Friday, November 13, 2009

Tabasco Update

TabascoDad took me out to the woods today. I know he was really tired from watching me all night and me still getting him up relatively early this morning.

Whilst we were in the woods we encountered a company of dog walkers with a pack of 14 dogs of all sizes. I've never been around so many so stuck close to dad to figure out what was going on. After we returned from the woods dad dried me off as it rained all the time we were there. Still it's all good, especially when it involves walking in the woods.

As lying watching some TV at 14:00 I had a Tabasco moment. Again dad shook me out of a full seizure. This happened again on two more occasions 15 minutes apart. Each time dad got to me in time and so far as of now (21:00) the seizures haven't arrived. It'll be interesting if this is the last of them this cluster.

Just in case anyone is thinking dad's going to give me shaken baby syndrome, the shaking involves him putting a hand around my head behind my ear and a more gentle shake than what the seizure introduces. It's more like a wake up call and isn't overly aggressive.

@Foster: Most of my seizures happen whilst sleeping, some few whilst relaxing but I have had two where I was active. One running off into the woods - which scared dad to death. The other whilst out in the snow, I ran in a circle then keeled over. So it can happen.

As for catching the Tabasco moment, well that's the luck of the draw. I suppose we could only do it because I was already in a cluster, dad was off work and had the time to have me close enough to catch it. It's an interesting phenomena though.

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  1. Roxy, love the new blog header. Thanks for the additional information about the "Tabasco Moments."