Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Drug Free Life

Over the past few months dad's decided that we're going to come off the Epiphen and Potassium Bromide. We've gradually weaned it down to zero and for the last few months I've been drug free.

Why? Well the drugs obviously weren't doing anything they were supposed to at the dosages I was taking them. The seizures still occurred with the same frequency, duration and intensity with them. So by taking the medication I was no better off and without it I certainly don't seem any worse off.

If anything it means the effects on my liver caused by Epiphen won't exist.

It's an awkward decision and not one I'd advise anyone else to take. Just personal choice. In case you're wondering, no I have not become a Scientologist - I may be a  crazy, but I'm not THAT crazy!

We could have consulted the vet, but to be honest the expected answer would have been to stay on the profitable medication. So for now I'm living without the daily tablets and just getting on with living with seizures.

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  1. Foster has reduced his dosage of Pheno. but the Potassium Bromide has extended the time between seizures. Before, he was having a cluster every 7-9 days but now is going at least a month.

    We didn't consult our vet. either on this reduction because we also knew what they would recommend, stay on the meds. Good luck Roxy!