Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Fun and Games

After getting sick last week I had a little more fun and games left in me.About 2:00am on Monday morning I started barking whilst downstairs in the kitchen. Dad must have thought it was a burglar so he let mum come a sort it out. Well when she came in and opened the door to let me out I just lay down in the kitchen doorway, just like I do when I'm waiting for dinner. I guess I have got her well trained now as mum understood and got me a tin of dog food. Satisfied I went back to bed happy with a full belly.

Dad's taken a week off this week and that means loads of trips to the woods! The weather's been just great too, until today it's been sunny and bright with not a cloud in the sky.

I hared off round the woods like a mad thing on Monday and Tuesday. And spent the rest of the day fast asleep (dad says I was snoring but I think he's got me mixed up with mum).

When Wednesday came around mum took me out with her friend and her dog called Bobby. I like the going out and meeting new friends, but can only do it for so long. After a while I get bored and don't want to play. I just want to go sniffing around doing my own thing.

Mike Meyers
02:15 Thursday saw the return of the seizures. Early in the morning I woke dad by lying out on the landing. This is unusual as I usually want into the bedroom. Dad got up and called me in anyhow. I'd been asleep for a while when it hit.

I guess he's getting used to expecting the unexpected. It seems as regular as clockwork. Each month that goes by we wish for the last of the seizures but a month goes by and they return.

This time around the disorientation and need to pace has diminished completely. Today I also didn't really get the huge craving for food either. I just wanted to lie down panting heavily until I'd recovered enough to sleep some more.

09:30 With dad being at home and laying in a while I had another seizure just as he was getting up. This time it was also breakfast time so I polished that off in a hurry.

15:10 I was asleep in my bed when another one struck. Looks like we're in for a full day again.

01:00 Friday. Dad took me up to the bedroom knowing I was gonna follow him up anyhow. After less than ten minutes I went into a seizure again.

07:15 Friday. Mum had gotten up for work when I went off again.

12:45 Friday. Dad had just put his boots on to take me out for a walk in the woods and was just checking his email when I went into another seizure. Let's hope this is coming to the end of this cluster :(

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  1. Poor poor Roxy, it's nice she has such a caring mum and dad:)