Saturday, July 24, 2010

An Unwanted Visitor

We knew it was coming this week. For a few days I've been having Tabasco's and chomping away with lots of slobber.

21:15 (yesterday) finally I was lazing around down by mum when she thought I was stretching out in a big yawn. She thought it strange that it was taking a while and then I started off on a full seizure. I was all tangled up under the dining table so she shouted dad to come help.

Afterwards I was really sleepy, but as I came out of it all disorientated. When dad let me out I couldn't judge distances and walked into flower pots, the gate and then got stuck in a corner seemingly not realising I had to backup to turn around.

00:15 Again dad took me upstairs to bed so he could keep an eye on me. Right on cue I started chomping and into another seizure. Dad took me downstairs and I got some food and went outside. But when we went back up to bed I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted. Upstairs or downstairs? So in the end I went downstairs and only came upstairs early in the morning.

As dad's writing this he was getting ready to take me out for a walk. But I've just started chomping, so it looks like another's on its way.

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