Monday, October 19, 2009

A Bad Start to the Week

03:30 Chris woke dad up real early as I was in the kitchen lying by the back door having a seizure. I made a right mess and was completely out of it when dad got to me.

Dad stayed downstairs with me after that. It was a strange seizure and out of the pattern we were getting kind of used to. After all, I'd been through Sunday without an incident. So to have one like this is kind of strange.

I've still not improved greatly since the last one. Still whiny and not liking to be left alone. After I got to sleep for a hour I was then keeping dad up by making sure he was still alive. I kept on either stiking my nose in his eye or licking his face, right up until mum got up for work.

This meant dad was too tired for work today. It was supposed to be the first day back after a week off. Now he's stayed at home with me asleep... or trying to sleep on the sofa. I still wont let him leave me downstairs as I keep whining and pacing around until he comes back to be with me. Then I just want constant attention or I still whinge and whine.

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