Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hit the Snooze Button!

01:30 What a day! Dad stayed up late just in case I had another seizure, so I guess I thought I'd wait until he thought it was safe to go to bed. No sooner had his head hit the pillow when "Boom!" another seizure.

Dad then lay on the sofa for an hour or so until I decided I wanted to go back up to bed.

04:00 Well it's still not over. Dad had to get up at 4am as I had another seizure. Again an hour or so later after dad was trying to sleep on the sofa, I decided it was bed time again.

07:30 Dad managed to get a lie in for an hour this morning. He had a presentation to do as part of a management training course which didn't start until 9:30. Good job too as I kept him up all night, he needed the extra hour. Dad's alarm went off at 7:30 and as he pressed snoze and hit the bed for 5 more minutes the seizure struck. Definitely time to get up!

From 9 to 15:30 I was all alone as everyone went to school or work. When Blaine got in from school I looked fine. No foamy face or pee everywhere. So I guess at least today there was no seizure.

Only thing is I'm a bit hyper now. After dad got in about 16:30 I was really, really pleased to see him. I wonder what mum's gonna think when she gets in?

18:45 That's the trouble with writing on here. It seems like every time I say something about seizures, it spawns another. Not long after dinner I fell into a seizure again whilst just lying watching TV.

22:30 Looks like this cluster is set for another night.

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