Monday, December 21, 2009

Season's Greetings Everybody

Have a happy holiday everyone. Here's hoping you all have a great and fun time over the Christmas break.

Over the past few weeks we've not been getting up to much. Since the last bout of seizures life is good again.

Dad's been taking me out to the woods in this great chilly weather we've just had. It's freezing cold and feels like a real winter. We even had a tiny flurry of snow! Many places got a real good covering, but all we had here was enough to make everything look like it was covered with doughnut glaze.

Dad's had some changes done to the car. He took me with him when he got the work done and whist the guys were working on it for a couple of hours we went off around the local village and its nature reserve.

When I got back in the car two things had happened! First there was a cage stopping me from poking my head over the rear seats. I guess dad wants to keep the slobber from the leather. And second the windows were all dark. The rear windows in the bit where I ride are all blacked out from the outside, but I can see out from the inside. Now no one can see my nose paintings on the inside of the glass :( Dad's turned it into my own doggie limosine... It'll be great once the jacuzzi and bar are fitted.

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  1. All of us here wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year!