Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Santa HatWe had a great fun day today. Christmas day is a day for all the family. Mum woke up a bit worse for wear this morning though. Mum and dad went next door with dads brother, his girlfriend and sister. Knowing what mum's like she can't just stop having fun. So they got in early this morning at 1:30am, hence mums somewhat worn and hungover state this morning.

I had a great time opening my presents. Dad got me some nice tasty rawhide bones to chew on. So once I'd got one open I was oblivious to everyone else opening their gifts. They even put all the opened wrapping paper all over me so you couldn't see me under all the junk! I didn't care I was happy munching away. The only time you knew I was there was when I wagged my stump and the paper moved.

Everyone came round to ours for Christmas dinner. Mum makes the best dinner in the world! It was just excellent. I got my own with turkey, pork, stuffing balls and they even snuck in some veggies... but surprisingly no Brussels sprouts. I needed a nice long nap after all that food.

Hope you all had such a great day too.

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