Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ggrrrrrr! Back Again

Well it's been overdue I guess. But we all know when it's going to happen. It's usually when things seem to be going really well and we're all happy, the weather's good, and dad's not at work again... well he is kinda this time. He's on a training course so he's not home.

The DecentYou may have noticed by now that the pictures in the blog posts tend to depict some scary monster when we get a visit from the invisible seizure monster. Just like this picture of the monsters from The Decent, we knew something scary was gonna happen, and soon. But not exactly when. So it's very relevant to the seizures I have.

20:40 This past week it's been unusual for me to be lying on the floor in the bedroom. It's been so hot upstairs that I've spent most nights lying on the cool tiles downstairs. I'll only venture upstairs in the early morning when things have cooled off.

So tonight when I was laying behind dad as usual off I went into a full seizure. It was followed by, what seems to be the norm right now at least, a period of complete tiredness. To the extent I appear to be snoring and won't wake. My eyes are open but for a minute I'm completely out of it. Dad then wakes me and can tell I'm coming out of it because I shake my head to clear the cobwebs. Then I'm up and about. No pacing or disorientation, which is good.

I got a bowl of my current favourite food. It's like a big meaty paste in a plastic sausage. Dad thinks it's horrible, but it's cheap and I love it.

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