Friday, December 4, 2009

Full of Beans Friday

Full of Beans As dad had yet another flexi-day from work... yes, I know he could almost be a teacher with the amount off time of he gets... we went out into the woods for a run around. Whilst the weather's gotten really cold lately it was still a really nice day for a trip out to the woods.

I was in really good spirit today. Almost as soon as the lead was off I shot off into the woods for a good old chase around hunting them pesky squirrels. All the way around the walk I spent little time near dad. I was just off into the trees having fun.

Normally when we go there, for every mile dad walks I run five - today it was more like ten!

The trust are doing a lot of work in the woods lately. They're chopping down lots and lots of trees. Thinning the woods back to its original state. They're taking out a lot of the newer trees and returning it to its previous more natural condition and allowing the naturally occurring trees to take back over from those that were introduced by man.

It makes a big difference in the areas they have started. The woods are a lot brighter without so much of a canopy. I'm sure they know what they are doing and it'll still be a great place to go chase squirrels in.

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