Thursday, April 9, 2009

KBr Bloodtest Day

Today's the day I got to visit the vet again and get a blood test to check the serum level of the KBr (Potassium Bromide) in my system.

Blood Test
11:00 We saw a lady vet that hadn't met me before. She was nice and friendly, but as most are when they first meet me, a little wary of my size. I can't blame her, it must be quite regular they get a nip from those a little more scared than me, and with my jaws and teeth a nip would be a serious offence.

She went to take me off into another room away from dad to take some blood, probably to put me in a restraining cage to do so. Dad just laughed and said it shouldn't be a problem that mostly when I get blood taken he just holds onto me, just in case.

So off she went to get the clippers, vial and syringe (the only word that "does" rhyme with orange). When she came back dad held me and she shaved a patch on my leg. Dad put some pressure on the inside of my elbow and she stuck in the needle and took some blood. Not a whimper, twitch or so much as a reaction what so ever. I could tell dad was impressed.

We'd also had to get some of those pesky things that wind dad up so much... prescriptions. This time we needed three so £12 for the first, then £6 each for the other two. Once we get balanced on the serum levels I'm hoping we can get to the point where we can get a 3 month prescription as this is proving costly each month. Even though we'd phoned them in and ordered the prescription the day before they weren't ready. So dad had to go back after work to collect them.

But... there was some good news. They'd over charged us. Turns out that the Epiphen prescription, whilst there are two of them - one for 60mg tablets and one for 30mg tablets - they consider this one prescription. So now we're £6 in credit with the vet. Can anyone guess just how long that will last?

We'll have to wait until next week for the results of the test.

Ginger Cat
Whilst in the waiting room there was a cat in a bag! I was trying hard to get it to say hello - I've never been so close to one before. It kind of ignored me as it was very sleepy - I suspect that had something to do with the vet.

I also got weighed and whilst I'm a lady and would never disclose my weight, dad will no doubt tell you I'm now 47kgs, up from 43kgs last time the vet weighed me. I guess the barbecue sent me over. Dad's now put me down to half a tin of food in the morning and evening, from half in the morning and a full one (1200g) at night. He'd like me down to 44-45kgs. Not at all fat, in fact mum and dad like the way I look, but dad would like me a bit leaner to stay healthy.

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