Monday, December 7, 2009

Time to Get Up for Work

06:00 Wake up dad it's time to get up for work! Well it will be in 30 minutes. But seeing as it's that time of the month I thought I'd get you up early with another seizure.

It's been nearly 24 hours since the last one and I thought we were getting away with it.

Still, I'm a little less confused this time around. Last time, after I was settling down dad thought I was going upstairs to the bedroom to go back to sleep. Instead I thought "this is where mum and dad go...", so I went into the bathroom for a wee!!!

14:00 It's a good job dad managed to work from home today. At 2pm I was lying in my bed when another seizure hit.

16:00 Like clockwork. On the hour for another seizure whilst lazing in bed.

19:20 I kept telling mum something was going on. Dad thought I was hungry and wanted some more food. I kept on giving mum the squeaky yawn and oww oww oww'ing like asking for dinner. Then went into a seizure before dad could catch the early "Tabasco" stage. When dad let me out afterwards I was pacing up and down the path like my bum was on fire! Looks like this sneaky cluster is a slow starter.

21:05 Just as mum was going out shopping I had a Tabasco moment. Mum managed to catch it in time and distracted me so I didn't go into full seizure.

22:40 Not long after mum got back from shopping I was dozing in bed when I went into seizure. We missed the Tabasco moment this time. I think it's probably when I'm asleep and it starts that it's easily missed.

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