Friday, April 10, 2009

Not So Good Friday

Lost in the WoodsWell it turns out that Good Friday is not such a good day for me. I pestered dad to take me out for a walk so we got in the car and headed off to Doggy Disney again.

14:25 It wasn't very long into the walk when I got separated from dad. He'd taken one branch of a path and I another. Normally that's not a problem as I can find dad by the sound of the jingle of the choke chain. Dad says he started whistling me and shouting me then eventually came back along the track I'd taken.

He found me lying on the path in the post-ictal unconscious state I've been getting into recently. The earth and leaves around me were scattered so it looks like I had another seizure. Once dad arrived I was out of it instantly and back on my feet, almost like nothing had happened. I guess we're lucky I was in a good place to be found.

Dad then turned us around and we headed back for the car and drove home. Back at home I had a sausage, despite being on a diet, and I'm just going to snooze for a while now.

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