Sunday, October 11, 2009

Out and About

Dad took me out for the day yesterday. He needed to do a favour for his mate Frank. So whilst he was working on his computers he figured he may as well take me out for the day... after all what trouble could I cause?

For a Saturday, dad got up real early... well, when I say real early, I mean got up ready to go out. I mean that because I always get him up early to let me into the bedroom with them at 2:00am so I can sleep on the floor in the same room.

So we get in the car and head in the opposite direction to the woods which left me all confused. It was quite a journey, but I like to travel anywhere with dad.

Frank's offices are a big industrial unit with lots of separate buildings. It's all enclosed so dad's not going to worry about where I go. Dad gets busy sorting out the computers and I go off for a bit of a nosey. Having been gone for a few minutes dad decided to come hunt for me, it's unusual if he's not following me around everywhere.

Well when he found me I was looking a bit sheepish. Well it's not really my fault. The whole yard is concrete and all the buildings are concrete and well I had to go somewhere, so I left a big smelly pile right in one of the machine shops. Dad thought it was funny, but I'm not sure Frank did.

When Jack Russels Attack
Dad definitely wasn't cross because he took me out to the woods on the way home. We came across a couple of friendly but wary Jack Russels. The made a b-line for me to come say hello, and their dad came running up behind them. Dad shouted over that I was friendly too and he needn't worry. He shouted over "It's not mine I'm worried about it's yours!", which made me laugh. However, they were very friendly and just wanted to say hi. At one point one of them gave me a bit of a snap, but being such bitesized dogs I couldn't take it seriously. I know they must be intimidated by my size.

After we got back I had my dinner, I missed breakfast - well had some but we dashed out, so I left it. Then a bit later I got really sick and threw it all up on the floor in the front room. Dad cleaned it up, but then later in the night about 2:30am I got sick again. I had nothing in my stomach so it was just bile and lots of heaving.

When mum gave me breakfast I was really hungry, but then just left it. I couldn't face it. Thankfully by dinner time I was famished and who can say no to mum's Sunday dinner? Hmm, I got a pork chop all to myself, so I'm at least eating again.

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