Saturday, November 7, 2009

Eww, Gross!

Since the last round of seizures things have gone back to their usual selves. My hyperactivity calmed down and I was soon back under control and responding as I should. No one would even realise anything had happened.

On Friday I left mum to clean up a huge pile of hair that I barfed up. Dad said he'd take a picture but it was too gross and might scare people away. Dad reckons it looked like the hair from his head after mum has cut his hair there was so much of it. Apparently it's unusual for dogs to get hairballs but then again I'm not a usual dog of course.

This was probably the cause of all the slobber I've been dribbling everywhere the past few weeks. It seemed that I had a tap turned on in my mouth and mum would often scream and push me away as I was so slobbery.

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