Friday, September 18, 2009


Happy Birthday to me. I'm 39.2 years old! Well that's in dog years according to this. But I've decided to celebrate birthdays in humans years. Being a woman all you other women out there will appreciate just how great this is. I'm not nearly 40... I'm only 4 years old :)

I even got a birthday card from mum, dad and the kids... but suspect dad's behind it.

As a treat dad took me out to Doggy Disney then to get some pooh bags (oh, joy!), and a toy squeaky bone whilst he was in there. Then out to lunch to KFC where he got me my own meal of two pieces of chicken... hmm, I love chicken.

Mum's now not talking to him. Something about her never getting a card, a present and a meal on her birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday Roxy!!! We hope you have a wonderful day. Mmmmmm, chicken sounds yummy. Hmmm, Papa makes us dogs cards too but doesn't give Mama one, hehehehe! Wishing you many more healthy happy birthdays to come.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs,
    Butchy, Snickers, Ruby, Sylvester & Scuby

  2. Happy Birthday Roxy! Here's a birthday wish--May you have many more birthdays and no more seizures.

  3. Happy Birthday, Roxy! It sounds like you had a pretty great day [it also sounds like your dad has some making up to do, as well *g*].

  4. Hello Roxy and happy birthday !
    I am like you, a very very special dog as I have seizures as well. I wonder, did your mum and dad also try if food could help the fits ? My mum and dad have just recently moved me over to raw food, and they also give me some pills like Taurine. I can tell you, it is NICE ! Raw chicken and lamb is my favourite. My coat has changed, my ear infection is gone, and I do not have an itchy skin anymore. So far I do not have to take medication for my seizures, as I only have one a month ( grand mal) that lasts for about a minute.
    If your mum and dad did not try that yet maybe you could convince them ? They can find all information needed on K9rawfeeding at yahoogroups. It has helped many dogs !!
    Good luck and have a nice birthday.
    ( by the way, I am a beautiful male of 2 years old !)

  5. Happy Birthday Roxy (again!) Tell your dad I love him cos too hard for me to say :)

  6. w00fs, sorry me missed ur barkday Roxy, mama been kinda sad lately..hope u had a wonderful day wiff no seizures..and u has many many more..

    b safe,

  7. Happy Birthday Roxy,

    Samantha & Mouse (also a rottie who has seizures)