure. It was followed by, what seems to be the norm right now at least, a period of complete tiredness. To the extent I appear to be snoring and won't wake. My eyes are open but for a minute I'm completely out of it. Dad then wakes me and can tell I'm coming out of it because I shake my head to clear the cobwebs. Then I'm up and about. No pacing or disorientation, which is good.

I got a bowl of my current favourite food. It's like a big meaty paste in a plastic sausage. Dad thinks it's horrible, but it's cheap and I love it.