Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remeberance Day

Poppies for the fallen
Today we remember those who have fallen in battle to support and protect our nation. They have fought and protected our existence as we know it today and should be remembered for their valour and ultimate sacrifice.

Long may you be remembered. Maybe one day we can all put down our weapons and learn to be grateful for what we have instead of fighting with others for what we don't.

13:45 Looks like the seizure monster paid an early visit. Dad wasn't expecting it this week, must be something to do with him taking time off from work.

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  1. Poor Roxy having so many seizures but she's so lucky to have such wonderful caring owners. My own lovely Boxer boy Oscar has just started with them, one a day for three days. Horrible to watch, I was so frightened. It's helped me reading Roxy's diary, in knowing that there are other dogs out there as well like Roxy and that they can still lead a good life with the help and love of their owners. Keep well Roxy. Much love xx