Monday, June 28, 2010

What a Fantastic Weekend!

Wow, for the past week or so the weather has been truly great. Bright sunny days and temperatures of 30 degrees. Not that I like the heat that much, but I do like to be out in the sun.

This weekend dad took me to the woods as usual. Only this time he'd forgotten to take my lead with him. That meant getting out of the car and walking with him on the street and across the road without it.Now it's not a busy road as it's in a residential estate and is not a main thoroughfare, but all the same I showed just how good I can be. There were two ladies with dogs just coming out of the gate to the woods as I was getting out of the car. I didn't even pay them any attention even though they barked hello at me. I just stayed close by dad as we walked over and into the wood.

Once in the woods I did all my usual tearing about in the trees until I was too hot and breathless. Then I found one of the known watering holes. It had dried up into a sloppy muddy mess, but that didn't stop me from dashing in for a cooling lie down. That meant a great swim later at the big pond to get the, by then, dried and caked on mud off.

So CuteOn Sunday we had an early barbecue. Mum and dad don't usually light up until 5-6pm. But Sunday meant going next door to Guinness and Tiger's house. They're a couple of house cats that like to be in the garden in the good weather. I'm not sure they like me too much though. I went over to say hello to Tiger and she hissed at me. So I pretty much left them alone and just kept an eye on them both.

Dad took this picture on his phone (click for full picture). He reckons I looked so cute he couldn't understand why the cats can't just be my friends. It was so hot dad made sure to hose me down every time I dried out - you can see I'm still a little damp. But even though I was dripping wet I behaved myself and didn't do my usual trick of sharing all my water with everyone else by shaking or trying to lie on them.


  1. I'm glad to hear about your fantastic weekend and I'm happy that you are doing so good right now! (Give Roxy a big belly rub for me!)

    Love ya little Angel!

    Your friend,
    Mandy Krzywonski

  2. Your Roxy is so beautiful. This breed is thought to be aggressive, but look at those eyes. There's just kindness in them. It is good to hear, that you had great weekend. Greetings and thanks for sharing